From doing “ok”
to doubling her business  

Case study: Megan McManners

E-commerce Business Owner

About me:

My name is Megan McManners. I am an entrepreneur. My main business is my nutritional supplements brand Nutri-Align which I started back in 2012.

Nutri-Align supplements are for people who rejected the “standard Western diet” in favour of more advanced ways of eating like Keto and fasting.

Megan case study

The Challenge:

My business has been doing ok for several years. I was able to make a comfortable living out of it without too much stress.
But I wasn’t exactly reaching for the stars either!

My crisis point came in 2018 when I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had to have the whole “grand tour” of cancer including chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and hormones. It took over 10 months to become cancer-free.
Serious Illness – like any major life crisis – forces you to re-examine your life and your values.

Some people decide that they’ve been working too much and want to focus on their family or hobbies instead. In my case, it was the opposite! I realised that I was no longer happy just coasting along and making a living.

I wanted my business to be a huge success!
I wanted my brand to be known to every potential customer in my niche.
And I wanted to get my products to every person who might possibly need them.

Megan life coaching case study
Megan life coaching case study

The Goal:

I translated my vision into more specific business goals linked to turnover. But I had no idea how to get there!

After 7 years in business, I was also slowly realising that my business is a reflection of myself as a person. My personal fears, limitations and blind spots play a huge role. 

And the biggest obstacles to success and growth are not external – but those that are inside of my own head.

So if I want to take my business to the next level, I first need to upgrade my mindset accordingly. Although I never worked with a business coach before, I have had therapy and counselling.

So I was hoping to find someone who could help me identify my blind spots and limitations, and then hold me accountable for fixing them.

I also needed help in managing my time better to fit in all the habits I like to follow – especially health-related ones like exercise and meditation. I would frequently push all that back in favour of working more.

The Journey:

My coaching with Tomas coincided with the peak of the COVID pandemic. We started just as the country was placed on lockdown.
It was a very strange time indeed. But nutritional supplements sector was booming so there was a lot of potential as well.

Coaching helped me in many ways. Here are the top three:

1) Much better self-awareness – Tomas helped me annihilate many of those blind spots I mentioned.
2) More courage – Tomas helped me see how the fears holding me back were in fact delusions.
3) Specific skills – Tomas taught me several skills that I now use on a daily basis for prioritising, time management and habits accountability.

Nutri Align

The Result:

After only a few months of working together, my monthly turnover doubled! Bearing in mind this sort of rapid leap is not very easy to achieve for a physical products business 😉

My business is on track to meet the financial goals I have set for this year. And I feel 100% confident that I will get there and beyond.

I am no longer just coasting along – or settling for “ok”! I am fired up and brimming with new ideas.

I am about to launch several new products within Nutri-Align range. And I am also exploring two additional business ideas that came to me in the last few months.

Nutri-Align growth has already outstripped our current capacity so I am now focusing on streamlining the admin and the supply chains to ensure we can meet the demand!

I feel confident, optimistic and fired up!

Megan life coaching case study

The Experience:

If I had to pick one thing I liked most, it would be Tomas’s ability to inspire and energise me even when I felt really low.

There were a few times when I felt demoralised and exhausted before our sessions. Somehow, talking to Tomas would always “rekindle the fire”. So I would feel energised and optimistic by the end of the session.

Overall, I have definitely upgraded my mindset – and it got reflected immediately in my actual tangible business results!

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