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Case study: Harry Coburn

Head of Sales

About me:

My name is Harry Coburn, and I have had a fun and eclectic career throughout my 20s. I’ve worked for companies like IBM, Google and Credit Suisse before jumping into the Startup scene. I was on the founding team of a food delivery startup called Pronto, before taking the plunge at building my own adventure travel business, Courage Adventure. Most recently I’ve been Head of Sales for a fast-growing luxury ride-hailing company, Wheely.

I’m also part-time in the British Army which feeds my adventurous side, and keeps pushing me to be a better version of myself.

It’s been a fun journey, but after a decade of grinding away and working hard on my own self-development I realised now was a good time to invest in an external opinion and guidance. I wanted to make sure I was building the life I really wanted, and that I was living intentionally so that the ‘future Harry’ would be super thankful for “past Harry”.

At age 30, your sense of time seems to change, and there is a realisation that now is the time to be very intentional, to set the vision you want for yourself, and then to make sure you do everything to make that possible.

The problem was I didn’t know what that vision was? I was flying blind. I didn’t know if I was getting the best out of myself, and I knew that I needed to think about things differently to really take my life to new levels.

harry c case study

The Challenge:

I was lucky that my challenge was more of a “pull” than a “push”. My life was pretty great before and I really appreciated that.

I was also aware that I wasn’t doing enough to move fast enough or to reach my potential.

– If I continued on my current path, where would I end up?

– Can I radically change things?

– Why am I inconsistent with achieving some of the goals I set out for myself?

– What needs to change?

– Is there a different way of working which can massively change my life?

These were answers which I knew I couldn’t answer alone, and so my challenge was to answer these, and change my life for the better.


The Goals Tomas and I set out were specific to my different life areas: Personal Development, Finance, Career, Leisure, Health & Fitness, Relationships & Contribution.

The larger things I wanted to get out of my coaching experience was;

1) Vision

2) consistency

3) Finding new and better ways of working

The Journey:

We had 6x 2-hour zoom sessions.

We went through my life areas, we explored goals for each area and set accountability for those goals.

The biggest value came to me from discussing my life with Tomas and getting his perspective. We identified a hesitation in my approach to things which is holding me back. This was very useful. He also taught me some very useful techniques such as “Honesty Videos” which I now use to record myself and talk to the camera; it’s a form of self-coaching which I’ve found really helpful.

Tomas also asks very insightful questions which really got me thinking; “If I knew I couldn’t succeed in life, what would I do?”
We explored my blind spots by asking my friends; “if there were 3 things which you think I need to hear right now, what would they be?”. These answers to these questions were super insightful, and I also ended up answering the questions for my friends also.

But the biggest learnings from my time with Tomas were around Vision and Values. I realise I hadn’t truly understood these previously, and through the exercises, I identified my values; Adventure, Play, Health and Growth which has helped me in my decision making and in the approach I take to building my life.

Regarding my vision, he helped me make it real and to visualise what I wanted in life. Now that I have this, I can be more strategic about my approach on how to make it possible.

The Result:

I learned a lot; not just about myself, but also new techniques and tools on how to take my life forward in the future.

Tomas helped me get daily press-ups and pulls up into my morning routine; something I struggled to do for a long time.
He helped me think bigger, better understand myself and find my values and vision.

Has my life radically changed?

I think that’s up to me.

I’ve had the new ideas and thoughts that I needed to fuel the next stage of my development, but it is a constant journey and now I have to decide what I want to implement in my life to achieve the vision that I want.

Tomas has played a key part in helping build the foundation for that change; without my values and vision change on the scale that I want would not be possible.

The Experience:

I interviewed a few other life coaches before choosing to work with Tomas.

I had a real range of experience from the other coaches I spoke to. Some came across as all talk no trousers. Others tried to fit me into a box so they could categorise me. These experiences left me feeling uncomfortable.

Tomas on the other hand was very natural, personable, real, honest, and relatable. He also constantly aspires to be a better person, and lives and breathes personal development.

He is building a better life for himself and shares his journey with the world. I really appreciated this. It gave me trust and comfort that I would have an honest and helpful coaching experience.

All the sessions naturally flowed, and he gave ideas and concepts the space. He never tried to tick a list, or to push an agenda. He was there for what you needed at the time.
He also offered accountability which was helpful in pushing me to add more consistency in my life.
I deeply enjoyed all of my sessions with Tomas, and always felt that I came away better off. I trusted him and the process, and I felt the benefits from doing so.
I hope we work together again in the future.

harry c case study

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