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My 2019 GoaLs List

Hi, thanks for visiting my 2019 goals page.

Every year I set a list of goals I want to accomplish. I share my list publicly here and update my progress every month.

Why? For a number of reasons.

  1. As a life coach, I want to show that I walk my talk, but also that I’m not perfect. No one is. Pursuing ambitious goals rarely goes smoothly but that’s part of the game. 
  2. I want to inspire you to be more courageous with your goals and intentional with your time.
  3. I want to give you an idea and guidance of how you can set your own goals.

Feel free to leave a comment or question at the end.

Watch my video where I walk​ you through my 2019 goals and share what progress I’ve made so far along with additional information and insights. 

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Total number of goals: 52


Goals completed


goals not completed


Goals postponed

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Business life coach

?I will easily create a follow-up sequence to my scorecard by March 31st

Why: It will help people benefit from the results even more as well as understand how to approach their personal development. 
Status: Completed ✅

?I will easily hire an SEO expert by January 31st

Why: Hiring experts who can do a better job than me will save me a lot of time and money in the long run.   
January: Completed ✅

?I will easily hire a developer by January 31st

January: Completed ✅

I will easily grow my mailing list to 3000 by December 31st

Why: Having a healthy mailing list is essential for most businesses. It’s a great way to say in touch with my followers, share my knowledge with them and keep them updated about my latest blogs and exciting news.
January: 1242
February: 1369
March: 1381
April: 1423
May: 1500
June: 1529
July: 1593
August: 1673
September: 1809
October: 1856
November: 2040
December: 2155

?I will easily reach monthly website traffic of 4000 visitors by December 31st

Why: My website is an important marketing and brand tool so a higher number of the right visitors will allow me to reach more people.
January: 2040
February: 1956
March: 2184
April: 2126
May: 2718
June: 3282
July: 4111 ✅
August: 4097 ✅
September: 3846
October: 4020 ✅
November: 3784
December: 3468

?I will easily complete a copywriting course by December 31st

Why: Improving my writing skills will help me communicate more effectively with my readers, be more engaging, captivating, and communicate more clearly. 
May: Completed ✅

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Life coaching

 ?I will easily have150 initial consultations by December 31st

Why: It will allow me to create the right amount of clients. 
January: 18
February: 31
March: 43
April: 52
May: 67
June: 89
July: 104
August: 118
September: 137
October: 148
November: 161✅(total)

I will easily work with 40 new inspiring clients by December 31st

Why: I can only work with a limited number of people at a time. I feel thrilled with the idea of making a massive positive difference to the lives of 40 people. 
January: 2
February: 7
March: 9
April: 11
May: 16
June: 20
July: 24
August: 27
September: 31
October: 33
November: 36
December: 40 ✅ (total)

I will easily run 500 coaching sessions by December 31st

Why: From experience, I know that a healthy volume is 500 sessions a year. 
January: 43
February: 81
March: 119
April: 144
May: 177
June: 214
July: 263
August: 302
September: 345
October: 385
November: 433
December: 465 (total)

?I will easily run at least one live case study by December 31st

Why: The details of this will be revealed later. However, it will involve one of my new clients regularly sharing their progress on a dedicated page to inspire others. 
Status: Started on August 2nd ✅

? I will easily reflect on my coaching session 200 times by December 31st

Why: Reflecting is one of the best ways to improve. I want to be a better, more effective and skilled coach. Regular reflecting on my coaching sessions and finding ways to improve will accelerate my growth. 
January: 10
February: 28
March: 43
April: 70
May: 102
June: 126
July: 149
August: 167
September: 188
October: 208 (total) ✅

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Profile life coach

I will easily reach 30,000 followers on Instagram by December 31st

Why: I want to continue growing my audience and reach on Instagram as it’s a great way to build my profile, share value and inspire others. 
January: 15,871
February: 16,752
March: 17,699
April: 18,919
May: 20,158
June: 20,528
July: 20,398
August: 20,299
September: 20,376
October: 20,189
November: 20,087
December: 20,013

