welcome to My 2022 Goals page. 

Every year I set for myself a long list of goals I want to accomplish. I’ve been doing this for over 12 years now. And this year is no exception. 

Setting ambitious goals is a great way to dramatically improve your life but also a great way of self-discovery.

Or as David Goggins said:

“I don’t know where my limits are, but I want to go there”

I set my goals in various areas of my life, such as: Business, Coaching, Personal life, Health & Fitness, Profile, and Value.

Since 2017, I’ve been sharing my goals publicly along with monthly updates on my progress.

You may be asking… Why?

My 2022 Goals - Personal Coach Tomas Svitorka My story photo 1 2 copy 21 1

THESE are my five reasons

  1. For those who are thinking of working with me, I want to show that I walk my talk.
  2. I want others to see me fail. Wait, what? That’s right. Failure is an essential part of progress. Pursuing ambitious goals never goes smooth. That’s part of the game. I hope that when others see me facing my challenges, they will drop the idea of perfectionism and get on with their goals and dreams.
  3. I want to inspire you to be more courageous with your own goals, and be more driven, committed and disciplined.
  4. I want to show you how I get stuff done, how I set goals and how I work towards them so you can apply it for your own growth.
  5. Lastly, when I share my goals with you all it creates the pressure and accountability I need (and want) to push myself. (Trust me, I don’t always feel like it either. But so what?)

Total number of goals: 55

My Business goals


Website Traffic 60,000

I will easily Reach annual website traffic of 60,000 by December 31st

Why: More traffic means more visibility, more value shared, and more business. Simple as that.
January: 5512
February: 4534
March: 4971
April: 6181
May: 4295
June: 3761
July: 3865
TOTAL: 33,120

Reflection/Actions: I’m pretty much on track with this goal. I will be creating a lot more content from now on. 


1,000 Scorecards

I WILL EASILY have at least 1000 LIfestyle Scorecards taken on my website BY DECEMBER 31ST

Why: The Lifestyle Scorecard and The Self Discipline Scorecard are free tools people can use to get a better understanding of why they may not be getting the results they want.

You can take The Lifestyle Scorecard HERE.
January: 96
February: 36
March: 26
April: 34
May: 29
June: 35
July: 10
TOTAL:  266

Reflection/Actions: Falling behind a bit as I’ve prioritised the key marketing section on my website for my Unbreakable Self-Discipline Bootcamp related promotions. 


1000 SD Scorecards

I WILL EASILY have at least 1000 Self-discipline scorecards taken BY December 31ST

Why: The self-discipline scorecard helps people identify which areas of their discipline are strong and which need to be improved. It also provides tips depending on the score you get. You can take the scorecard here: Self-Discipline Scorecard. 
January: 0
February: 4
March: 67
April: 83
May: 54
June: 56
July: 61
TOTAL: 362

Reflection/Actions: Also a bit behind with this goal but I have not really promoted it outside of my website.


50 Course Participants

I WILL EASILY onboard 50 participants through my Unbreakable Self-Discipline Bootcamp BY December 31ST

Why: This course is designed to help people improve self-discipline. I’ve put my heart and soul into this course. It’s packed with my best tools, methods and strategies. Participants get 6 months of weekly live group calls to get my support.  Check it out here: Self-Discipline Bootcamp. 

Reflection/Actions: I have not launched it fully yet.


complete copywriting course

I WILL EASILY complete 2 copywriting courses BY December 31ST

Why: I enjoy writing (most of the time) and I want to get better at it. I want to communicate my message clearly and in an engaging way that makes people take action. 

Reflection/Actions: All done and continuing to learn more.


Run 12 webinars

I WILL EASILY run at least 12 webinars BY December 31ST

Why: Webinars are a great way to give people more insight into a topic. My webinars will be on the topic of self-discipline. 

Reflection/Actions: Planning to start soon.

My Coaching goals


140 Initial consultations

I WILL EASILY run 140 initial consultations BY December 31ST

Why: It will allow me to create the right amount of clients.
January: 7
February: 7
March: 14
April: 6
May: 7
June: 8
July: 12

Reflection/Actions: I’m a bit behind with this goal, but I feel confident I’ll reach it. 


40 new clients

I WILL EASILY work with 40 new inspiring clients BY December 31ST

Why: I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time.  While, in the past,  I used to aim at working with more clients than this, I’m now much more selective, working with fewer clients for longer periods which will allow me to support them even better.
January: 4
February: 3
March: 3
April: 6
May: 3
June: 2
July: 5
TOTAL:  26

Reflection/Actions: I have some new amazing clients which I’m excited to work with. 


