The magic of Hard Work

The Magic of Hard Work

I want to share something with you. I like it hard!
But, but before your mind goes into “funny” places, let me clarify.

I’m talking about the hardship of accomplishing something. The hard work.

You see, deep inside, we all want the journey to what we want to be easy, quick, and effortless.
People hope there is a shortcut, a magic bullet, or an elevator to the high levels of success (whatever that may mean to you).

But, do you realize that’s possibly the worst way you could sabotage your success, or rather, the joy you’re hoping it will bring.

Let me explain why.

Has it ever happened to you (yes it has), that you look at someone and though – boy, weren’t they born lucky!

Maybe they were born into incredible wealth and luxury and they never have to work a day in their life.
Maybe they are so amazingly good looking that you cannot stop thinking that they must be a result of some secret genetic experiment, or that the universe is just showing off what it can do with a bit of DNA, Fibonacci angles, and symmetry.
It’s hard to not look like a creep, but… wait, let’s have another look because just looking at them feels good!

I’ve met quite a few “lucky” people. To my surprise, they don’t always feel so lucky.

Imagine the things you want, success, wealth, beauty, career, were just given to you.

But before you go… YES, PLEASE!…think of this.

Imagine you were just told you got the promotion you wanted.
Not because you worked your ass off for it, but because your dad called someone, pulled some strings, and voila!

How would you feel?
Proud? I doubt that.

Sooner or later, it would come back to you in the form of self-doubt, feeling like an imposter because you didn’t climb the steps you were supposed to.
You took a short cut. And now you’re paranoid that others will find out OR, God forbid, already know. And now no one will take you seriously and respect you.

The magic of hard work

The “hard work” most people are trying to avoid is actually the very reason they would feel great about the accomplishment.

It’s the hard work that will help you justify your success and the fact that you’ve earned it. It sucks to have something amazing and feel like you don’t deserve it.

It’s the hard work that will be the ammunition to shut up everyone who will try to say “Oh, yea, but you were lucky!” or “You had it easy!”
(It’s very gratifying. Trust me).

It’s the hard work that will transform you into the person who will respect and appreciate the result.

It’s the hard work that will allow you to feel incredibly proud of yourself.

It’s the hard work that will allow you to disarm and shut up your inner critic because then it has nothing on you!

It’s the hard work that will change who’s in the mirror.

It’s the hard work that will make your success worth a lot to you.

It’s through the hard work the journey to fulfilment goes through.
There is no “around” option. Not to fulfilment.

It’s the hard work where you lose most of your competition.

It’s the hard work that will show others you’re serious about your goal.

It’s the hard work that will help you look someone straight in the eye and feel confident about yourself.

The sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll feel great.

This is why I like it hard!

And, frankly, for the most part, the “hard” is really just “inconvenient”.

If you want to work with a life coach who will help you embrace the hard work, contact me.



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