?I will easily reach 20,000 followers on LinkedIn by December 31st

Why: I want to continue growing my audience and reach on LinkedIn as it’s a great way to build my profile, share value and inspire others.
January: 16,318
February: 16,619
March: 16,752
April: 17,500
May: 17,854
June: 18,633
July: 20,160 ✅
August: 20,273 ✅
September: 20,327 ✅
November: 20,410 ✅
December: 20,453 ✅

I will easily reach 1000 Youtube followers by December 31st

Why: Youtube is a great platform to have a presence on as it’s the second most used search engine after Google. Since I’m completely new to Youtube I’ve set a moderate goal as there is a lot to learn, but it would be a great start and experience. 
January: 15 ? (Everyone has to start somewhere)
February: 65
March: 132
April: 148
May: 151
June: 169
July: 192
August: 214
September: 265
October: 420
November: 563
December: 681

? I will easily be featured in 5 podcasts by December 31st

Why: I love being interviewed and appear on podcasts. It’s a great way to share my knowledge and experience. I love it. I always feel like being on the radio. 
Status: 5 ✅
Daily New Year
House of Elevation 
Grow Podcast with Oliver Anwar
Only the Brave Have Fun
Who’s going to stop me with Michael Valmont

I will easily be featured in a magazine by December 31st

Why: For a business like mine, being featured in a reputable magazine is a great way to increase visibility and credibility.
December: Featured in Inspire2 ✅

I will easily write my Book by July 31st

Why: Writing a book is a challenging process but extremely rewarding and insightful. It will allow me to get the knowledge of mastering your life I’ve gained over the last 10 years out of my head into an accessible form and share it with the world. I’ve laid a good foundation last year so it should not be as hard. 
Status: In progress

I will easily publish my book by September 30th

Why: I want to be a published author and see my own book on a shelf in a bookstore. It’s a great way to share my knowledge with others as well as a milestone in my personal accomplishments.
Status: No progress

I will easily SPEAK on stage at least 6 times by December 31st

Why: Speaking on stage is a thrilling experience. I used to dream about being able to do it. Now when I have the skills and confidence I want to do it on a regular basis. 
January: 2
February: 0
March: 0
April: 1
May: 1
June: 0
July: 0
August: 1
September: 0
December: 1✅ (total so far 6)

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Value life coach

I will easily record 52 Vlogs by December 31st

Why: Not only it’s a great way to share my knowledge with the world but it will also be a great challenge and growing experience. So far I have published only a handful of videos so going from a few to 52 will be a true dare!
January: 3
February: 7
March: 11
April: 14
May: 15
June: 20
July: 24
August: 28
September: 31
October: 36
November: 41
December: 52 (total)

I will easily publish 52 articles by December 31st

Why: I got into a good rhythm of writing articles which I got great feedback on and it generated a lot of traffic to my website so I want to maintain that. It’s very fulfilling to know that others are applying and benefiting from what I share. 
January: 3
February: 7
March: 11
April: 14
May: 15
June: 20
July: 24
August: 28
September: 32
October: 37
November: 42
December: 52 (total including my goals updates)

I will easily launch my ‘Unshakable Self Discipline’ Program by December 31st

Why: Self-discipline is the foundation of any accomplishment. Over the 5 years, I’ve been coaching it’s apparent that this is what most people struggle with. I want to create a more accessible group coaching program which will be focused on helping people develop unshakable self-discipline so more people can achieve their goals. 
Status: ✅ It’s live and ready for you to register your interest HERE

I will easily launch my ‘Stop Caring What People Think Of You’ Program by December 31st

Why: The second most common reason why people don’t follow their calling or are not true to their values is because of the fear of what others will think if they did. While totally unreasonable in most cases, it’s still paralysing to most people. Through my program, I want to help people be more emotionally strong and confident in themselves. 
Status: Postponed

?I will easily raise £5000 for Children with Cancer Charity by May 31st

Why: I believe that becoming an adult and pursue your passion and calling, explore the world, build an exciting and fulfilling life is one of the greatest adventures we can embark on. So it’s a tragedy when someone is struck by such a terrible illness and doesn’t even get the chance to become an adult and do so. I’m fundraising for Children with Cancer as part of running the London Virgin Marathon in April 2019. The money raised will be used for research and to buy new equipment. If my contribution gives someone hope and helps recover faster then it was all worthwhile. 

