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✅ I will easily complete Dent – Key Person of Influence program (completed in March)

✅ I will easily complete Dent – Influence & Assets workshop in March

✅ I will easily complete Dent – LinkedIn Influence Workshop in April

❌I will easily create a follow up for my Lifestyle Scorecard Assessment by December 31st

✅ I will easily hire a Virtual Assistant by December 31st
I’ve hired not one, but two. A virtual assistant and a great web developer.

✅ I will easily complete GetResponse 10K Mailing List Challenge (164 videos) by December 31st
January: 7
February: 19
March: 37
April: 57
May: 83
June: 98
July: 132
August: 164 All done

❌I will easily grow my mailing list to 3000 by December 31st
January: 881
February: 979
March: 1043
April: 1118
May: 1086
June: 1090
July: 1100
August: 1116
September: 1135
October: 1175
November: 1200
December: 1225 (Building mailing lists has become significantly slower after GDPR changes).

❌ I will easily publish 24 articles by December 31st
January: 1
February: 3
March: 4
April: 6
May: 8
June: 8
July: 9
August: 11
September: 12
October: 13
November: 17
December: 22


⚠️ I will easily write and publish my book by July 1st
March: 15,031
April: 23,268
May: 31,409
June: 31,409
July: 31,929
August: 31,929
September: 31,929 words written
October: Re-planning the new version.
November: On hold.
ℹ️ My book has taken a slightly new direction and there will be a good deal of rewriting, however, I’m super excited about it.

❌ I will easily grow my website traffic to 3000 visitors per month by December the 31st
January: 2095
February: 1685
March: 1131
April: 1371
May: 1589
June: 1470
July: 1919
August: 2082
September: 1506
October: 1919
November: 2326
December: 2890

❌ I will easily reach 20,000 connections on my LinkedIn by December the 31st
January: 10,169
March: 11,267
April: 12,225
May: 12,373
June: 12,597
July: 13,256
August: 13,722
September: 14,464
October: 15,379
November: 16,047
December: 16,232

✅ I will easily reach 6000 followers on my Instagram by December the 31st
January: 1,807
February: 1,989
March: 1,972
April: 1,962
May: 2,120
June: 2,604
July: 3,198
August: 5,825
September: 8,407
October: 11,098
November: 13,178
ℹ️ I’ve started putting a lot of effort into my Instagram, posting inspirational quotes and short video tips (follow me HERE) and I’m committed to breaking the 10,000 followers barrier this year!

✅ I will easily be featured on at least 3 podcasts or interviews by December 31st
January: 0
February: 2
March: 5
April: 6
May: 8
June: 8
July: 8
August: 8
September: 9 in total
October: No change 
November: No change
December: No change – 9 in total
ℹ️ I was featured in Healthy magazine in September which was very exciting.


✅ I will easily run 500 coaching sessions (including the initial consultations) December 31st
January: 52
February: 99
March: 146
April: 196
May: 249
June: 294
July: 353
August: 399
September: 442
October: 488
November: 533
December: 555 in total

✅ I will easily run 150 initial consultations December 31st
January: 26
February: 43
March: 58
April: 73
May: 81
June: 94
July: 103
August: 115
September: 130
October: 141
November: 149
December: 154 in total

✅ I will easily enrol at least 40 new inspiring clients by December 31st
January: 5
February: 10
March: 12
April: 17
May: 19
June: 22
July: 24
August: 27
September: 30
October: 36
November: 39
December: 41in total

⚠️ I will easily create and launch more accessible group coaching program before December 31s
ℹ️ NEWS: I’m working hard on creating a group coaching program that will help people develop UNSHAKABLE SELF-DISCIPLINE. In there I’ll share all the tools, methods, and systems that helped me to grow my self-discipline from ‘struggling to stick to anything’ to being super productive and accomplishing a long list of goals.


✅ I will easily connect with each member of my family at least once a month
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅

✅ I will easily have a date night with my girlfriend at least twice a month
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅

✅ I will easily connect with at least one old friend each month
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅


✅ I will easily work out at least 3x per week
ℹ️ I’ve decided to share more details about my workouts and fitness; time spent working out (time), and calories burned. Both figures are for each month specifically.
January: ✅ (time 2:01h, Calories burned: 913)
February: ✅ (time 5:26h, Calories burned: 3,009)
March: ✅ (workouts: 16, time 13:21h, Calories burned: 8,220)
April: ✅ (workouts: 42, time: 16:41h, Calories burned: 9,282)
May: ✅ (workouts: 36, time: 20:57h, Calories burned: 12,418)
June: ✅ (workouts: 22, time: 19:18h, Calories burned: 10,753)
July: ✅ (workouts: 22, time: 16:13h, Calories burned: 8,187)
August: ✅ (workouts: 12,time: 6:41h, Calories burned: 5,132)
September: ✅ (workouts: 25, time: 16:46h, Calories burned: 10,006)
October: ✅ (workouts: 36, time: 21:21h, Calories burned: 12,151)
November: ✅ (workouts: 36, time: 24:18h, Calories burned: 16,494)
December: ✅ (workouts: 41, time: 29:28h, Calories burned: 19,073)

✅ I will easily dedicate at least 1 hour every Sunday for myself
(Wouldn’t miss this for the world)
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅

❌ I will easily complete at least 25 1-day-fasts or “Green Days” (eating only raw fruit or vegetable) before December 31st
January: 0
February: 2
March: 3
April: 5
May: 6
June: 7
July: 8
August: 12
September: 13
October: 14
November: 18
December: 22 in total
ℹ️ I’m eating overall much healthier as part of working with Serena and Eugene from Whole Shift Wellness.

