“As a result, I landed an amazing role with an amazing company.”

Case study: Debbie Lin

Technology innovation Strategy Manager

About me:

My name is Debbie and I am a Technology innovation Strategy Manager at Accenture. I focus on incubating new technologies and transforming them into businesses that provide value for our clients.


I was working at another company back then and was looking for new growth both personally and professionally but didn’t know how to go about it.

During that period, I was confused about what I really wanted, and I wanted to gain clarity on this so I could move forward.

I lacked clarity and felt like my work didn’t align with my values.

I struggled with a feeling of stagnation which resulted in a lack of enthusiasm and increased anxiety despite having a good job.

I struggled to see where to go next in my life. A total career change? A tweak the current one or find something in the same area elsewhere?



My goal was to gain clarity, and understand what was important to me and how I could be more fulfilled.

I wanted to have someone in my corner to provide guidance and support together with the tools/methodologies that could help me make more sense of my situation so I could formulate a plan to move forward.

I hoped working with a coach would give me a new perspective and a safe space to explore these feelings and beliefs with someone that has experience in helping people in similar situations.

Life Coaching Case study Debbie


Tomas and I had 6 coaching sessions that spanned over roughly 6 months and we worked in an agile way. The sessions were fluid in the sense that we could work on things that we had planned to but also let the sessions naturally guide us to where the next topic would be as we unearth things as we go along.

The sessions felt safe and Tomas always has some tool, story or exercise that will help you gain insight and space. He will push you but never to the point where it’s not helpful. The journey encouraged a lot of self-reflection and gave me more awareness about what was important to me and what I wanted.

Tomas’s sessions are 1.5 hours which lets you get really stuck in. Tomas also doesn’t stop on the dot if the session runs over which makes you feel that he is really there for you. In some ways coaching makes you feel accountable as I would find myself reflecting before the sessions so I could share progress and updates with him. The tools are also helpful as these can be applied quickly to help you as a micro habit. Just feeling that someone is there to listen to you and make you feel validated about the stuff you are going through when it may seem trivial to others mattered a lot.

One of the most helpful exercises was exploring my values and why they are important to me.  It was tedious but actively thinking about each and their resonance with me did help to gain perspective on the things that matter and compare it to what values were not being satisfied in my current life. Being able to quickly rank and compare different options and choices in a rational manner instead of it rattling around your head became helpful when dealing with stressful choices.

When we worked on confidence and public speaking the body, mind and heart trifecta to find your flow was especially helpful in realising there is a way to build this skill and remove some of the guesswork out of it.

When I started I was sceptical but at the end, I had made massive changes that had completely changed my outlook on life and coaching helped to give me the support I needed to make those daring choices.

My new understanding of myself helps me to evaluate the choice against my needs and values as a guiding compass. It’s helped me to be more grounded and to have a more positive view of myself and my strengths.

Life Coach case study Debbie

The Result:

As a result of all the work, I changed jobs and landed an amazing role with an amazing company.

I was able to be a better leader to my team and help them by teaching them some of the new methodologies I had learnt, especially related to confidence. I am in a much better space now and feel more in control of my life and choices. If I had to make the same tough choices again, I think I would be able to do it with less fear of change.

This new role brings me in an environment where my values are reflected back at me. I feel supported and enthusiastic to succeed in my new company.

I have much more flexibility in this new job which was something I had highly valued previously. That has helped to reduce my anxiety and stress. Since I’m in a place that is closely aligned with my goals and values, I feel that I’m on a supported growth path both personally and professionally. I feel excited and life on the other end of massive change is great.

I’m revelling in the new experiences, learning and network that has opened up a whole new world for me.

I feel positive, resilient and motivated.

The Experience:

Tomas is fully present and shifts gears fast in order to adapt to your needs at that particular moment.

He comes prepared and is very observant so he notices behaviours and things that you may not be aware of or may have missed.

I liked that he makes me feel that it was not the end of the world if something wasn’t going right. The “what is the worst that can happen” scenario is great as it makes you realise that life is about change and fluidity.

Even if the worst happened, he trains you to believe in yourself and your resilience to bounce back. I liked that he kept me honest, especially when I get frantic and obsessive about things.

He isn’t afraid to point it out and make me aware of certain thought patterns I get myself into. I liked that he brings his whole self in the sense that it’s a truly human experience where you make a genuine connection.

Life coach case study debbie 2

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