MY 2020 GOALS


welcome to My 2020 Goals page. 

Every year I set for myself a long list of goals I want to accomplish. I’ve been doing this for over 12 years now.

Every year the list gets more (ridiculously) ambitious but so are the results.

I don’t want to work towards boring goals or even OK goals.¬†

I set goals that excite me and get me out of bed in the morning. I set goals that force me to be better and will have a great impact on my personal and professional life.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been sharing my goals publicly along with my monthly updates to give you an insight into my journey.¬†

Bold? Maybe.

My 2020 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka My story photo 1 2 copy 21 1

THESE are my five reasons

  1. For those who are thinking of working with me, I want to show that I walk my talk.

  2. I want others to see me fail. Wait what? That’s right. Failure is essential part of progress. Pursuing ambitious goals never goals smooth. That’s part of the game. I hope that when others see me facing my challenges they will drop the idea of perfectionism and get on with their goals and dreams.

  3. I want to inspire you to be more courageous with your own goal, be more driven, committed and disciplined.

  4. I want to show you how I GSD, how I set goals and how I work towards them so you can apply it for your own growth.

  5. Lastly, when I share my goals with you all it creates the pressure and accountability I need (and want) to push myself. (Trust me, I don’t always feel like it either. But so what?)

Total number of goals: 58


Goals completed


goals not completed


Goals postponed

My Business goals

green-check-icon-png-5I will easily run THE Unbreakable Self-Discipline Bootcamp‚ĄĘ by December 31st

Why: I’m really excited about this goal. The lack of Self-discipline is one of the most common reasons why people don’t get the results they want in life. I want to share with people all the methods and tools necessary to master self-discipline because only then they can achieve what they’re truly capable of.
Status: Completed.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE: Unbreakable Self-Discipline Bootcamp


 I will easily hire a video editor by April 30tH

Why: In 2019 I had a goal to record 52 vlogs. I had to learn everything from scratch. From recording, sound and lights, to editing. It was extremely challenging¬†and time-consuming, but I’ve learned a lot. In 2020 I want to focus on creating content and team up with a great editor who will do their magic so I don’t have to spend so much time on it.¬†
Status: Completed.


I will easily hire a Virtual Assistant by December 31st

Why: As I grow my business there are more and more tasks that need to be done. I want to hire a reliable VA who will be able to take some of the work off my plate and help me grow my business and provide even better service to my clients.
Status: Completed.


I will easily grow my mailing list to 3000 by December 31st

Why: Having a healthy mailing list is essential for most businesses. Social media platforms come and go, however, email stays. Having a good mailing list allows me to stay in touch with my fans and subscribers, share my knowledge with them and keep them updated about my latest blogs, exciting news, and announcements.
January: 2224
February: 2302
March: 2331
April: 2662
May: 2783
June: 2821
July: 2883
August: 2964
September: 3018
Status: Completed.


I will easily reach monthly website traffic of 5000 visitors by December 31st

Why: My website is an important marketing and brand tool so a higher number of the right visitors will allow me to reach more people and scale my business. In 2019 I’ve reached my goal of 4000 visitors per month. Reaching 5000 visitors would be a nice 25% growth.
January: 2256
February: 3943
March: 3454
April: 5745

Status: Completed.


I will easily spend 50 hours studying copywriting by December 31st

Why: Improving my writing skills will help me communicate more effectively with my readers, be more engaging, captivating, and communicate more clearly. 
Status: Completed


I will easily spend 50 hours studying marketing by December 31st

Why: Marketing is absolutely essential to running a successful business. Marketing constantly evolves and I want to be up to date with the latest marketing strategies. This will allow me to reach more people with the right message. 

Status: Completed.


