For Coaches

Whether you’ve just decided to become a life coach and need a mentor to guide you through building your skills and business, or you already have an established coaching practice and you feel it’s time up your game and become a more powerful and prosperous coach, I will help you to do that.

Through my six- and twelve-month, tailor-made coaching programmes, I help you develop your authentic coaching style, brand, and business.

While I love coaching and mentoring coaches, I only work with a small number of coaches at any given time, and I’m very selective.

Why? Because I provide intensive support and guidance throughout the programme, and I prefer quality, not quantity.

You must have what it takes, and be 100% committed and ready to invest in your growth.

My goal is to help you become a highly professional, prosperous, and reputable coach who will powerfully transform people’s lives and add to the good name of coaching.

I’ve been coaching since 2012, have a degree in Psychology and four coaching qualifications. I’ve worked with 200+ individuals, clocked in over 2000 coaching hours. And I’ve completed extensive business training courses and won a reputable business award. I know how to help you grow as a coach, and I know how to make a coaching business work.

For starting coaches

Starting is hard, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. I’ll guide you to develop your coaching skills as well as your business skills so that you can become a full-time coach and entrepreneur.


  • 12-month coaching and mentoring

  • 24 1-on-1 sessions with me

  • support between the sessions

  • extensive home study video coaching program

  • Resources


  • All you need to know to start your coaching practice

  • Basic and advanced coaching techniques

  • How to be able to create powerful transformations with your clients

  • How to become a confident coach

  • How to attract clients

  • How to sell coaching without being needy or pushy

  • How to price and package your services

  • How to market yourself effectively

  • How to develop a recognisable brand

  • How to stand out in the growing crowd of coaches

  • How to run a profitable coaching business

  • And much more

For established coaches

Do you feel like it’s time to level up your skills and your business? Have you plateaued, or do you keep hitting the same wall? Coaching can be a tough and lonely journey. Without a coach and/or mentor to support you, give you feedback, push you and hold you accountable, it can be difficult to grow. My mission is to help you become a much more world-class coach and entrepreneur in an increasingly competitive market.


  • 6- to 12-month coaching and mentoring

  • Up to 4 1-on-1 sessions with me per month

  • Support between the sessions

  • Optional: Extensive home study video coaching program

  • Resources


  • Sharpen your coaching skills

  • Expose your blind spots that are holding you back

  • Deal with anything that is slowing your progress

  • Review and resolve any challenges you may face in your sessions

  • Optimise your business

  • Sharpen your client acquisition process

  • Improve your conversion rate

  • Level up your game!

  • Handle anything that comes up

BOOK YOUR FREE Discovery session

In this initial Discovery Session, we’ll discuss what your goals are, changes you want to make, what’s standing in the way, and how I could help you with it. It’s time for us to determine if we’re the right match. If so, we can discuss the next steps.


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