400 coaching sessions

I WILL EASILY run 400 coaching sessions BY December 31ST

Why: 400 sessions in a year has been a sweet spot for me. 
January: 25
February: 24
March: 41
April: 35
May: 32
June: 26
July: 35
TOTAL: 221

Reflection/Actions: Pretty much on track.


100 reflections

I WILL EASILY reflect on 100 coaching sessions BY December 31ST

Why: This is something I started several years ago and really enjoyed it as well as learned a lot from it. Reflecting is one of the best ways to improve. Regular reflection on my coaching sessions will allow me to be more aware of what made the biggest impact (and do more of it) and what needs improvement. I’m determined to achieve absolute coaching mastery, and reflection, without any doubt, accelerates my growth.
January: 10
February: 12
March: 10
April: 10
May: 8
June: 10
July: 10

Reflection/Actions: I love my reflections. I’d like to do more. 


5 case studies

I WILL EASILY publish 5 new case studies BY December 31ST

Why: Every so often, my clients are happy to publicly share about their journey through coaching, results, and experience. I love to share these case studies to show others what is possible when people are brave, truly commit to their goals and persevere. Many people have said they find these case studies very inspiring and encouraging. You can see them here. 
Akos Gyarmati
Joel Golby  (NEW)
Robin Linde Steegman  (NEW)

Reflection/Actions: I have several  in the making. These people are so inspiring.

My profile goals


SSI score 70+

I will easily get my LinkedIn SSI (social selling index) score to 70+ by December 31st

Why: With over 20,000 connections, I want to focus on the quality of my content and the level of engagement with these connections. SSI is a good measure of how engaged I am on LinkedIn and how engaging my content is. 
January: 51
February: 57
March: 61
April: 68
May: 67
June: 65
July: 56

Reflection/Actions: Having a bit of a challenge getting into the groove posting on LinkedIn. Must improve. 


5000 subscribers

I will easily  Reach 5000 subscribers on my youtube CHANNEL by December 31st

Why: Last year my channel gained over 2000 subscribers, which is amazing. This year I’ll be moderately active so I’m aiming at a reasonable target. 5000 subscribers may not sound like much, but when I imagine a group of 5000 people, that’s a big crowd. I’m grateful so many people find my content useful. 
January: 4362
February: 4585
March: 4821
April: 5013
May: 5187
June: 5387
July: 5539

Reflection/Actions: Very happy with the growth. Got a lot of great comments as well. 


4000 watched hours

I will easily Reach 4000 watched hours on my Youtube channel (in the last 12 months) by December 31st

Why: This is a great milestone for a youtube channel. This will also allow me to monetise my channel which is increases channel exposure (it’s just how Youtube works). 
January: 1545
February: 1620
March: 1620
April: 1554
May: 1509
June: 1447
July: 1375

Reflection/Actions: This is quite hard to achieve especially when I’m not posting too much of new content. 


5 interviews

I will easily be featured or interviewed 5 times by December 31st

Why: This can be on websites, podcasts, magazines etc. It’s a great way to share my knowledge and experience. It’s usually great fun and very good for growing my audience. 
Status: 3
1) Brainz Magazine – Article
2) Lift-Off With Energizing Results Podcast
3) Shine a light Podcast
4) Brainz Magazine – Interview

If you’d like to interview me, please contact me HERE.

Reflection/Actions: I love discussing personal development and other fascinating topics with people who are interested in it and make it valuable for others. 


Speak or present 12x

I will easily SPEAK or present online/live at least 12 times by December 31st

Why: In 2014 I was absolutely terrified with the idea of me speaking in front of people. I decided to challenged my fear and since then I spoke at over 120 events and workshops. These days I speak less often but at paid events and in front of much larger audiences. I want to keep improving my speaking skills. 
Status: 3

Reflection/Actions: Bring it on.


redesign 'about me' page

I WILL EASILY redesign my ‘about me’ page BY June 31ST

Why: My ‘About Me’ page has looked pretty much the same since I created the website in 2015. A lot has happened since then, I’ve grown and achieved a lot that deserves to be on the page. While I quite like the one I have now, for a long time I’ve been sitting on a specific idea of what I’d want the ‘About Me’ page to look like.

Reflection/Actions: Low priority task. 

