“I now get to sell actual buns locally and merchandise all over the world.”

Case study: Robin Linde Steegman

Actress, Performer, Presentation Coach & Home Baker. 

About me:


My name is Robin Linde Stegman,
I’m a Performer (preferably comedy) and a Presentation coach (I give annual theatre workshops). I’ve trained at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Moreover, I’m a passionate content creator (Instagram) for myself and Dutch brand SUSAN BIJL. On top of all that I’m a mum, home baker and cinnamon bun lover with ADHD as a superpower 😎

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My situation and challenge before we started was that I felt a little bit stuck, uninspired and confused about what I wanted to focus on.

It felt as though I had three or four different profession options, as a performer, producer or as a presentation coach.

I felt out of tune with my intuition and I wanted to gain clarity and also to take my ambitions to the next level.

Financially, I sort of felt what I wanted and what I’d ideally wanted to earn. But I had no clue about how I was going to achieve that. And also in which way.

So as dramatic as it sounds, I felt lost.


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The goal for me was to feel more confident and gain clarity towards who I was and enjoy more what I was good at and what I wanted to develop further.



What I got out of the coaching? Through a fun process, I certainly gained confidence and clarity.

Tomas was full-on, hands-on deck with me and inexhaustibly enthusiastic about so many possibilities.

Through his way of questioning my options or thoughts, I very quickly gained clarity. Without fully realising how, I felt guided into a direction that got me eager to pursue and develop further, with a sense of joy!

I liked that his homework, exercises and his approach felt quite straightforward. For example, I was rather stubborn about creating videos. Tomas suggested that, before judging anything, and most of all myself in this case, I should at least make 50 attempts and then decide. Looking back, it sounds like a very simple suggestion but for me, it took a lot.

My very first attempt out of the 50 videos was bizarrely successful because it suddenly changed everything for me.

The situation was: I walked into a door, which was quite funny. Because I also had Tomas’ ‘homework’ of creating videos in the back of my mind, I took the opportunity to reenact the situation of me walking into the same door and record it. This was the first video I posted and I straight away got a very positive response on social media.

From this moment onwards, after literally walking into a door, I embraced my physical failures and my physical comedic potential. This is all still very much in development, it’s an ongoing process, but it’s given me an identity and an eagerness to create and share, especially on social media, but also on stage.

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The Result:

The biggest result was that I embraced my clumsiness, as a performer. I started developing my comedic side. At drama school, I remembered being funny sometimes, but I hadn’t really realised or fully discovered an awareness of why I was funny, sometimes, or what was funny about it. It’s great if you’re unexpectedly funny, but it can be frustrating if people say for example ‘Oh yes, do this, you’ll be funny’ – and then you’re suddenly not…

Sharing videos on social media became a habit, and I got to explore what and why something was funny, in my own time. Aside from that, I also started sharing my process and the responses were incredible.

It’s given me so much, and my business now is still fully connected to sharing clips of what interests me. I feel like my identity is clear on social media, and it attracts the right crowd and the right possibilities, for me.

It’s not like I have a massive following, but the following that I have appreciates what I share. And I in return have enormous appreciation for that because it’s a true joy to express what interests me and what I find funny, and to receive only positive responses. It’s a constant drive to share just a little bit of spark or joy. It’s incredible to be able to have that freedom and to get responses from people who are, in whatever bizarre way, benefiting from it. Or at least they share their appreciation. Anything to put a smile on people’s faces.

That’s all for me, as a performer. I understand it’s not necessarily saving lives in surgery, but I do take it very seriously, even if it’s just a slight spark that I can bring, I aim to continue and pursue it. It’s an adventure to find things in daily life that have potential, from my perspective.

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In 2020 I started baking a lot, for myself, as an experiment. Because I kept failing at baking good enough cinnamon buns, it became a specific mission for me. Again through sharing my process on social media, I eventually, after many attempts, I ended up selling my cinnamon buns during the lockdown and eventually creating a so-called ‘Bun Collection’; t-shirts and sweaters for adults and kids with various funny bun phrases.

Through these creations, I now get to sell actual buns locally and merchandise all over the world. The power and joy of social media fascinate me, so much so that I created a course called ‘The Ultimate Social Media Authenticity Training’.

At first, people thought it was a joke, which I understand and definitely don’t mind. I managed to make clear that it’s also a subject I’m seriously very passionate about.

After a successful first run with a solid amount of participants, I am looking forward to developing it further and starting the second run. The main focus of the course is to share my journey and experiences, and what I’ve learned in the past three years, in order to activate and inspire others to feel more free in what they’d like to explore and share.

The course attracts creators, performers, designers, small business owners, anyone who feels a little stuck and pressured to share content online. This course aims to present an accessible approach to creating, sharing and discovering what is possible when we approach social media as a game.

The Experience:

What stood out for me when working with Tomas is his energy.

It truly is inexhaustible and still, years later, I really feel his support. Personally, I don’t relate to his methods at all. I do not have Excel sheets with how much progress I’ve made, but I admire his thorough documentation.

I adore his positive energy and his efforts. His love for wanting to work and help others is utterly inspiring. Thinking and growing along with you, how you can be the better you.

I felt heard, even though our backgrounds are rooted in completely different industries. He was able to relate to me personally and for that, I have a lot of respect and appreciation. In an ideal world, I’d work with him monthly!

Robin S life coaching case study

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