I will easily COMPLETE a funnel building course by December 31st

Why: Funnels are a great way to design an engaging and exciting journey for prospects to get a better understanding of my services and share valuable content with them. I love playing with systems and figuring out what works and what resonates with people. Really looking forward to this. 
Status: Completed


I will easily COMPLETE an advanced copywriting course by December 31st

Why: In 2019 I’ve completed 3 copywriting courses. They were fairly basic but that’s where I needed to start. This year I want to advance my skills to a more professional level.¬†
Status: Completed

I will easily redesign my ‘About Me’ PAGE¬†by December 31st

Why: My ‘About Me’ page has looked pretty much the same since I created the website in 2015. A lot has happened since then, I’ve grown and achieved a lot that deserves to be on the page. While I quite like the one I have now, for a long time I’ve been sitting on a specific idea of what I’d want the ‘About Me’ page to look like.¬†
Status: In progress


I will easily redesign my ‘Services’ page by December 31st

Why: ‘My Services’ page is the second most visited page on my website. I want the visitors to have a clear understanding of how they can work with me and what options they have. I believe it will have a positive impact on the conversion¬†as well.¬†
Status: In progress


My Coaching goals

I will easily RUN 150 initial consultations by December 31st

Why: It will allow me to create the right amount of clients. 
January: 10
February: 13
March: 5
April: 15
May: 15
June: 18
July: 9
August: 9
September: 14
October: 6
November: 11
December 5 (130 total)


I will easily work with 35 new inspiring clients by December 31st.
Why: I can only work with a limited number of people at a time. I typically aim at 40 clients which has been a sweet spot for a few years now, this year I want to make a shift towards running my group program which will require time. I believe 35 1-on-1 clients will be the right number this year. Moreover. I feel thrilled with the idea of making a massive positive difference to the lives of 35 people + all the people going through my group program.
January: 2
February: 10
March: 3
April: 2
May: 5
June: 10
July: 3
August: 1
September: 7 (43 in total)
Status: Completed


I will easily run 400 coaching sessions by December 31st
Why: As with the goal above, in the previous years I aimed at 500 sessions. This year, I want to focus on running several group coaching programs which will require time. I believe 400 sessions will be the right balance.
January: 30
February: 37
March: 37
April: 40
May: 47
June: 59
July: 57
August: 55
September: 56 (418 in total)
Status: Completed



I will easily reflect on my coaching session 200 times by December 31st
Why:¬†Reflecting is one of the best ways to improve. Regular reflecting on my coaching sessions will allow me to be more aware of what made the biggest impact (and do more of it) as well as what needs improvement.¬†I’m determined to achieve absolute coaching mastery and reflection, without any doubt, accelerates my growth.
January: 11
February: 15
March: 14
April: 23
May: 27
June: 38
July: 35
August: 27
September: 26 (216 in total)
Status: Completed



I will easily spend 50 hours studying coaching by December 31st
Why:¬†Even though I’ve been studying personal development for over 13 years, coaching for nearly 7, have several coaching certifications and a degree in psychology, there is so much more I can and want to learn. I want to be¬†continually improving my¬†coaching skills and knowledge so I can be even more effective and help my clients¬†more.
January: 11
February: 18.5
March: 13.5
April: 9 (52 in total)
Status: Completed


I will easily Take 20+ people through my unbreakable self-discipline program by December 31st
Why: I want to help at least 20 people overcome procrastination, self-doubt, excuses, weaknesses, and develop unbreakable self-discipline so they can work towards their goals and dreams.
Status: 10


My profile goals

I will easily get my LinkedIn SSI (social selling index) score to 80+ by December 31st

Why: With over 20,000 connections, I want to focus on the quality of my content and the level of engagement with these connections. SSI is a good measure of how engaged I am on LinkedIn and how engaging my content is. 
January: 65
February: 68
March: 66
April: 68
May: 64
June: 62
July: 60
August: 60
September: 66
October: 67
November: 66
December: 66

I will easily reach 2000 subscribers on my youtube CHANNEL by December 31st

Why:¬†Last year I’ve grown from 15-750 subs. I believe this year I’ll be able to reach 2000 which would be fantastic. 2000 subscribers doesn’t sound like much, but when I imagine a group of 2000 people, it’s pretty incredible that so many people regularly watch my content. #gratitude
January: 795
February: 904
March: 989
April: 1076
May: 1160
June: 1203
July: 1270
August: 1342
September: 1513
October: 1606
November: 1758
December: 1941! (so close!)