My value goals


24 Youtube Videos

will easily record 24 Videos for my Youtube Channel by December 31st

Why: I’ve got great feedback on the videos I’ve created in the past and people find them valuable and helpful. I want to create more as I have a lot to share. 
Status: 0

Reflection/Actions: Good news, I started recording again so new videos coming soon. 


24 articles

I will easily publish 24 articles by December 31st

Why: Writing regular articles is not only a great way to share value and develop a closer relationship with my audience but also to bring more traffic to my website and boost its SEO. I find writing articles quite easy now but still want to improve my writing. This includes my goals updates and articles features on other websites. 
Status: 11

Reflection/Actions: Clearly I’m behind. It’s been quite challenging to find time and headspace for writing. But I really enjoy it and have about 30 article ideas. The plan is to commit to daily word target to write. 


50 newsletters

I will easily publish 50 newsletters by December 31st

Why: Not everybody has time to read my 2000 words articles (plus I don’t really have the time to write a few a week). I hope short and lighthearted newsletters with useful tips will be appreciated and useful for my subscribers.  
January: 1
February: 2
March: 2
April: 6
May: 4
June: 2
July: 2
Total: 19

Reflection/Actions: Clearly I’m a bit behind. I’ve been overthinking my newsletter quite a bit as I wanted it to be a good read. The feedback has been great so far. Simplification is the way to go now. 


200 posts on linkedin

I will easily post 200 times on LinkedIn by December 31st

Why: I want to be much more active on LinkedIn and develop a better connection with my audience. 200 posts will ensure I’ll be posting on most weekdays which will be a significant improvement over last year. What’s the point of having 20K connections if I’m not connecting with them? Right? PS: Failed at this quite miserably last year.  
January: 1
February: 3
March: 3
April: 24
May: 22
June: 16
July: 15

Reflection/Actions: These are such rookie numbers that I’m almost embarrassed to report them. However, that’s the truth and I must pull my finger out on this. 



I will easily get 300,000 views of my posts on LinkedIn by December 31st

Why: Posting on Linkedin is one thing. Getting your posts seen is another. The more views my posts get, the better impact they will create. 
January: 73
February: 889
March: 1,166
April: 19,254
May: 25,948
June: 4176
July: 2033
TOTAL: 53530

Reflection/Actions: Well, if I want more views, I need more posts. In fact, going to LinkedIn now to post something. Back in a minute. 


1350 instagram Posts

I will easily Reach 1350 total posts on Instagram by December 31st

Why: I want to be consistently active on Instagram. 150 posts will do it. The starting point in 2022 was 1,226.
Total: 1,322

Reflection/Actions: This should be easy-ish.


6 features in brainz magazine

I will easily have 6 articles featured on by December 31st

Why: I was selected as one of Brainz Magazine executive contributors so I want to make the most out of that opportunity.
Total: 2

Reflection/Actions: There’s no rush. 

My Health & fitness goals


200 workouts

I will easily workout 200 times by December 31st

Why: Exercising is a great way to look after your body, stay healthy, manage your weight, and be in a good shape, it energises you, strengthens your self-discipline, and builds a stronger connection and understanding of your body. What’s not to like?
January: Workouts: 35, Time: 34h, Calories burned: 21,897
February: Workouts: 24, Time: 20h, Calories burned: 12,798
March: Workouts: 37, Time: 22h, Calories burned: 16,594
April: Workouts: 25, Time: 24h, Calories burned: 17,319
May: Workouts: 33, Time: 24h, Calories burned: 16,297
June: Workouts: 54, Time: 41h, Calories burned: 27,291
July: Workouts: 49, Time: 37h, Calories burned: 21,211
TOTAL: 257

Reflection/Actions: All good here. 


70,000 kcal deficit

I will easily Create a 70,000 calories deficit by May 1st

Why: While there are many different approaches to fat loss (many of which contradict each other), what’s at the core of all is a calory deficit. I want to lose approx 7kg of body fat, which equals 63,000 kcal. (1g of fat – 9kcal. 7,000g = 63,000 kcal). I want to achieve this deficit through exercising and a healthy, sustainable diet that won’t make my life a misery.     
January: 20,070
February: 16,112
March: 12,134
April: N/A
May: N/A
June: N/A
July: N/A
TOTAL: 48,316

Reflection/Actions: Could have been better. We had a few celebrations to go through 🙂 


16% Body-fat

I will easily be 16% body fat by July 31st

Why: Since I’m more interested in reaching a certain body fat rather than weight, targeting body fat makes sense. I’ll see how I look and feel at 16% and re-evaluate then.  Starting point 24%
January best: 23.2%
February best: 22.5%
March best: 21.6%
April best: 20.3%
May best: 21.8%
June best: 21.1%
July best: 21%

Reflection/Actions: We continue.