January: £170
February: £270
March: £880
April: £1,896.20
May: Final figure: £2,176.50 (including Gift Aid)

children with cancer


My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Health and fintess life coach

? I will easily complete 23&Me  DNA genetic testing and analysis by December 31st

Why: 23andME test provides incredible insight into my health, traits and ancestry which I want to learn. 
January: My DNA is being analysed now.
Status: Completed ✅

?I will easily Complete a food intolerance test by December 31st

Why: I want to know my body is intolerant to certain foods or food groups. Eliminating these from my diet will further improve my health and fitness. 
Status: Completed ✅

?I will easily complete 24 fasts or green days (only raw fruit or vegetable) by December 31st

Why: Fasting is a great way to cleanse your body and lose weight. I had a great experience with it 2018. 
January: 1
February: 3
March: 5
April: 6
May: 7
June: 10
July: 15
August: 21
September: 28 (total) ✅

? I will easily be at 16% body fat by December 31st

Why: Rather than aiming at a certain weight, this year I want to focus on body fat %. Being leaner is healthier, I believe I’ll feel and look better, and I’ll be a more efficient and faster runner. 
January: 24.3%
February: 23.6%
March: 23.7%
April: 23.2%
May: 22.8%
June: 22.6%
July: 22.4%
August: 22.0%
September: 22.1%
October: 13.1% ✅ (Got it measure properly this time)

?I will easily work out 200 times by December 31st

Why: Regular exercising will not only help me stay fit and healthy but as I have a goal to build a better physique, it will be necessary.  
January: 34 Workouts: Total time: 25h 42m, Total Calories: 23,266
February: 28 Workouts: Total time: 28h 19m, Total Calories: 27,375
March: 34 Workouts: Total time: 32h 49m, Total Calories: 32,680
April: 37 Workouts: Total time 35h 35m, Total Calories: 29,641
May: 32 Workouts: Total time 19h 48m, Total Calories: 8,390
June: 30 Workouts: Total time 22h 23m, Total Calories: 12,836
July: 27 Workouts: Total time 22h 35m, Total Calories: 10,378
August: 25 Workouts: Total time 17h 44m, Total Calories: 9,681
September: 24 Workouts: Total time 18h 41m, Total Calories: 9,154
October: 39 Workouts: Total time 23h 35m, Total Calories: 14,399
November: 27 Workouts: Total time 17h 27m, Total Calories: 10,818
Total workouts: 337 ✅

?I will easily complete a Marathon training program by April 28th

Why: Running a marathon requires several months of preparation and lot of running and working out. My program consists of 76 runs of various durations and intensity. 
January: 16 runs completed
February: 35 runs completed
March: 58 runs completed
April: 75 runs completed
Training Completed ✅

?I will easily complete virgin money London Marathon in sub 4 hours by April 28th

Why: Completing one of the biggest races in the world will be an experience I’ll remember for a long time. Completing a 42 km marathon will be a great physical accomplishment. If I complete it under 4 hours is be in the top 40% of all runners. 
Marathon completed: ✅
Marathon time: 4:02:04 (I gave it my all)

?I will easily run 200 km in one month by December 31st

Why: I want to see how far I can push my endurance running. 
Completed in January: 200,1km ✅

?I will easily run 1000 km by December 31st

Why: I want to see how far I can push my endurance running. 
January: 200 km
February: 451 km
March: 751 km
April: 991 km
May: 1026 km ✅