I will easily be featured in 5 podcasts or interviewed by December 31st

Why:¬†This is becoming an annual goal now. I love being on podcasts. It’s a great way to share my knowledge and experience. It’s usually great fun. I always feel like being on the radio.¬†
Status: 3
Roman Mironov’s Podcast: The Beginner‚Äôs Guide to Leaving Comfort Zone in 2020
Midlife Mastery with Shelley James
Mailbutler Blog


I will easily be featured in a magazine by December 31st

Why: For a business like mine, being featured in a reputable magazine is a great way to increase visibility and credibility.
Status: Completed: 3

1) Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Magazine
2) Coach Magazine
3) Voir

Healthy Tomas Svitorka Healthy Tomas Svitorka  Life coach Magazine Tomas Svitorka Life coach magazine Tomas Svitorka feature

I will easily write my Book by July 31st

Why:¬†This time for real! Writing a book¬†is a challenging process, but having a book and being a published author will be great for my business and profile. It will also allow me to share the knowledge of becoming the best version of yourself that¬† I’ve been gaining, practising, and teaching for over 12 years now. I want people to understand why OK is NOT enough!
In Progress: I’ve made progress on this but because of the launch of my new Unbreakable Self-Discipline program, I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time for this.¬†

I will easily publish my book by September 30th

Why:¬†I get excited about the idea of seeing my book on a shelf in a bookstore and also when I imagine giving my book to someone. People also say that unpacking your first book print delivery is the best feeling ever. Let’s see.¬†
Status: First I need to write it.


I will easily SPEAK on stage/present online at least 4 times by December 31st

Why: In 2014 I was absolutely terrified with the idea of me speaking in front of people. I decided to challenged my fear and since then I spoke at over 120 events and workshops. These days I speak less often but at paid events and in front of much larger audiences. I want to keep improving my speaking skills. 
Status: 4
(One was a whole day workshop via Zoom which would normally be delivered live)
Status: Completed


I will easily develop my signature speech by December 31st

Why: I want to have a signature talk that will be engaging, educating, and will inspire and motivate people to push for more in life. #okisnotenough. Having my speech ready will allow me to present it at short notice.  
Status: Done. Two actually. 

My value goals

I will easily record 24 Vlogs by December 31st

Why: My Youtube channel, which I only started in 2019, got a much better response than I expected. I really enjoy seeing the improvement of my videos over time. I enjoy the process and I’m glad a lot of people are finding it valuable. I’m aiming to record fewer videos than last year simply because I’m factoring in my book writing.¬†This includes my goals updates.¬†
Status: 1


I will easily publish 24 articles by December 31st

Why: Writing regular articles is not only a great way to share value and develop a closer relationship with my audience but also to bring more traffic to my website and boost SEO. I find writing articles quite easy and now I want to focus on improving the quality of my posts. This includes my goals updates. 
Status: 24

I will easily publish 50 videos on LinkedIn by December 31st

Why: This feels strangely challenging even though I got very comfortable with recording. Videos typically get better visibility and engagement than text posts on social media. I want to see what people will prefer and what difference it makes on the engagement. 
Status: 25

I will easily post 200 times (manually) on LinkedIn by December 31st

Why: I want to be much more active on LinkedIn and develop a better connection with my audience. 200 posts will ensure I’ll be posting on most weekdays which will be a significant improvement over last year. What’s the point of having 20K connections if I’m not connecting with them? Right?¬†¬†
January: 15
February: 4
March: 19
April: 10
May: 4
June: 7
July: 4
August: 4
September: 20
October: 23
November: 17
December: 17 (144 in total)

I will easily Increase my Instagram engagement to 2.5% by December 31st

Why: As with the other social media goals, this year I want to focus much more on engagement rather than on the number of followers and connections. I want to develop a much closer connection with my 20K followers. In 2019, it became much harder to get good visibility and reach a wider audience on Instagram. However, no point complaining, let’s see it as a challenge. 2.5% engagement would be above average for an account of my size.
January: 0.87%
February: 0.45%
March: 0.64%
April: 0.58%
May: 0.84%
June: 1.16%
July: 1.09%
August: 1.11%
September: 1.15%
October: 1.25%
November: 1.12%
December: 1.08%

My Health & fitness goals


I will easily Complete 52 x 24 hour fast (no food) or green days (only raw fruit or veg) by December 31st

Why:¬†I started fasting last year and I could FEEL the positive impact it had on my mind and body. While it may seem challenging I got used to it very quickly and actually look forward to the fasting days. It’s a great way to¬†practice self-discipline¬†let your body restore.¬†¬†
Status: 54