48 hour fast

I will easily complete a 48 hour fast (no food) by December 31st

Why: Something I’d like to try and challenge myself with. There is a lot of evidence that 48 hour fast has great health benefits. Bring it on. 
Status: 0

Reflection/Actions: This requires a bit of planning and now is not the right time. 


Blood work done

I will easily get complete blood assessment done by June 1st

Why: Getting regular blood-work done is a great way to keep an eye on your health. 
Status: Not done.

Reflection/Actions: Started looking into it. If you have any recommendations, let me know. 


bench Press 100kg

I will easily benchpress 100 kg by December 31st

Why: This has been the holy-grail gym milestone throughout my teens. I never quite reached it. As far as I remember, my best was 92 or 95kg. I was in my early 20s. So quite a while. It’s time to conquer this teenage dream… in my later 30s !
January Max: 100kg!!!!

Reflection/Actions: Mindblown. Tried during my chest workout just to see where I”m at. I can’t believe I did it!

I wonder what other powers do I possess??? 

My 2022 Goals - Personal Coach Tomas Svitorka giphy


100 push-ups

I will easily do 100 push-ups in one go by December 31st

Why: I failed at this last year. My approach this year is to add 1 extra pushup every day. This should be gradual enough to get there. 
January Max: 68
February Max: 72
March: 80
April: 83
May: 78
June: 76
July: 71

Reflection/Actions: I’ve been prioritising running and I’ve gone to the gym less. Adjustments already scheduled. 


10,000 push-ups

I will easily do 10,000 push-ups (in total) by December 31st

Why: This is a sub-goal to my 100 push-ups in one go to ensure I do enough training. Plus, it sounds like a great goal, too. 
January: 320
February: 560
March: 1050
April: 630
May: 480
June: 520
July: 320
TOTAL: 3880

Reflection/Actions: Must do better. 


7 minute plank

I will easily be able to plank for 7-minutes by December 31st

Why: It’s a physical challenge I’d like to accomplish. It’s harder than you might think. Planking is a great exercise to strengthen my core.  
January: Not tried
February: 4:00
March: 4:15
April: Not tested
May: 3:55
June: N/A
July: N/A

Reflection/Actions: Someone just set a new world record with 9 hours and 30 minutes. What a jokester! 


500 minutes planking

I will easily PLANK for 500 minutes (in total) by December 31st

Why: This is a sub-goal to my 7-minute plank challenge to ensure I do enough training.  
January: 20
February: 56
March: 60
April: 35
May: 25
June: 30
July: 30
TOTAL:  256

Reflection/Actions: I need to build it into some other routine. 


20 Pull-ups

I will easily do 20 pull-ups in one go by December 31st

Why: I was able to do this a couple of years ago. I’ve tried it recently and… let’s say there is some work to do.  
January: 12
February: 13
March: 13
April: Not tested
May: Not tested
June: Not tested
July: Not tested
MAX: 13

Reflection/Actions: I going to focus on strength training again.


20 chin-ups

I will easily do 20 chin-ups in one go by December 31st

Why: As with pull-pups, I was able to do this a couple of years ago. I’ve tried it recently and… the same issue.  
January: 14
February: 14
March: 15
April: Not tested
May: Not tested
June: Not tested
July: Not tested

Reflection/Actions:I going to focus on strength training again.


run 1500km

I will easily run 1500 km by December 31st

Why: You gotta keep the legs turning.  
January: 205
February: 163
March: 191
April: 220
May: 205
June: 329
July: 244
TOTAL: 1557

Reflection/Actions: Good month. 


10 half-marathons

I will easily run 10 (unofficial) Half Marathons (21.1km) by December 31st

Why: It’s a challenging but doable running distance.  
January: 2
February: 0
March: 1 Time 1:39:15
April: 0
May: 1
June: 4
July: 2

Reflection/Actions: Half Marathons became a standard long training run. But I have a couple of HM races lined up. The aim is to break 1:30h. 


