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Case study: Ragini D

Head of Financing Assurance


I came to see Tomas during a crossroads in my career. I had recently quit a job I’d hated for many years and gone travelling, but coming back to the UK felt trapped in a deadlock of how to move forward.

I had little confidence, felt overwhelmed by possibilities and felt very pessimistic about the future.

Beyond my career, there were many personal projects that I wanted to pursue – most importantly, writing a book. I wanted to explore this, but my crippling fear of rejection and failure made it easier to ponder all the great things I would do if I tried rather than actually trying to turn these dreams into realities.

I felt overwhelmed by judgement from family and friends for the choices I had made, and my personal relationships were suffering as I had started to become increasingly negative.

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My initial goal when I reached out to Tomas was very simple

– To stop feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities in front of me, make a decision about what I wanted to do next and land a job in that field.

– I wanted to build confidence and become happier and hoped that working with Tomas would also give me the courage to pursue some of my personal goals.

When I came to see Tomas, I thought he would only be able to help me with my career, but over the time we worked together, we’ve set goals for many other areas, and he’s helped me make as much progress in my personal life as my professional life.

Reframing a negative mindset, learning to judge myself and others less and bringing more positivity to my personal relationships are a few of these, and have been as valuable as the career and achievement goals we have set.

The Journey:

When I first came to see Tomas looking for a job, I was so afraid of interviews I would shut down before each one, and every rejection felt like a personal failure.

The first big project we worked on was helping me find a job, and during this period he helped me build my confidence, change my mindset to believe that interviewing was a skill like any other that I could learn, and that rejection was part of the process.

We worked on many other goals after overcoming this hurdle. We invested a lot of time changing my mindset from a fundamentally negative and pessimistic one to being more positive, and this helped me make changes in all aspects of my life.

A great lesson that coaching gave me was that my life and my results are fully in my control, and Tomas helped me see that my fear of rejection prevented me from taking chances and pursuing my goals.

Tomas also helped me become more disciplined and recognize that my daily actions and decisions make all the difference. He was always responsive and encouraging with our daily accountability checks, and this slow but steady approach made a dramatic difference over time.

The Result:

Soon after working with Tomas, I landed several attractive job offers and started a new career path that I am really enjoying.

My personal relationships with family, my partner and friends are much more positive, balanced and happy.

I also committed to improving my health whilst working with Tomas and I feel significantly fitter and stronger.

I finished writing my book and am currently working on illustrating it, and am also building an Instagram account. I now have a toolkit to deal with anxiety and a negative mindset, and feel much calmer, more in control and optimistic about the future.

The Experience:

Tomas is a very inspiring mentor, and he has a genuine commitment to seeing his clients succeed and make progress.

From an early stage, I felt that I could share my struggles openly and honestly because he made me feel comfortable and at ease, and never judged me.

At the same time, he has a great instinct for knowing what you need to hear and how how to deliver that message, and our sessions never failed to help me think more deeply and re-evaluate my approach when needed.

Tomas is a very wise and thoughtful advisor to have in your corner, and I can’t recommend working with him highly enough!

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