“I am now happier, more motivated and organized, with newfound confidence in my future.”

Case study: Heather Clancy

Copywriter & Editor, Freelancer, Writer

About me:

Heather Clancy, freelance writer turned tech content writer with ambitions to be a novelist.


I had moved to London after a stint in Berlin and was seeking the tools to not only settle into my new life, but actually thrive and progress.

However, frankly, I had no idea how to go from survival mode to actually actually getting things done.

At work, we had been presented with the opportunity to set our own salary, which sent me into a self-reflective spiral as I didn’t feel I had achieved all that I had hoped not only in my work role, but in a broader Big Life Stuff context. At this point I knew I had an opportunity to ask for help and so I asked for Tomas after reading a great article about him.

Heather C Life Coaching Case Sutdy


My goals were to actually have structured goals and a realistic plan on how to achieve them. For years I had been winging it, with varying levels of success, and this left me feeling somewhat adept at juggling but quite bad at planning and worried for the future. I wanted to be more confident and productive at work. I wanted to finally start my novel in earnest. I wanted to get organized.

By working with Tomas I was able to not only set goals but actually systematically achieve them. More importantly, I was able to rewrite my reputation with myself and have evidence that I was actually a person who could plan and succeed. In other words, I have befriended Excel, Todoist is my PA, and all things are possible with Pomodoro.

The coaching helped me to get organized in terms of my goals and to have systems in place to shape and support my success. The coaching also helped me to be accountable to myself, while being realistic and honest with what’s possible. In the past, I’d swing from either a million half-baked ideas to none at all, and with Tomas’ help I was able to find a happy and productive middle ground.

Heather c life coaching testimonial


From the very beginning, Tomas and I would have really interesting, kind of free associative chats that would lead to more than a handful of a-ha moments. Tomas’ curious nature meant that he would ask questions that hadn’t ever occurred to me and at the end of the session, I’d feel exposed yet one step closer to understanding myself, and therefore better understanding how I should proceed. However, this is not to say that it was all casual conversations — Tomas’ strength is his ability to match empathy with structure and a no-bullshit approach.

My main takeaways were that I had to plan for success (I know…) and sometimes that was as simple as a todo list, but sometimes that was as complicated as cancelling plans, dropping extra work, and letting go of certain half-baked dreams. The other huge change was having daily WhatsApp check-ins with Tomas, which really upped the no-bullshit ante. And of course, his vast toolbox for understanding why the hell I do certain things that seemingly don’t make sense helped me get a much-needed fresh perspective on things.

The Result:

My work performance improved significantly and consistently and I have the tools (and confidence) to navigate whatever comes next. Hugely, I have also made major strides with my novel (more than I’ve ever done before) and while I’m still in progress it feels like less of a pipe dream and more of a ‘I just have to focus and I’ll get there’ dream.

I’m also working towards smarter and more profitable freelance writing work, while doing less of the stuff that actually doesn’t matter. To that end, importantly, Tomas has helped me realize what isn’t important… Chasing a bunch of ideas can feel a lot like getting things done, but at the end of the day only a handful of things truly matter. And tracking those things while actively ignoring everything else is one of the ways to go from being someone who checks things off their list to someone who has a list of things worth checking off.

The Experience:

My journey with Tomas has been an incredibly positive and transformative experience that is hard to encapsulate.

In the past year, I’ve gained an abundance of knowledge and have truly undergone a personal transformation that now feels inseparable from my present perspective.

I am now happier, more motivated and organized (well, mostly!), and I have a newfound confidence in my future.

Heather C testimonial life coaching

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