I will easily complete a 48 hour fast (no food) by December 31st

Why:¬†Something I’d like to try and challenge myself with. There is a lot of evidence that 48 hour fast has great health benefits. Bring it on.¬†
Status: 0


I will easily workout 200 times by December 31st

Why:¬†Exercising is a great way to look after your body, stay healthy, manage your weight, be in a good shape, it energises you, strengthen¬†your self-discipline, and build a stronger connection and understanding of your body. What’s not to like?
January: Workouts 27, Time 18:55:10, Calories 9,655
February: Workouts 27, Time 26:23:39, Calories 14,978
March: Workouts 22, Time 15:48:12, Calories 7,561
April: Workouts 27, Time 12:02:28, Calories 5,916
May: Workouts 38, Time 23:11:17, Calories 11,419
June: Workouts 31, Time 17:08:53, Calories 11,559
July: Workouts 46, Time 37:03:26, Calories 23,218
August: Workouts 64, Time 38:37:39, Calories 24,762
September: Workouts 56, Time 33:05:28, Calories 21,727
October: Workouts 37, Time 42:45:39, Calories 17,940
November: Workouts 16, Time 9:06:23, Calories 5,249
December: Workouts 17, Time 10:18:51, Calories 4,947
Total workouts: 408
Status: Done.


I will easily be at 13% body fat by December 31st

Why:¬†I know that at 13% body fat I’ll feel and look better (I don’t want any jiggly fat around my waist).
It’s an ambitious goal but not impossible. With the right diet, I should easily achieve that. It’s been quite challenging to find a reliable way to measure body fat though.¬†

Status: Not possible to measure accurately at the moment.


I will easily weigh 80kg or Less by December 31st

Why:¬†At 13% body fat I should weigh around 80kg. At that point, I’ll reconsider what next.¬†
January: 86.8kg
February: 83.2kg
March: 83.2kg
April: 84.6kg
May: 84.3kg
June: 83.8kg
July: 78.8kg
August: 77.2kg
September: 77.5kg
Status: Done.



I will easily Work with a personal trainer by March 31st

Why:¬†If you want certain results, work with someone who’s got them already. I want to work(out) under the supervision¬†of a professional PT especially during the weight-loss period.¬†
Status: Done. Currently working with Ro Anwar.

I will easily do 100 push-ups in one go by December 31st

Why: I failed at this last year. My commitment to this goal was lousy and so were the results. Unacceptable!
January: 70
February: 75
March: 73
April: 77
May: 90
June: 87
July: 75
August: 69
September: 74
October: 77
November: 79
December: 78


I will easily do 10,000 push-ups (in total) by December 31st

Why: This is a sub-goal to my 100 push-ups in one go to ensure I do enough training. Plus, it sounds like a great goal, too. 
January: 990
February: 1440
March: 1225
April: 1700
May: 1840
June: 1140
July: 925
August: 650
September: 730 (10,640 in total)
Status: Done.

I will easily be able to plank for 5-minutes by December 31st

Why:¬†It’s a physical challenge I’d like to accomplish. Last year I was overly ambitious, set a 10-minute plank goal and didn’t get anywhere near that. This year I’ll keep it a bit more realistic. Planking is a great exercise to strengthen¬†my core. ¬†
January: 2:32 (soft)
February: 3:01
March: 3:30
April: 3:17
May: 4:00
June: 4:11
July: 3:50
August: 3:35
September: 3:25
October: 3:00
November: 3:31
December: 3:45

I will easily PLANK for 1000 minutes (in total) by December 31st

Why: This is a sub-goal to my 5-minute plank challenge to ensure I do enough training.  
January: 35 minutes
February: 110 minutes
March: 47 minutes
April: 65 minutes
May: 75 minutes
June: 30 minutes
July: 15 minutes
August: 35 minutes
September: 42 minutes
October: 35 minutes
November: 62 minutes
December: 60 (621 in total)


I will easily work with a running coach by September 30th

Why:¬†I love running (seriously). It’s the simple exercise that challenges you physically and mentally (from going running to pushing forward when your muscles burn and hurt). While my running technique is generally good, I know there is still a lot I can improve to be faster and to prevent injuries. As with the previous goal, working under the supervision of an expert is the best way to get results. Really looking forward to this.¬†¬†
Status: Done.


