“I have a vision for my life – a clear set of priorities that give me direction and inspiration every day.”

Case study: Max Dickins

Writer, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Entertainer

About me:

My name is Max Dickins, I am a writer, a broadcaster and I am also a Director of improvisation training school – Hoopla!


I felt burned out, unmotivated, and also lacking clarity in my life.

I had just come off a very busy period and a few large projects and found myself feeling bereft at the void created by their culmination and also at the fact that even after their successful conclusion I still wasn’t happy!

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My goals were three-fold.

First was to refresh my self-knowledge. I had done coaching before, but felt I needed to regain clarity on who I was – personality, values, strengths, passions.

Second was to find the next projects I wanted to focus on and base these decisions on something solid so they were authentic.

Third was to get back that juice in life, to rediscover that version of me that too risks and jumped out of bed first thing to attack the day.

Max D life coaching case study


The approach was rigorous, which I appreciated – there is a lot of bullshit in the coaching world and Tomas builds trust by the depth and thoroughness of his process.

I re-examined a lot of the fundamentals of who I was and made some powerful realisations.

One was that there was a version of me from my past that embodied exactly who I wanted to be – I had been that guy! – and a lot of moving forward therefore was reconnecting with that iteration. So, not becoming someone new but remembering who I am.

Another realisation was (again) that I had a lot of strengths and powerful behaviours that I embodied when I was at my best, but I didn’t go there as much as I’d like. We created an alias for this version of myself and came up with a plan to get into this state more often.

A third realisation was that I have one key inner conflict in my life that causes most of my stress and unhappiness. While I haven’t totally worked through it yet, getting this clarity has been freeing.

The Result:

I feel strongly rooted in my values and they are at the front of my mind every day, in my actions and decision making.

I have established a gratitude ritual which has been a key thing in overcoming a natural pessimism which has defintely improved my well-being.

And I have a vision for my life – a clear set of priorities, if you like – which provides great direction and inspiration every day.

Max D life coaching case study
Max D life coaching testimonial
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max D testimonial

The Experience:

What I most liked about Tomas was that he was very generous. He cares and you sense that in the attention he pays and all of the energy he brings to each session.

He also understands that to move forwards in a way that is authentic and sustainable you often have to look backwards: to get a clear understanding of the fundamentals of your drivers.

This gives the process a solid foundation because the answers become more simple when you know your ‘why?’

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