It's not over until it's done

It’s Not Over Until It’s Done

This blog post is a short one but more valuable.

Years ago, I watched a motivational speech where the speaker kept hammering home one message:

It’s not over until it’s done!

It really resonated with me because it’s something I strongly believe in.

It’s so easy to relax when we believe the win is in the bag or quit when we think there’s no way of winning anymore.

But if you’re serious about your goals and you don’t want to have any regrets of not giving it your best, you’ve got to push till the end.

You have no idea what you’re capable of in the final days, hours, minutes or even seconds of the ‘race’.

A lot can be gained, and equally, a lot can be lost.

For example, sport history books are full of instances where athletes lost just because they relaxed a bit too early while their opponents won because they refused to quit. Just search youtube for “Celebrating too early” and you’ll see.

How Michael Phelps knew it wasn’t over yet

Have you heard how Michal Phelps won his 7th goal medal during the Beijing Olympics in 2008?

Well, let me tell you.

It was a 100m butterfly race.
For most of the race, he was in the 2nd and 3rd position.
In the final stretch, he was in the second position, a split of a second behind Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic.

As they approached the end of the pool, Cavic stretched after the final stroke to touch the end of the pool.
But Phelps pushed in another stroke and literally drove through the pool wall.

Watch it for yourself.
Michael Phelps is the one on the top. Look how much behind he is in the final split of a second.

You can watch the full video here:

Phelps won by the smallest margin possible: 0.01 second.
It was the final stroke that decided who got the gold medal.

How about you?
Do you still have some goals you could push for in the final hours of this year?

One of my goals for this year has been to write 52 articles.
In the last couple of days, still short of a few articles, I was so tempted to throw in the towel (really more like throw the towel under myself on the beach as I’m on holidays), but so close to the finish line, I just could not. I know I’d regret it because I know I can do it.

This post is the 51st, and my final goals update will be the 52nd!

Consider it done.

But to be honest with you, hitting the goal is not the most satisfying thing about it.

It’s the knowing that I won over the inner voice who wanted me to throw in the towel. Every time I do this, it gets a little weaker, and the disciplined part of me gets a little stronger.

That’s how you build unbreakable self-discipline.
That’s how I want to be.

It’s not over until it’s done!

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