PERSONAL Life Coaching

for those who don’t want to be just ok


Do you catch yourself thinking: What am I doing with my life?

Do you feel like you’re just coasting, settling for “OK” without real aim, passion or drive in life?

You may have dreams, ambition and even the edge, but do you know how to bring the best out of you?

Most of us know what needs to be done but procrastinate to take action because we doubt our abilities, intelligence, or potential. We get paralysed by fear of failure and how it would make us look.

Everyone feels fear at some point, but only those who learn how to overcome it succeed.

Whether it’s about achieving professional success, building meaningful relationships, or leading a happier, more purpose-driven life, know this: 
There is a way to get what you want.

Life coaching guides you in setting the right goals, connecting with your values and purpose, identifying and overcoming barriers, such as fear, uncertainty, or self doubt. With a support of a professional life coach you’ll be able to step out of your comfort zone and take action and stay committed when going gets tough.

So, are you ready to leave ‘just getting by’ behind and embark on a journey towards an extraordinary life?


Key benefits of life coaching 


Gain Clarity For Your Life

Get clear on what is important to you and what exactly would take you from OK to extraordinary. Understand your divers, values, goals and what has been holding you back from making your life what you want it to be. 


create strategic plan

Develop a strategic plan and razor-sharp focus. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Get to your goals as fast as possible without distractions or waste of your energy.


Maximise your progress

Maximise your progress with guidance, support, and firm but fair accountability. True achievers leave nothing to luck and understand the power of accountability. It’s time for you to join them.  

The first step is easy

Experience the power of coaching with a free discovery session

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What DOES A life coach DO?

If you’re looking for a life coach, you may be asking yourself many questions like:
– What is life coaching?
– Is life coaching for me?

– Will it help me and how does it work?

Finding the right life coach is important. The following information should answer all your questions and help you decide whether life coaching is what you need and whether I’d be the right life coach for you.

As a life coach, my role is to empower you to tap into your full potential and achieve the results you’re aiming for. Think of me as a blend of a supportive buddy and a reliable advisor. My approach in life coaching is to guide you to set clear goals and inspiring goals, ensure you stay committed to them, and support you on your journey on becoming the best version of yourself.

So, what exactly do I do as a life coach? I guide you in navigating various aspects of your life, whether they are related to your career, personal ambitions, or life changes. My method involves a thorough assessment of your current circumstances, identifying and overcoming any limiting beliefs or challenges you might be facing, and creating a tailored action plan to help you reach the success you’re aiming for.

My coaching style and approach is based on my academic background in psychology, combined with 19+ years of immersive study of personal development and refined through working closely with hundreds of clients. My approach down to earth, pragmatic and practical. I provide no-nonsense and no-woo-woo guidance. My coaching is tailored to help each person I work with reach their full potential.

I focus on helping my clients have deep clarity about their goals, fears, limiting beliefs, motivations, and desires. From there, we create a strategic plan to achieve these goals as effectively as possible, and follow through on this plan with my extensive support and accountability. I use a range of techniques, including psychometric assessments to help my clients understand their strengths as well as for me to understand how to useport them in the most effective way.


My coaching philosophy, “OK is NOT enough,” is rooted in the belief that while comfort zones are safe, they lead to stagnation, not fulfillment. This philosophy isn’t about overworking or perpetual dissatisfaction; it’s about aspiring to realize our full potential in every aspect of life—be it happiness, fulfillment, wealth, love, or adventure. My goal is to help people feel proud of who they are and live life with no regrets. I aim to guide them to become the best version of themselves and, in doing so, inspire others to embark on a similar journey.

In my coaching practice, you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you’ll experience a tailor-made journey that respects your individuality and focuses on achieving tangible results. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, business success, improved health, financial stability, or enriching personal relationships, my methods are designed to break negative patterns and foster a mindset conducive to success.

Why spend decades figuring things out through trial and error? With my life coaching, you’re not just learning strategies; you’re gaining access to tools and approaches that can catalyze significant changes in your life. You’ll discover that it’s not a lack of resources holding you back, but perhaps a need for greater resourcefulness. My coaching is about empowering you with the focus, insight, and accountability you need to achieve consistent and meaningful results.

Are you curious about what life coaching can do for you? I invite you to explore this transformative journey with me. In our sessions, we will:

Gain clear insight into your primary goals for the upcoming year.
Identify and reframe limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress.
Develop a concrete action plan tailored to your unique objectives.

You don’t have to settle for an ‘okay’ life. With the right coaching, you can reach your peak performance and start achieving lasting results today. Are you ready to take the first step?

Book a free discovery session


Book a free discovery session with me, and let’s discuss your goals, your challenges, and how we could make great improvements to your life.

If we’re a great match, we can take it from there.

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What is a Discovery Session?

The Complimentary Discovery session is designed for us to discuss your situation, your goals and challenges, and what kind of support you’re looking for.

It also allows us to get to know each other and see if we’d be a good match for life coaching.

This Discovery Session typically lasts 60-90 minutes. But I always allow enough time for us to discuss everything that needs to be discussed.

Very often, this conversation alone provides such valuable insight that many leave with a greater level of clarity and a much brighter picture of their future.

If we both feel excited about potentially working together and the results we’d work towards, we can discuss the best way forward and start making some magic.

If we decide to work together, we will have regular coaching sessions where I help you have more clarity about the topic at hand, where we create a strategic plan for your next actions, and I’ll hold you accountable to stay on track. No woo-woo, no BS.

From day one, we’re in a very unique professional relationship of total trust and focus on your progress.

From day one, you’ll experience what it’s like to be supported by a seasoned life coach in London, UK.


“Through coaching, I transformed into a confident professional, recognized for my expertise within the team, effectively managing challenges, and enjoying a more fulfilled personal life.”

Marlene Spensley

“In just five weeks I wrote nearly 70,000 words for my book, embarked on new TV project, and experienced a profound shift in ambition and confidence, while also achieving a healthier work-life balance and reducing daily stress.”

Joel Golby

“Coaching led to significant personal and professional growth, overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence and a strong foundation for my business.”

Paul Thompson

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