✅ I will easily sign up for martial art classes by December 31st
Completed in February. I now work with a kickboxing trainer 1-on-1. Love it.

❌ I will easily reach the weight of 80kg by December 31st
January: 85.5kg
February: 84.5kg
March: 84.3kg
April: 86.2kg
May: 86.3kg
June: 85.8kg
July: 85.2kg
August: 84.5kg
September: 84.6kg
October: 84.6kg
November: 85.2kg
December: 85.3kg
ℹ️ As I started to do a lot of strength workouts (bodyweight mostly) and while I’m losing body fat, consequently I’m also putting on muscle mass which is heavier.

❌ I will easily run 5km under 20 minutes by December 31st
January: 22:38
February: 22:12
March: 21:42
April: 21:20
May: 20:41
June: 21:32
July: 20:49
August: 20:18
September: 20:22
October: 20:13
November: 20:05
December: 20:12

❌ I will be able to complete 20 pull-ups by December 31st
January: 7
February: 10
March: 12
April: 13
May: 16
June: 17
July: 16
August: 16
September: 15
October: 14
November: 18
December: 18

❌ I will easily complete 100 push-ups by December 31st
January: 40
February: 45
March: 51
April: 55
May: 61
June: 65
July: 67
August: 58
September: 62
October: 54
November: 52 (not sure why the number is dropping)
December: 67


✅ I will easily complete at least 300 meditation sessions by December 31st
January: 15
February: 30
March: 59
April: 74
May: 98
June: 119
July: 138
August: 167
September: 195
October: 224
November: 258
December: 300

✅ I will easily read 20 books by December 31st
Below is a list of books I want to read, I’m reading, or I’ve already completed reading and the ones with the ✅ are recently finished.

  1. ✅ Tribes (link)
  2. ✅ Sapiens (link)
  3. ✅ This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor – The Sunday Times Bestseller (link)
  4. ✅ Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team (link)
  5. ✅ Alien: Sea of Sorrow (link)
  6. ✅ How To Be F*cking Awesome (link)
  7. ✅ The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months (link)
  8. ✅ Ask Gary Vee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness (link)
  9. ✅ Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too (link)
  10. ✅ What Does This Button Do?: The No.1 Sunday Times Bestselling Autobiography (link)
  11. ✅ Get Your Sh*t Together: The New York Times Bestseller (A No F*cks Given Guide) (link)
  12. ✅ The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win (link) 
  13. ✅ Karlology by Pilkington (link)
  14. ✅ How Not To Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease (link)
  15. ✅ Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind And Create A New One (link)
  16. ✅ The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are (link)
  17. ✅ Self-Discipline – Jeniffer Alison
  18. ✅ Finding Ultra (link)
  19. ✅ Happyslepped By a Jellyfish (link)
  20. ✅ Welcome to the Universe (link)
  21. ✅ Loyalty to Your Soul (link)
  22. ✅ I know What to do, So Why Don’t I do it? (link)
  23. ✅ When: The Scientific Secret of Perfect Timing (link)

✅ I will easily practice daily gratitude ritual

✅ I will easily practice visualisation every day


✅ I will easily reward myself with a Montblanc pen (condition: make £10K+ month)
UPDATED: So I decided to take it up a notch and transfer to digital note taking, so I got iPad Pro and Apple Pen instead. Loving it and saving trees.
Completed for January

✅ I will easily reward myself with Ibanez electric guitar (condition: make £10K+ month)
Completed for February

✅ I will easily reward myself with Omega Planet Ocean watch (condition: make £100K in 12 consecutive months)
ℹ️ Although I reached the goal in March 2018, at the moment I’m much happier to put the money back into my business.





  1. Joe

    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks again for posting your results. With so many people watching it must make it realy difficult to no give it your all.

    Just wondering what you are doing to improve your 5k time. Are you just running 5k’s or are you doing sprints, box jumps, deadlifts, squats as well to increase power and speed?
    I’m in a 5k race in July with my colleagues and want to maximise my improvements between now and then so if you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

    Likw you I am also working on my upper body as well. We are two people who won’t settle and want everything!

    For weight, I try and measure my body fat instead – there is a machine at the gym and even if not perfect at least it shows the trend. If you weigh the same but more muscle, less fat etc..


    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Joe, thanks a lot for the comment. Yes, making your goals public creates massive accountability.

      Regarding the 5k runs, what I find to increase my fast pace endurance is interval training. I generally do warm up, and then intervals of 30 seconds or 1 minutes fast and then slow. Over time you can increase the speed or shorten the slow segments. I also do just slow recovery runs (12km/h) or longer runs of comfortable pace. I need to slow down my running a bit as I’m getting shin splints (probably overdoing it a bit).

      Hope that helps. Any questions, just ask.

      Well done on pushing your own goals and keep me updated.

  2. joes4u

    Thanks for the swift response! Intervals/Sprints – I will do the same and add some slower runs.

  3. Rachel Hawadi

    Hi Thomas Looking at this is really inspiring, you are leading by example as always–Rachel

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Rachel, thanks so much. I’m glad it inspires you. 🙂

  4. furtdsolinopv

    Would love to incessantly get updated outstanding web site! .

  5. Violet

    Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to your updates every month

  6. Daniel Priestley

    This is really great. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thanks a lot Dan, appreciate you following my progress.

  7. Tangki Panel

    Hello Tomas,

    Nice info about your goal.
    I want to know how many percent you can reach your goal in 2018?


    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi, thanks for the comment.
      I haven’t worked out the % of how many goals I managed to reach in 2018. But I’d say the majority.


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