From a hobby to a
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Case study: Martin Semerad
Body-language coach and expert

About me:

My name is Martin Semerad. I’m a Body Language Coach. Nonverbal communication has been my great passion of mine for the last eight years. I always knew there is more behind spoken communication, and then I discovered the nonverbal part of communication, and it has been fascinating me ever since. Now, I want to share this knowledge and passion with others.



The Challenge:

My biggest challenge was to start. As I mentioned, I was interested in this for a very long time, but I needed someone to push over the edge and show me how to take my passion a few steps further.

When I first met Tomas, honestly, I didn’t expect to get a coach and clear vision for the future, but that’s exactly what happened.
I didn’t have the courage and know-how to start. I didn’t know what the first steps to starting a business would be. But, from only having a passion, I end up having a passion with a plan. And that was the beginning.

Martin S case study

The Goal:

I wanted to turn my passion into something bigger. I didn’t want it to be just a hobby.

For that I needed support, guidance, structure, know-how and a bit of reassurance that the things I do are worthwhile and interesting.

The Journey:

Coaching helped me to systematically work on and pursue my goals.

Before coaching, I didn’t have any specific goals, so I just randomly studied body language, observed people, and occasionally taught someone a bit about body language.

During coaching, we set specific goals and my progress became more organised, systematic, and, most importantly, effective.

The great thing about coaching is that, not only you’re working on yourself and making progress, but whenever you trip up, there is a person ready to support you, help you get up and reminding you you can and must carry on.

As I was just at the beginning of this journey, I needed a lot of guidance and experienced perspective, and that was exactly what Tomas provided, which helped me a lot.

I would sum up this point simply as: Coaching helped me to find the road to my dream destination.

Martin s case study

The Result:

Now I know how to set goals, what it takes to get there and how to effectively and methodically pursue them.

Like everybody, I still need adjustments on my journey, and I need to be advised by people more experienced than myself, but I reached a certain point where I really enjoy the journey, and I enjoy the vision of being a worldwide respected body language expert who is doing what he loves.

Since I’ve worked with Tomas,
– I have established myself as a Body Language coach.
– I have several online courses teaching people all around the world the art of body language.
– I have one of the biggest pages related to body language topic on Instagram, and…
– I’m building my reputation by doing workshops for managers and sales people.
– I am planning to expand to other areas too.

I have dreamed about being in this place for such a long time, and now it’s coming true, which makes me very excited.

After years spent in believing life is only about finishing school and work all your life for somebody else waiting for holidays to take a break from it, now doing something I love and get paid for it still blows my mind. It took me so long to start to believe in it, but it’s happening now!

The Experience:

I loved the atmosphere Tomas always created during coaching.

Some of the topics we discussed, especially at the beginning, were deep and personal, so it was great to feel I had someone professional to help me work through it.

Tomas has always been very personable, never a “Guru”. He shared his personal experiences and fu*k ups to show it’s just part of the journey.
But he was also tough when I needed to be pushed and motivated.

Tomas is the perfect coach and person that has exactly what it takes!

To check out Martin’s Trainings click here. 

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