Are You A Good Person Or Just Nice?

  Are You A Good Person Or Just Nice?   "I'm such a good person, but people keep screwing me over." "I'm so good to everyone, but people always take advantage of me." "I just want to get along with people, but it keeps backfiring." "I'm doing my best, but people don't...

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My Goals For 2017 – December

My 2017 Goals - December So that's it, 2017 is behind us and what a year it was! In 2017 I've set a lot of goals. I must admit some of them were pretty ambitious, not far from unrealistic. But you never really find out what you're capable of if you set easily...

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The One Conversation You Should Never Have

The one conversation you should never have. On average, a person speaks around 5000 words a day but easily can go up to 20,000. Let's assume that the typical conversations, which include small talk and casual interactions, are between 50-100 words; then that person...

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How To Sort Your Life Out Over A Cup of Coffee

The human mind is a complicated thing, and life itself is full of challenges, unpredictability, dreams, desires, plans, love and confusion. No wonder people get stuck in the middle of it all! And then, at some point, it becomes too much to just tolerate it, to be...

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We all love winning. It feels good! And it makes us look great as well. If the classical conditioning experiment “Pavlov’s dogs" rings a bell, you know that behaviour that gets rewarded gets repeated. This might work if you’re training your golden retriever to pee...

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Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer.
Which One Are You?

A persecutor, a victim, and a rescuer walk into a bar. They sit down and play their little drama triangle game until someone tears them apart, or one of them gets fed up or drops dead. This may seem like a bad joke, but in fact, these are the three major roles people...

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Every now and then I come across someone throwing dirt on life coaching on social media, and they go on about what a sham it is, how coaches deceive people, etc. Usually, I don't pay attention to it because every time I challenged it, it turned out to be an opinion...

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This morning I got an email from a gentleman who was asking if he could have a few sessions with me on how to visualise correctly. Although visualisation can be a powerful addition to one's self-development toolbox, I was pretty certain that whatever challenges he's...

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Never Bitch About Your Industry…
Even if You Mean Well

Whether you're a marketer, web developer, consultant, coach, dentist or in any other profession, I'm sure you get frustrated every now and then when you see someone in your industry cutting corners, promising something they cannot deliver, or just plain lying about...

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Starting a business is an exciting time. All is new and fun; there are big plans, dreams and hopes. The early days are usually about setting up the back and front of the "shop" and waiting for the first client. And then, crickets... The challenge of a startup is that...

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How To Be Yourself Without Fear or Guilt

Do you sometimes feel like you're not being yourself? Like you're hiding who you are? Rarely, sometimes, or all the time? Lately, I've had a large number of clients coming to me with exactly this frustration. Great people with big hearts, plans, and desires to do what...

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How To De-escalate And Resolve Arguments

Arguments suck. The word “argument” alone has such negative connotations. At the base of it all, arguments happen because the involved parties hold opposing views and/or desired outcomes. But they can be a great opportunity to evolve a relationship, whether in love or...

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Knowing Yourself Is a Cornerstone Of Success And Happiness

How well do you know yourself? Who are you? I'm not asking about what you do or where you live. Who are you as a person, deep down? Pay attention to how you felt when I asked you this. Did you feel excited, happy, uncomfortable, or even anxious to answer? "Who are...

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6 Harsh Truths About Why Your Relationships Keep Failing

Let's get the bitter bite out of the way. If you've had several episodes (or a whole series) of bad relationships, then it's very very likely because of something YOU do. Even though your friends tell you how amazing, great, fabulous you are, and that everyone should...

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We Need To Re-evaluate Our Idea Of Happiness.

Humans (and living things in general) have the amazing ability to adapt to almost anything. It helps us evolve and survive in harsh environments. To put it plainly, we get used to things. You learn how to dress for the weather after a day or two in a different...

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Struggling With Habits? This Is Probably Why.

Some time ago, I had a housemate who had very strange OCD behaviours. Without going into too much detail (as entertaining as it would have been), in summary he was very protective of his stuff – to the point that if someone of a particular background (or anything...

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Build Your Network Before You Need It – Here’s Why and How

Networking. You either love it or hate it, but ultimately, how you feel about it doesn’t matter because it’s necessary. Whether you’re looking to build a career in employment or as an entrepreneur, building your network is a must. It’s easy to get into networking when...

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Your Clothes Speak – But What Are They Saying?

I don't watch TV but I love good documentaries. Recently I've been watching Season 1 of a docuseries on Netflix called The Mind of a Chef. Narrated by chef, TV personality and author Anthony Bourdain (famed for Kitchen Confidential and Parts Unknown among other...

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How Goal Setting Makes You Miserable and What To Do About It

10 Newsflash: Setting goals can make you more miserable than satisfied.   Now this might be shocking to read, especially coming from a life coach, but it’s true. Some goals take weeks, months, even years to achieve – that’s weeks, months, even years of not having...

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4 Quick Tips to Make Working From Home Work For You

Build Your Confidence By Making Mistakes 3 APRIL, 2017 For many people, being able to work from home is a godsend.   There’s no need to wake up extra early to get ready, your commuting costs decrease, and almost anything you could possibly need is within reach (if...

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Build Your Confidence By Making Mistakes

Do a quick search for the topic of “mistakes” around some of the most followed blogs for professionals and entrepreneurs, and what’ll you find?   Article after article about mistakes that people make in every possible situation (from starting a new job to buying a...

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What Story Are You Telling?

Don’t you love great stories? I do. Stories are amazing. Stories are one of the best ways we can share information, motivate, inspire and teach others. Stories put learning points into context and give them a relatable meaning. My favourite kind of stories are those...

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