Jose is a health coach and cellular regeneration specialist.

He developed his expertise when he studied about how to improve and maintain his own health. Throug his dedicated research and study, he went from being constantly stressed and chronically ill, to losing 20kg and being happier and more energetic than ever.


Because of his own transformation, he became passionate about the power of correct nutrition and hydration. But although he had the tools and the knowledge, he wasn’t sure what to do. “I had energy, but I felt down. I had a dream but wasn’t sure how to get there. I wanted to work from home, have my own business, but didn’t know how to do it,” he says. “Then I got the opportunity to work with you, and that was one of my greatest decisions. We started exploring what my passion was, and it quickly became apparent that it was health coaching and helping others transform their health the way I did.”

Today, Jose has shifted his mindset from being employed to being an entrepreneur. From working in a fastfood chain making £1200/month, he now has a business he’s passionate about and averaging £5500/month. He’s also let go of his old social circle of people who laughed at his goals and vision, and is now associated with some of the most respected personal development professionals in London. As he continues to make progress, he sets increasingly ambitious goals for himself, and he now aims to regularly hold wellness retreats around the world.

“To date I’ve helped over 100 people in 12 different countries. I now work from home, and can spend time with my wife and kids a lot more. I love what I do.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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