I will easily run 1000 km by December 31st

Why:¬†Simply, it’s a really sexy running goal to me. 1000km! Such a beautiful number.¬†¬†
January: 61
February: 63
March: 59
April: 27
May: 92
June: 126
July: 284
August: 310
September: 283
October: 250 (1575 in total)
Status: Done.


I will easily run 3 (unofficial) Half Marathons by December 31st

Why:¬†It’s a challenging but doable running distance.¬†¬†
Status: 11
Status: Done.


I will easily run 1 (unofficial) Marathon by December 31st

Why:¬†I’d love to beat my last years personal (and the only) record of 4:02:04¬†¬†
Time: 3:56:00 !!!!!
Status: Done.

BONUS GOAL: I will easily run 1 (unofficial) 50km Ultra-Marathon by December 31st

Why:¬†Well, I don’t think I need to say much more about this one.¬† ¬†
Status: Plan for October/November


I will easily run 2.5km under 9 minutes by December 31st

Why: Last year my best time was 9:20. 9:00 sounds much better to me. #OCD
June: 9:46
September: 8:38
Status: Done.


I will easily run 5km under 19 minutes by December 31st

Why: This will be interesting. My best time last year was 19:53 and I almost passed out.
As David Goggins would say: “I don’t know where my limits are but I want to go there.”
Plus this would put me in the top 4% of non-professional runners. That would be a great accomplishment.  

Status: Done. Time 18:45


I will easily run 10km under 42 minutes by December 31st

Why:¬†I’m recommitting to this goal from last year! My best time was 42:19. It won’t run away from me this time.¬†
Status: 43:45


I will easily do yoga or stretching 150 times by December 31st

Why: With all the running and working out I want to make sure I stay flexible.  
Total so far: 166 – It’s part of my morning routine or workouts
Status: Done


I will easily Continue with martial arts training by December 31st

Why:¬†I love my 1-on-1 kickboxing training. It’s a great way to let out steam and challenge yourself physically and mentally.
Status: Done РMy Saturday kickboxing classes are the best!


My personal development goals


I will easily Continue attending Toastmasters (public speaking club) at least 12x in 2020.

Why: To further develop my speaking skills and become more advanced, confident, and impactful speaker.  
Status: 12 (online).


I will easily complete 365 meditations by December 31st

Why:¬†I find meditating quite challenging because my mind is like a puppy that instantly goes “come on, let’s do something.” The benefits of meditation are undeniable and I know my racing mind needs a break every now and then.¬†¬†
Status: 365


I WILL EASILY reach 80% calm state during my 10+ minutes meditations according to MUSE app BY DECEMBER 31ST

Why:¬†Muse is a headband that monitors my brain activity and gives me real-time audio feedback. It’s a super geeky gadget that makes meditation much more fun (for me) and motivates me to meditate more.¬†
Best score: 91%
Status: Completed.



I will easily finish 24 books by December 31st

Why: Reading books have made an irreplaceable impact on my life, thinking, and success. With every book, I read my mind becomes more open and I become richer with knowledge. 

  1. Completed ‚úÖ: The Alter Ego
  2. Completed ‚úÖ: Expert Secrets
  3. Completed ‚úÖ: Million Dollar Coach
  4. Completed ✅: 7 Figure Marketing Copy
  5. Completed ✅: Game Changers 
  6. Completed ✅: Entrepreneur Revolution (2nd edition)
  7. Completed ✅: Oversubscribed (2nd edition)
  8. Completed ✅: Stillness Speaks
  9. Completed ✅: The Moaning of Life
  10. Completed ✅: Serial 2
  11. Completed ✅: Serial 3
  12. Completed ✅: The Breakthrough Copywriter
  13. Completed ‚úÖ: Mind Hacking
  14. Completed ‚úÖ: High-Performance Habits
  15. Completed ✅: Mindset
  16. Completed ✅: A life Without Limits
  17. Completed ✅: Grit
  18. Completed ✅: Ultra Mindset
  19. Completed ✅: The man who mistook his wife for a hat
  20. Completed ✅: The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  21. Completed ✅: Hustle Harder, Hustler Smarter
  22. Completed ✅: Tribe of Mentors
  23. Completed¬†‚úÖ:¬†Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School
  24. Completed ‚úÖ: The Greatest Story Ever Told


