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How to Feel Like a Million Bucks: A simple lesson from my grandpa.

Would you like to feel like a million bucks?

What does it feel like, you ask?

“Amazing”, “On top of the world”, or “Overjoyed” would be good descriptions.

In this article, I want to share with you quite a simple thought.
But make no mistake, E=mc2 may seem simple as well, yet it describes Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that changed everything.

I admit, what you’re about to read may not be as revolutionary and change the whole world.

That’s ok.

I’m not trying to change the whole world.

I want to change YOUR world.

So, let me ask you this:

What’s missing for you to feel like a million bucks?

What would you put on the lines below?


People often list the BIG stuff.

House, Cars, perfect body, prosperous business, the elixir of youth, Playstation 5, maybe even that million bucks.

I want to help you feel like that.

But first…

There’s a little story about my grandpa I want to share with you.

My grandpa was quite a character.
He carried a hairbrush in his pants back pocket, did card tricks, painted amazing landscape paintings, and built radio-controlled plane models.

We used to drive to the top of the hill outside our village where we met with a bunch of other radio-controlled-plane-models enthusiasts, and they all flew their planes there… for hours.
(When you just watch, it gets boring quite quickly.)

He taught me a lot of things. Some more useful than others.
One that really stuck with me was this:

He used to say: Never smirk over little money because that’s what millions are made out of.

In other words, a million dollars is not one unit of money.
It’s one million x $1.

So making a million dollars is a matter of accumulating one million of $1.

What does it have to do with FEELING like a million bucks?


Feeling like a million bucks works the same way.

People often search for that ONE BIG THING that would make them feel extraordinary… you know, the:

“When I have/am xyz, THEN I’ll be happy. “

Wanting to feel amazing by achieving one thing is like wanting to make $1,000,000 at once.
Not impossible. But for most people quite unlikely.

So, rather than that, work towards feeling like a million bucks by collecting all the reasons to feel that way, big and small.
Just like you would be collecting $10, $20, $100 to have $1,000.000.

Now, look around (your life).
There is a good chance there are “$10, $50, and $100” happiness notes all over the place.

And you know what?
When you dig in between the cushions of your everyday life, you’ll always find some “surprise change” that, even though not adding up to much, somehow feels extra special.

I hope this metaphor makes sense 🙂

If you’d like to continue exploring happiness, check to my “How To Diversify Happiness” article I wrote recently.

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