?I will easily run 2.5km under 10 minutes by December 31st

Why: Plain and simple. One of my clients who is very fit (indirectly) challenged me to do so.
September: 9:20 ✅

?I will easily run 5km under 20 minutes by December 31st

Why: Running 5 km under 20 minutes would put me in the top 5% of non-professional runners. That would be a great accomplishment.  
May:  best time 20:39
June: 19:53 ✅

I will easily run 10km under 42 minutes by December 31st

Why: It would be a very satisfying physical accomplishment. I’ll need to get in great shape to be able to do so. 
July: Best time – 43:13
August: No improvement
September: 42:57
November: 42:37
December: 42:19

I will easily do 100 pushups in one go by December 31st

Why: It’s a physical challenge I’d like to accomplish. 
January: 48
February: 52
March: 50
April: 48
May: 43 (Being on holidays and not being able to. work out as much makes a difference)
June: 60
July: 67
August: 70
September: 71
October: 63
November: 68
December: 72

?I will easily do 20 pull-ups in one go by December 31st

Why: It’s a physical challenge I’d like to accomplish. 
January: 12
February: 13
March: 13
April: 14
May: 13 (Being on holidays and not being able to. work out as much makes a difference)
June: 15
July: 15
August: 20 ✅ (really surprised by this)

I will easily be able to plank for 10-minutes by December 31st

Why: It’s a physical challenge I’d like to accomplish. It will help me strengthen my core.  
January: 2:10
February: 2:44
March: 2:58
April: 3:11
May: 2:53
June: 2:28 ?
July: 3:11
August: no progress
September: 2:53 (haven’t been very focused on this one)
October 2:38 (haven’t been very focused on this one)
November: 3:38
December: 3:21

I will easily Continue with martial arts training by December 31st

Why: I love my 1-on-1 kickboxing trainings. It’s a great way to let out steam and challenge yourself physically and mentally.
January: ✅
February: Having fewer sessions as I have to prioritise running now
March: No sessions as I have to prioritise running now
April: No sessions as I have to prioritise running now
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: Had to take a break because of a wrist injury
August: Had to take a break because of a wrist injury
September: Had to take a break because of a wrist injury
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅


I will easily Take on swimming classes by December 31st

Why: While I can swim well, I want to become a more proficient swimmer.  
December: ✅

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Personal development

?I will easily join Toastmasters (public speaking club) by September 30th

Why: To further develop my speaking skills and become more advanced, confident, and impactful speaker.  
Status: Completed ✅

I will easily complete 365 meditations by December 31st

Why: Meditation is like a mental spa for me. Even just 10 minutes a day recharges and re-energises my mind and often new and interesting ideas come to me during meditation.  
January: 28
February: 49
March: 81
April: 121
May: 148
June: 165
July: 191
August: 201
September: 233
October: 268
November: 318 (total)
December: 365 ✅


Why: Muse headband will help me deepen my understanding and effectiveness of my meditation practise as well as how my mind operates and what it responds to. 
Status: ✅ Absolutely love it!

I will easily finish 24 books by December 31st

Why: Reading books has made an irreplaceable impact on my life, thinking, and success. With every book, I read my mind becomes more open and I become richer with knowledge. 

  1. ✅Completed: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (link)
  2. ✅Completed: Don’t Stop Me Now: 26.2 Tales of a Runner’s Obsession (link)
  3. ✅Completed: Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones (link)
  4. ✅Completed: Quirkology: The Curious Science of Everyday Lives (link)
  5. ✅Completed: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable (link)
  6. ✅Completed: The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted(link) 
  7. ✅Completed: Bill Bryson’s Appliance of Science (link)
  8. ✅Completed: Buddhism for Busy People
  9. ✅Completed: Mindfulness
  10. ✅Completed: PANZRAM: A Journal of Murder (link)
  11. ✅Completed: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World (link)
  12. Completed: It’s All in Your Head (link)
  13. Completed: The Passion Paradox (link)
  14. ✅Completed: The 48 Laws of Power (link)
  15. ✅Completed: The Art of Coaching (link)
  16. ✅Completed:: Algorithms to Live By (link)
  17. ✅Completed:: To Sell Is Human (link)
  18. ✅Completed:: Permission Marketing (link)
  19. ✅Completed:: Priceless (link)
  20. ✅Completed:: To Sell is Human (link)
  21. ✅Completed:: Stories for Work (link)
  22. ✅Completed:: Communicate to Influence (link)
  23. ✅Completed: Eat and Run (link)
  24. ✅Completed: A Monk’s Guide to Happiness (link)

