From a youtuber to a serial ENTREPRENEUR  

Case study: Joel Morris

YouTuber, Influencer & Serial Entrepreneur

About me:

“My name is Joel Morris, otherwise known as JMX.

I’m a YouTuber with 2.5 million subscribers. I also have two businesses: One ad-tech platform, which was recently valued at over £5,000,000, and a management business with a turnover of £100,000 per month.”

The Challenge:

“When I started with Tomas, I was basically just a YouTuber, and the whole idea was I really did not want to be just a YouTuber. I wanted to transition more into business and become an entrepreneur.

I still wanted to keep my YouTube going, so I needed to develop a variety of skills and fine-tune the ones I had. I needed to become very efficient with my time, my methods and systems to be able to do all those things.”

Joel Life coaching case study


“What I wanted from coaching was having someone who would take me to the next level, who would keep me completely accountable and help me have intensive reflections on myself on a regular basis that wasn’t done by myself.

I was hoping coaching would just improve me all around, but especially help me be more productive and get things done that I haven’t been able to do before.

When I was making YouTube videos, trying to do other stuff and staying productive was pretty hard, especially towards the end of the day. I wanted Tomas to help me with that.

I also wanted coaching to help understand where I may be doing wrong and what I could improve and really grow as a person.”

JMX case study 2
JMX case study

The Journey:

“The journey through coaching has been a great one. I started working with Tomas when I was 19. I’m 22 now, and as a person, I’ve just grown incredibly in that time.

Literally, from the first session, it got me so hyped up, and it’s continued in that way. Since then, there’s just been a continuous improvement that has massively impacted my life, in a positive way. It allowed me to do the things that I wanted to do and much more, really.”

JMX case study 4
JMX case study 3

The Result:

“Coaching – and coaching with Tomas especially – has helped me massively over the last couple of years. I’ve implemented so many of the new methods and systems I learned. Many of the systems that I use today have been prompted or even directly recommended by Tomas himself.

Tomas has also helped me understand how important these good habits and good principles are in life and in business.

The biggest impact on my life has just been the fact I got to achieve all the things I wanted to achieve. I went from being just a YouTuber to having now two businesses that are doing insanely well. And now I don’t have to do YouTube videos if I don’t want to.

My life is pretty great right now. I’m super focused on improving myself and getting to where I want to go. Tomas has really helped me do that.”

“I’ve learned to understand people on a far higher level. I’ve developed skills I never thought I would develop. For example, I’m pretty organized. In comparison to two years ago, the difference is crazy. I was literally completely opposite.

My businesses are also far more organized.
I’ve learned how to lead, manage, and develop people correctly as well as how to lead my company. I’m further improving my leadership and management skills and understanding how to build great businesses.

In terms of my personal life and my business, I’ve been able to take everything up a level. Several levels actually.

Also, my productivity has improved massively. As you can imagine, I’m having to juggle quite a few things at once, but I get done everything I need to, and more. Coaching has massively helped me to do that.

I also just love pretty much every bit of it.
There are some things that are not as enjoyable to do, but you just got to do them. Coaching has definitely allowed me to find more passion and really enjoy what I’m doing even more and just enjoy that process.

Right now, I’m kind of on top of the world and excited for the future.”

JMX case study 6

The Experience:

“What I like most about working with Tomas are the deep dives into my life and having someone who understands it so well, as well as my business. Tomas has the ability to analyze it far better than I can because it’s hard to do it yourself. People are naturally quite bad at analyzing themselves or being self-aware of what they’re doing right or wrong and how good they are at certain things.

Having someone else to dedicate their time to really understand you and understand your business and then point out the little things that you may be doing wrong and/or can improve on a consistent basis.

This is something you couldn’t get from a friend or someone who isn’t as invested in it and doesn’t have the skills and information to be able to give you those insights and those solutions to the problems that you might have.

And then a bonus on top of it, I just absolutely love his energy. Every meeting is so upbeat and inspiring, and it just gets me revving to go once again.

It’s been absolutely great.”

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