How to Stop Being Lazy:

Hey, let’s be honest. Sometimes, we all have moments when we feel lazy, unmotivated, and when we just don’t feel like doing anything, especially the things we SHOULD do. 

But, I guess you’re here because you have these moments a bit to often or when they happen you don’t know how to snap yourself out of it.

That’s why I want to share with you these three tips on how to stop being lazy.

1) Stop debating it

Next time you feel lazy, pay attention to what’s going on in your head.
I bet you, there is a dialogue or even an argument going on where the good and conscientious part of you is arguing why you should get up and do something, and the lazy part of you has all the great answers why you totally should not move a finger.

As you know, this battle is really hard to win.

The trick is to not even start debating it. Just shush the lazy voice.
What really helps me is I imagine the good part of me has a remote control and is controlling me to do what needs to be done, to do the right thing.

2) Gain (some) momentum

Have you ever tried to push a car or some heavy cart?
Getting it into motion is the hardest bit. Once it’s rolling, it gets much easier.

It’s the same with the task you need to get done.
So my second tip is: start for 5-10 minutes, take the first step.
Put your trainers on if you want to go running.
Open powerpoint if you’re writing a presentation.
Just take the first step and do something.

You’ll be amazed that as soon as you get moving it will be easier to continue and little harder to stop.

3) Overcome the dark side

How much do you like that lazy part of you? Not much I suppose.
I’m sure it’s getting out into trouble, upset and angry with yourself.
How would you like to weaken that sucker to the point that it doesn’t have any power over you?

Ok, let’s do that.

This tip has a few steps.
First of all, see that lazy part of you as almost a little separate entity.

a) Take a moment and write a list of everything that is upsetting, annoying, irritating, disgusting, and infuriating you about you when you’re lazy. 

Write down all the trouble laziness has got you into.

b) Now, fantasize a bit about how awesome it would be if you were not lazy at all if you were ultra-disciplined and productive.

How would you feel about yourself?
How would you utilize all your time and productivity?
What could you achieve? What would you work on?
Who could you become?

Write it all down. It will feel amazing.

c) Every time you’re at the bring of the decision whether you’ll be lazy or productive, there is a battle of two forces, and the one that wins gets a little stronger. What you want to do is to see every moment when you’d normally give in to laziness as an opportunity to win over the annoying, lazy part of you, and make the productive side of you a little stronger.

It will feel super gratifying every time your productive self wins over the lazy one. More importantly, taking action will become a little easier next time.

So now, enough theory and let’s be productive!

Let me know in the comment what will be your first action ???

Just by sharing it here the likelihood of you getting it done will dramatically increase. 

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