?I will easily Read at least 2 books on mindfulness by December 31st

Why: The more mindful I am the more content I feel. I want to deepen my understanding and practice of mindfulness. 

  1. ✅Completed: Buddhism for Busy People
  2. ✅Completed: Mindfulness

I will easily eliminate 6 bad habits Or establish 6 new positive habits by December 31st

Why: I want to eliminate several useless habits I have as they are not adding value to my life and replace them with new habits that will have a positive impact on my wellbeing, productivity, and life in general.
January: Replaced coffee with green tea ✅
February: No new habit
March: No new habit
April: Meditate daily with my Muse device ✅
May: No new habit (I was travelling half of the month. It’s hard to stick to a regular routine let alone establish a new habit)
June: Strength Training minimum 3x per week ✅
July: No new habits
August: Regular fasting ✅ (really starting to like fasting)
September: No new habit
October: No new habit
November: Getting up at 6am ✅
November: 6-7am Personal Development Hour ✅

?I will easily make 100 journal entries and reflections by December 31st

Why: Journaling is an invaluable way to gain clarity through reflection, contemplation, and planning. 
January total: 13
February: 21
March: 48
April: 63
May: 78
June: 87
July: 108 (total) ✅
Check out my video about journaling: How to journal for personal development.

I will easily spend at least 1 hour every Sunday planning and reflecting by December 31st

Why: Regular reflecting and planning is an absolute necessity for effective progress. Moreover, it’s something I really enjoy. 
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅

?I will easily Watch 50 TED talks by December 31st
Why: I want to be continually expanding my mind with new ideas and findings from various fields.
January total: 11
February: 18
March: 26
April: 29
May: 39
June: 52 (total) ✅

My 2019 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka Relationships life coach

I will easily be in contact with my family every month

Why: I want to maintain a great relationship with my family as we all live at different places. 
January : ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅

I will easily have a date night with my girlfriend at least twice a month

Why: I want our relationship to keep its spark and excitement. 
January : ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅
August: ✅
September: ✅
October: ✅
November: ✅
December: ✅







  1. Mel

    Amazing video update! You’re so inspirational. Enjoyed listening to this and has motivated me to write my goals more specifically. I love journaling but need to get better with planning on more long term goals.

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thanks Mel and also for listening to my video. These update videos are LONG!!!
      Absolutely, be specific with your goals. If you leave any room for negotiation (with yourself) your lazy self will find it and will try to make the most out of it.
      Glad it inspires you.

  2. Karl Gjertsen

    This is a really great idea. Not only can you share your goals with everyone, but you can see your progress.
    I might need to use this idea myself.

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thanks for your comment Karl. Yes, people seem to like it and it helps me GSD 🙂

  3. Doreen Ritchie

    Hey Tomas, you’re a brave man 🙂

    Good luck with remaining goals.


    • Tomas Svitorka

      Ha, I’m just being authentic.
      Thanks for the comment Doreen.

  4. Violet

    Can’t believe I still wait for your updates every single month since last year!!! I am truly inspired.

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thanks a lot Violet. I’m glad it inspires you. They sure will keep coming.

  5. Reese

    Hey Tomas,
    Thanks For Sharing your Thought about Life Coaching and it’s really informative and I’m really grateful to commenting on it. And i also have a website like yours and i tried to figure out some of my ideas about life coach. I will be thankful if you feel free to visit my website.

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Reese, I’ll have a look. Thanks.


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