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How To Keep Your Dream Alive


Do you have a dream?
Do you have a “one day I’d love to…” wish?

It may be something quite small like buying a new MacBook or it may be a BIG DREAM, a career or a lifestyle vision like:

“I’d love to live in New York.”
“I’d love to be a doctor, rock star, or work in Silicon Valley.”
“I want to have 5 dogs, including 3 Golden Retrievers” (oh, that’s one of mine!).

If you have a dream like this, and I bet you do in some way, it’s crucial to keep it alive if you want it to happen. It’s so easy to bury it and forget about it because even if you make it happen it will be in a distant future, and hey, you have things you need to deal with today and tomorrow, right?

But here is what happens.

If you don’t keep your dreams alive, they will fade and die out along with the passion and drive needed to achieve it.

You need to keep your dream alive!


Well, let me give you a few tips.

For you to make the dreams to come true you’ll need hard work, courage, determination, and persistence. That’s not a problem IF you have THE PASSION and HUNGER for it.

Most of us get passionate and pumped when we get closer to our dream, when it feels possible, when it’s almost within your reach!

How often and how close do you get to your dream?

Here is one of my own examples:

Years ago when I was sharing a house with my friends I had a dream to have a spacious, bring flat with an amazing view. I wasn’t in a position to afford such rent, but I was determined to work hard so I could afford it one day. The hard work needed a fuel, passion, drive! I knew it would come if I could get closer to my dream, to touch it, smell it, feel it, experience it.

So every now and then I put a suit on and went to central London and viewed a few flats and penthouses, like the one I’d love to have one day. I remember the excitement of walking into the flats. The smell of a fresh paint and new furniture. The brightness of the flats. The spaciousness. The view.

I could see myself working there, sitting on a sofa during a rainy day and reading a book, occasionally glancing outside, taking in the sight.
It made me want to run home and work on myself. I wanted it! I remember buzzing from the excitement when I was coming home. My passion and drive tank was topped up and ready to keep me going for some time.

Today it’s such rainy day in London. I’m writing this article, sitting on my sofa in such flat, occasionally glancing out at the sunset. I’ve lived here for three years now and I’m grateful every day. It took time and a lot of work, but because I kept my dream alive I was able to persevere.

Do you keep your dreams alive?

How can you get closer to it?
How can you feel it, smell it, experience it?

Here are a few tips:

1) Make a Vision Board

I know, some people think it’s a woo-woo-pointless-law-of-attraction thing to do. Let them talk. I have a vision board and many things that are on it I’ve already accomplished. Coincidence? I don’t think so. But there is nothing mystical about it. Vision board is great to regularly remind you of what it is you want in your life and what you’re working towards, like a daily nudge. Over time these things will feel like part of your life and it will help you make some of your decision or put in a bit of extra work because it will be hard to let go of them once it was part of your life. Even if it had a marginal effect on your life or performance, so what? It’s an enjoyable exercise and a small price to pay for the potential benefit. Keep your dream alive!

2) Expose yourself to your dreams

If what you want is tangible then expose yourself to it regularly, like me viewing the flats. Is it a house? Keep checking the internet and see what’s on the market. Go and view some houses. (I go and view one £2.5M property every time I go on holidays). If you dream about a certain car, book a test drive. They are in most major cities. I’d love to have the Tesla Model S one day. I already went for the test drive! Maybe your dream is to visit Machu Pichu or other extraordinary destinations. Great, then watch some documentaries about it, study it, print some photos of it and stick them on your vision board. Keep your dream alive!

3) Connect with people who have it/done it/been there

One of the most exciting things you can do is to have a conversation with someone who already has it, done it, or been there. It does something wonderful to your mind – it reminds you that it’s possible. You’ll often realise that these people are just normal humans like you. They may share some useful tips and suggestions, too. Sometimes, solely being in their presence will charge you with a great amount of energy.
When I started my business I was following (on social media, not physically stalking) coaches and entrepreneurs who were already successful. Sometimes I messaged them or even invited them for lunch, and in some instances even became a friend with them. Following them or being in their presence, engaging in conversations about your dream will help you keep your dream alive.

Do all of these things if possible (and it is possible). Read books about your dream or vision, visualise what it would be like, talk about it, write about it, act on it!

Keep your dream alive so it doesn’t have to be just a dream.

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