I will easily finish 100 Blinkist summaries by December 31st

Why:¬†Blinkist is a great app/website that provides 15-minute summaries of 1000s of books. I use it to quickly recap books I’ve read a long time ago or got a quick overview of books I’m thinking of reading. It’s also great if you just want to extract the key concepts and information from a book.¬†
Status: Completed: 100

If you’re interested in checking out Blinkist, click on the button below and start your free trial!

My 2020 Goals - Life Coach Tomas Svitorka blinkist banner


I will easily eliminate 6 bad habits Or establish 6 new positive habits by December 31st

Why: I want to eliminate several useless habits I have as they are not adding value to my life and replace them with new habits that will have a positive impact on my wellbeing, productivity, and life in general.
Status: Completed: 7

February: Sticking to my fitness diet
February: Working out 5+ times a week
March: Daily stretching
March: Get up at 6 am 5x a week
April: Study in the morning for 1h
May: Write for 1 hour every morning
May: Meditate every morning


I will easily journal 100 times by December 31st

Why:¬†Journaling is an invaluable¬†way to gain clarity, think through your ideas and challenges. It’s also a great place to rant and complain so you don’t bother the world with it. No one is interested.¬†

Status: Completed

Check out my video about journaling: How to journal for personal development.


I will easily CONTINUE my weekly reflections and monthly planning sessions by December 31st

Why:¬†Regular reflecting and planning is an absolute necessity for effective progress. Moreover, it’s something I really enjoy.¬†
January: Done
February: Done
March: Done
April: Done
May: Done
June: Done
July: Done
August: Done
September: Done
October: Done
November: Done
December: Done


So that’s it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. Did it inspire you? Do you think I’m playing it safe (I dare you!).
Let me know what goals you’re working on. I want to know!


if you’re really serious about your goals, contact me and let’s talk about what you’d be able to achieve with my coaching support and accountability.

2020 could (should) be your best year yet!



  1. Charlene

    Definitely inspired. I tried to keep up throughout 2019 but I wasn’t disciplined enough. I’m more hopeful and determined this year!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      I’m glad. Smash it this year. No excuses. ūüėČ

      • Violet

        Love your updates and great to see what you have accomplished in 2020. Will you do this again in 2021?

        • Tomas Svitorka

          Hi Violet, thanks a lot.
          I absolutely will do this in 2021 ūüôā
          Stay tuned.

  2. Victoria

    Absolutely love reading your goal list and the humour makes me laugh out loud. I too made a 2019 goal list. Achieved some. Failed a lot. Going again this year!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Victoria, thanks for the comment. Glad you like it.
      Re your 2019 goals:
      ‘Achieved a lot’ is the main thing.
      ‘Failed a lot’ = learned a lot. Now apply what you’ve learned and crush it in 2020.

      • Victoria

        Thank you!! I really have found your website and emails useful. I fall down on finances mostly! Am definitely inspired by your list and in fact have added a couple of yours to my own list (books and body fat!).

        • Tomas Svitorka

          I’m glad you find it useful. I will get back to writing my regular blogs soon. Any topic that would be helpful for you?
          Gret job adding some extra goals.

  3. Storey Tarris

    Good Luck with your list!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thansk a lot. Much appreciated.

  4. Tanya Rose

    This is amazing accountability and so inspiring!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thanks Tanya, I’m glad you find it inspiring.
      I’m just trying to lead by example.

  5. Nana

    Love these goals. Super inspiring, might steal some!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Nana, please do!
      And thanks for the comment. Looking forward to kicking thing off!

  6. Karen Dwyer

    Hey Tomas,
    I was with your group yesterday on the Startup Accelerator and your content, kindness, knowledge and workshop were amazing, huge thanks!! I am blown away by the number of goals and how consistent you are at posting and keeping up to date! Kudos, it’s very impressive! I am inspired to write mine out and get accountable!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Hi Karen,
      thanks for the comment and glad you liked the workshop and got inspired by my goals.
      Now it’s time to put it all in practice.


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