How Life Coaching Can Help You: 10+ Powerful Benefits of Working With a Life Coach (part 1)

November 11, 2019


Life coaching has been around for quite a while, yet still, most people have little idea about what it really is and how it could help them.
Many people even think it’s something new agey or even woo-woo.

Life coaching is not about finding your spirit animal on the 17th astral plane (at least not my coaching). 

And while there are all kinds of life coaching approaches, in this article, I will share with you 10 benefits you can get from my type of coaching: pragmatic, down to earth, results-focused. 


1) A life coach helps you see and think outside of your bubble, or a box, or whatever you’re trapped in. 

Ok, to be fair, we all are stuck in our own perspective made out of specific knowledge, experiences, habits, people, and environment. 

We don’t know what we don’t know and what we know we like to stick with. 

A life coach will ask you questions or share insights that will help you explore new, better ways of thinking about yourself, your situation, and the world around you. 

2) A life coach will help you move on

Have you ever left your baggage at a train station or forgot it somewhere? It’s a frustrating complication, to say the least.
So we do our best to hang on to our baggage and not forget it. 

And we often do the same with our emotional baggage, bad experiences, issues, betrayals, breakups, humiliations, etc.
It’s emotionally draining and prevents us from growing.

A life coach can help you find ways to change the way you think and feel about these events. It makes it much easier to let go and move on towards something better. 

3) A life coach may be the short cut you’re looking for

People are always looking for an easy way to get what they want. But great results require a great effort, often a lot of learning, experiences, mistakes made, and there are rarely any shortcuts, especially when it comes to personal development. 

I cannot speak for other coaches, but I’ve been studying (not reading, studying) personal development since 2006. I’ve read a few hundred books, gone through many extensive workshops, seminars, coaching and business trainings, all adding up to thousands of hours of personal development. 

When you work with a life coach, they will use and share with you directly or indirectly the right information you need at the time, which will likely save you years of learning and experimenting. An alternative would be you doing all the studying yourself, which could sometimes be decades. 

4) A life coach will help you say it and hear it

People are often expecting the coach to give them the answers or profound wisdom they want to or need to hear. Yet, it’s often the clients themselves who say the life-changing words in the session.

Coaching sessions are a safe space where you have time and freedom to think and talk yourself through your situation and challenges often straight to the answers. 

5) A life coach can be the cheerleader you need

How many of us have in their life someone who always believes in them, always supports them, and pushes them to be and do their best?
From my experience, not many of us.
That’s what the right life coach will be for you.
Having continuous and reliable support will give you the push and courage to pursue your goals and dreams. 

There are many more benefits of working with a life coach.
I’m sharing 5+ in PART 2 of this post (trying to keep the length easy to digest).

I hope this has given you a little bit more insight into whether life coaching is what you need right now.

If you’d like to explore what life coaching could do for you, contact me and let’s schedule the initial discovery session and find out if we’d be the right match.

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