From burning out to passionately following his dream  

Case study: Firas Alragom

Director of Business Development
Aspiring Life Coach & Entrepreneur

About me:

My name is Firas Alragom. For 20 years I’ve been working in a Corporate IT role, and four years ago, my workaholic nature led me to mental and physical burnout.

I’d been living with crippling back pain for 12 years and I couldn’t move or walk for days at a time because of it. This eventually started affecting my ability to work and do things with my family, so I finally decided to take responsibility for my condition and committed to changing it for the better, and that’s when my life started to change.

After 2 years of different treatments and forms of exercise, I managed to get my back condition under control, and in effect, I got my life back on track. I was able to play with my children again as well as to get back to my big passions: Scuba diving and photography. Over these past two years, I started to rediscover myself, the world around me and the possibilities that were open to me. As excited as I was with this renewed zest for life, I needed help building up my self-confidence to go through a major transition away from my corporate career, and that’s what brought me to Tomas.

Life Coach Firas

All photos used were taken by Firas himself and he has all the copyrights. 

The Challenge:

When I first met Tomas, I was working as Director of a company that delivers IT & Telecom services, but I just didn’t want to keep working in IT any longer. I knew I was on the verge of burning out again.

At this point, I had started a Life Coaching training programme – something I felt truly passionate about – but I was overwhelmed with balancing the stress of work, my family responsibilities and fulfilling the requirements of my course.. 

I could feel myself coming close to giving up and quitting on my dream. The situation brought out my recurring fear of failure, issues with procrastination, and an occasionally resurfacing victim mentality that I struggled with. 

Firas coaching case study
firas life coaching case study

The Goal:

I needed help to become motivated enough to stay committed to finishing my Life Coaching course. I needed to stick with it so that I could gain the skills required to start a future coaching practice.    


The Journey:

As soon as I started coaching with Tomas, he helped me tremendously in building my self-confidence and I quickly changed roles in my current job from the Director of IT & IT Security to Director of Business Development. It was my way out of just providing IT Support which I was stuck in for 20 years!

Then a few weeks later the Coronavirus Pandemic forced the world to shut down. This obviously changed a lot of things for a lot of people, and what this meant for me was that I was under a lot of pressure in my new role at work, balancing that with family responsibilities and staying on track with my Life Coaching training.

Tomas not only helped me face all my fears of being unable to manage work in the face of crisis as well, he helped me thrive in it. Our work together helped me make amazing progress in my Life Coach training and built up my self-confidence to new levels.

life coaching case study Firas
firas life coaching case study

The Result:

I’ve embraced my new role at work and gained a lot of confidence in dealing with customers, partners and other colleagues in our executive management team at a time when businesses are operating and navigating uncertainty.

I finished my Life Coaching training in 4 months rather than in 6 months like I’d originally planned, and I’ve started coaching friends and family during the Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis to help them deal with their personal challenges during this difficult time.

I feel like I’ve achieved so much in a time when most people are struggling to get anything done. I’m empowered, have reached new levels of self-confidence, and I’m exposing myself to new opportunities and experiences both in my current career and my new Life Coaching practice that I never dreamed I would do.

I’m now planning on building a new Life Coaching business and will be signing-up for a longer coaching package with Tomas to help me on my journey to becoming a Life Coach and Entrepreneur – and I actually believe that it’s now achievable whereas before it was just an ephemeral dream, which is pretty unreal considering the disruptive times we’re living in at the moment!

life coaching case study Firas

The Experience:

Tomas’ coaching is very seamless, simple and extremely effective. He would politely call me out when I would make excuses for why I couldn’t do something. However, he doesn’t demand that I aim for unrealistic goals or force me to take massive actions that would scare me into paralysis. He’s mastered his coaching craft so that he achieved the balance of pushing without being intimidating and he got me to believe that I can achieve a lot more than I thought I was capable of. 

His accountability follow-ups kept me on track and inspired me to keep on achieving my goals, and he kept my big picture thinking going by sharing a lot of insights about his Life Coaching business journey and how he’s built his own business. Experiencing Tomas’ coaching firsthand and witnessing what he’s achieved with his business has inspired me to commit to my goal of becoming a successful Life Coach and Entrepreneur.

Tomas says his big vision is to create a ripple effect of people who are so successful that they inspire people to do the same and he’s definitely walking his talk.

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