Unlock self-disscipline with H3 method

Unlock Your Self-Discipline with The H3 Method™

What if I told you that you’ve been thinking wrong about self-discipline all along. 

Self-discipline is not just willpower to drag yourself to do something. 

There are many tasks we need to do that will never be on the top of our priority list. However, they still need to get done. 

I want to share with you my H3 Self-Discipline Model™ that will make getting things done much easier. 

Most people struggle to get something done purely because of how they see it.

Proof: There are many people out there that love doing the task you procrastinate with. 

How?‌ Why?‌

Let me show you…

The H3 Self-Discipline Model™

First of all, there are three parts that need to be engaged. 

Your Heart, Head, and Hands. (H3, get it?)

Now let me show you why.
(Check out the image below)

Your Heart

Your heart is where your WHY is, and it’s the source of your passion and motivation. 

If you don’t have a compelling reason WHY‌ when you’re doing something, or don’t even know why you’re doing it, then it will always be unfulfilling, it will feel pointless, and you’ll feel unmotivated. 

That’s the one thing many, many people struggle with.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why is this important to me?
  • Why do I care?
  • How will I‌ benefit from this?‌
  • Why is this worth all the effort?

Your Head

Your head is the source of your understanding of WHAT‌ it is you’re actually trying to accomplish,  WHAT‌ you need to do, and what the milestones are.

Without knowing WHAT it is you’re actually trying to accomplish, you’ll go haphazardly or even blindly forward, likely be making a lot of mistakes. And we don’t like making mistakes. 

You must have your goals and milestones clearly defined.
A goal without a plan is a dream.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What exactly am I trying to achieve
  • What exactly is expected from me/do I expect from myself
  • What are the milestones and steps I need to go through?

Your Hands

Your hands are HOW you take ACTION‌.
Any idea, intention, or goal without action means nothing. Certainly, no progress.
And without progress, you just stay stuck. 

How many people you know (and maybe you’re one of them) who know what they want and plenty of passion for it, but just won’t take action or simply don’t put the time in to figure out the first steps.
Don’t be one of these.

Start somewhere, start small, but start and take action.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How can I‌ start working on this?‌
  • How will I go about this?‌
  • How can I get to the first milestone?‌

This is why all of the three elements must be engaged if you want to get things done and be making progress in your life without pure willpower. 

Your heart, your head, and your hands must be engaged. 

Self-discipline H3 model

Because together they provide the passion, understanding, and action, you need to make things happen, rather than being stuck, unmotivated or making a lot of mistakes. 

I encourage you to watch my video, where I‌ explain each step. 

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Unbreakable self discipline

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  1. Austin Bollinger

    The H3 model is amazing! This is incredible! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Haha glad you like it. Quite simple but… “genius” is when you can no longer remove anything… not when there’s nothing more to add.


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