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Brian Diamond Live Case Study 1
Ever wondered what it’s like to work with a coach? What happens in a coaching session, anyway, and what progress can you actually make? Follow me and Brian as he goes through my six-month programme where I coach him and get him on his way to building his dream business – and living his dream life.
Brian Diamond Live Case Study 2

Meet Brian Diamond

My name is Brian Diamond.

I’m 28 years old, and five and a half years ago, I woke up from a coma, and life’s been unfulfilling ever since.

I have an MBA and work for JPMorgan Chase, one of the world’s largest financial investment firms – but I don’t feel any joy or satisfaction in this corporate job.

My true passion lies in health and fitness, and I’d love for fitness to be my profession. After all, it’s one of the main reasons that I’m still alive!

So call me crazy or call me brave, but I’ve decided to do it: I’m quitting the corporate world to dive into the fitness industry as personal trainer. The way I see it, doing something that makes me happy, that also changes other people’s lives for the better? It’s a win-win.

Follow Brian on his journey to pursue his passion. It’s a journey of many challenges, ups and downs, brave moves, and persistent action.

Before Coaching 

8 August 2019

Brian: I wanted to capture my thoughts and feelings before the first session with Tomas. 

I’m generally a pretty confident guy, but because I’ve never done anything like this I must admit I feel a little bit nervous but excited at the same time.  

Needless to say, I’m ready to take on this challenge and make great progress.


8th of August 2019

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 3Brian:  Wow, that was an awesome, awesome session. It felt like we’ve been coaching for 2-3 months already.  I’ve felt really comfortable. All the feelings of nervousness I had before the session were gone as we started. 

I was impressed how quickly Tomas helped me break free from some of my mental blocks I’ve put myself in. And it wasn’t by telling me what to do or what not to do.  He guided me with such choice of words that it made me want to make the decision that I wanted to change and that I wanted to do what needs to be done. 

I feel really awesome.

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 4Tomas: In this first session Brian and I have focused on identifying what were the most important areas and goals Brian wants to work on. Having a good clarity of your goals should always come first. 

Brian’s primary goal is to become a paid personal trainer so he can quit his corporate job and focus on building his business. There are many moving parts to running a business which we will be working on throughout the program. Brian has very advanced knowledge of fitness and nutrition which should make the start easier.  

  • Primary goal: Starting PT Business
    • Being able to support myself through it
    • Get a PT certification
    • Develop strong brand 
    • Have a website
    • Have a business model
  • Money management
    • Stop buying unnecessary things
    • Stop landing money
  • Personal fitness
    • Body fat 15-18%
  • Time management 
    • Not wasting time playing video games
    • Use my time effectively
  • Setting boundaries
  • Improving relationships 


Brian Diamond Live Case Study 5Brian: The first session itself was a mind opening experience. I have so much more clarity about what I want and how I’m going to achieve it. 

It’s time to put in the work now!

Goals Until the next session

1. Write down 28 accomplishments – This is a great exercise to boost your self-confidence.
2. Being more aware and practice speaking to the point and concisely.


23rd of August 2019


1. âś…Write down 28 accomplishments – This is a great exercise to boost your self-confidence. 
2. Being more aware and practice speaking to the point and concisely. 

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 4Tomas: As a coach, I always pay close attention to people’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and willingness to do what needs to be done. What I love about Brian is that he has an abundance of all of these.

In this second session, we’ve focused on diving deeper into the ideal structure of Brian’s business. We discussed the foundational parts he needs to start with and what he can be developing at this point while he’s still in full-time employment. Building a business while working 12 hours a day is certainly not easy. But I’ve been there myself, and I know it’s possible. Brian is facing it with passion and drive.

Starting a business is often overwhelming as it has many moving parts, but one can grasp it quite quickly.
I believe in doing only as few things as necessary (it can still look like a lot).

Brian made a big commitment to sign up for the ANSM (The National Academy of Sports and Medicine), which required some serious money management. I love the extends to which Brian is willing to go to succeed.

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 5Brian: I’ve learned so much in this session. We’ve talked a lot about all the moving parts of my business I’ll need to put in place or improve upon such as Instagram, email management, but also how to automate things to make my life easier. I had no idea that I can that I could pre-schedule my post for days or even weeks in advance.

Tomas helped me make an important decision that I’ve been thinking about for a while – to sign up for the ANSM Personal Training course which will help me advance my knowledge and become an even better personal trainer.

A massive breakthrough was that Tomas made me realise that I’m putting so much content on Instagram that disappears after 24 hours, where I can capture it in an eBook I can then make downloadable.

Finally, as I want to build my website and in general, create a visually recognisable brand, we’ve started discussing branding what my materials will and website will actually look like.

This was really eye-opening as I had no idea about these things and I have an MBA! No one ever taught me that.

It’s been a great session.
I’m stoked!


Goals until the next session

  1. Read or listen to The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. Read or listen to Who Moved My Cheese
  3. Get email management system
  4. Write a draft for his free PDF report 
  5. Sign up for Personal Training Course
  6. Get new photos taken


18th of September 2019


  1. âś…Read or listen to The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. âś…Read or listen to Who Moved My Cheese
  3. âś…Get email management system
  4. ✅Write a draft for his free PDF report 
  5. âś…Sign up for Personal Training Course
  6. Get new photos taken

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 8

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 9Tomas: Wow, Brian decided to take a big, brave step forward: He quit his job. 
Brian Diamond Live Case Study 10
Now the pressure is on for us to make sure it was a good move. For that reason, we’ve focused a lot on his time management. It’s common for people when they suddenly have a lot of time on their hands to not know what to do with it or waste it. We cannot let that happen.

In this session, we continued laying the foundation for Brian’s PT Business.
He’ll tell you more about it below.

Brian Diamond Live Case Study 5Brian: There was a little gap between this and the last session as I was hospitalised for a few days, so one of the tasks (photoshoot) didn’t get done.

I have made a very important decision: I handed in my notice at work.

My job was in the late afternoon and evening hours, and I spent 3 hours a day commuting. I’ve calculated that now when I’ve stopped spending unnecessarily, I need much less money. I rather get a part-time job if necessary, which gives me much more flexibility and will free up a lot of time for me to focus on studying and building my business. It’s a scary leap, but a smart one.

In this session, we continued building the structure for my business, such as:
– Getting the domain name for my website (I brainstormed a lot of ideas and asked my followers which one they think is the best one) And the winner is: TRAIN WITH DIAMOND
– We’ve brainstormed the best ideas of how I can get my name out there and get my first clients.
– How to best build my website

We’ve also focused on my time management, now when I have much more time on my hands. 


Goals until the next session

  1. Read or listen Michael Phelps Autobiography
  2. Read or listen Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
  3. Follow new daily plan + daily accountability
  4. Research hosting options and web design
  5. Post offer for a free fitness consultation
  6. Offer my new free report on social media

Unbreakable Self-Discipline Bootcamp

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