2 marathons

I will easily run 2 (unofficial) Marathons (42.2 km) by December 31st

Why: It’s simply a great challenge and achievement.   
Total: 0

Reflection/Actions: I have signed up for a few amazing runs 🙂


70km ultra marathon

I will easily run 1 Ultra-Marathon by December 31st (ideally 70+)

Why: I did my first 58km Ultra last year. Let’s see where the limits are.   
Total: 0

Reflection/Actions: I’ve signed up to two ultras 🙂 


2.5km under 9 minutes

I will easily run 2.5km under 9 minutes by December 31st

Why: It’s something I was able to do in 2020. I’d like to get there again. 
Completed: Time 8:27 (Tredmill)

Reflection/Actions: Very pleased with this time.


5km under 19 minutes

I will easily run 5km under 19 minutes by December 31st

Why: It’s something I was able to do in 2020. I’d like to get there again.
Completed: 18:54 

Reflection/Actions: Incredibly happy with this time. Hard work and focus is paying off.


10km under 41 minutes

I will easily run 10km under 41 minutes by December 31st

Why: My best time last year was 41:38. 🙂
May: 41:24
July: 40:15 (Official Race)

Reflection/Actions: Building up to it. 


Yoga 100x

I will easily do yoga or stretching 100 times by December 31st

Why: With all the running and working out I want to make sure I stay flexible.  
January: 15
February: 15
March: 20
April: 21
May: 18
June: 11
TOTAL: 100

Reflection/Actions: This a part of my morning or post run routine.

My personal development goals


Complete Drawing course

I will easily complete Kesh Art Drawing Course by December 31st

Why: I want to develop my style in cartoon drawing and I’ve really connected with this artist. Very excited about doing this.  
Status: In progress

Reflection/Actions: I’d like to make this my evening “relax routine”. 


1000 drawings

I will easily do 1000 character sketches by December 31st

Why: To develop my own style I need to do a lot of sketches. These are not fully drawings, just random characters, figures, heads etc. I’m excited to see what progress I’ve made between drawing 0 and 1000.  
Status: 53

Reflection/Actions: Enjoing it very much. 


200 Podcasts

I will easily listen to 200 podcast episodes by December 31st

Why: I’m really enjoying podcasts. These would be from: Lex Fridman Podcast, The Extra Milest, The Impact Theory, Joe Rogan Experience, Closer to Truth, Daily Boost, The High-Performance Podcast, The Mindset Mentor, Into the Impossible,, They Live Amongst Us… (and many more).   
January: 35
February: 42
March: 31
April: 28
May: 24
June: 35
July: 21
TOTAL:  216

Reflection/Actions: I love podcasts. 


300 meditations

I will easily complete 300 meditations by December 31st

Why: I’ve been meditating regularly for years now. I find it a great way to start the day, to centre myself and focus my mind.  
January: 23
February: 12
March: 28
April: 15
May: 17
June: 11
July: 15
TOTAL: 120

Reflection/Actions: It’s the first thing I do in the morning Monday-Friday. A great way to start the day. 


Read 12 books

I will easily finish 12 books by December 31st

Why: Reading books have made an irreplaceable impact on my life, thinking, and success. With every book, I read my mind becomes more open, and I become richer with knowledge. This year I’m aiming for fewer books as I want to absorb and implement truly. 

  1. Reading: WILL by Will Smith (Autobiography) (amazon) … Disgusted by his recent Oscars outburst. Not really in the mood to read this book now.
  2. Reading: Chi Running by Danny Dreyer (amazon)
  3. ✅ Finished: Human Universe – Brian Cox
  4. Reading: Why Men Lie, and Women Cry
  5. ✅ Finished: Marketing 5.0 – Philip Kotler
  6. ✅ Finished: Self-Discipline Mastery – Hannah F. Wiley
  7. ✅ Finished: The World According to Physics – Jim Al-Khalili
  8. ✅ Finished: The Accelerating Universe – Mario Livio
  9. Reading: Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering – Cameron Hanes

Reflection/Actions: Little by little.  


Journal 100x

I will easily journal 100 times by December 31st

Why: Journaling is an invaluable way to gain clarity and think through your ideas and challenges. It’s also a great place to rant and complain, so you don’t bother the world with it. No one is interested.
January: 10
February: 15
March: 15
April: 17
May: 15
June: 8
July: 10

Reflection/Actions: I journal when I need to get clarity on something or simply to decompress. It’s such an undervalued practice.


3x30-day challenge

I will easily run 3 personal 30-day challenges by December 31st

Why: Pushing myself in fun ways.
CHALLENGE 1: I will write at least 200 words every day in April.
STATUS: ✅ Completed

CHALLENGE 2: Write 300w+ a day in August

CHALLENGE 3: +1/-5 Pushups Challenge in August

Reflection/Actions: Havent decided yet. 


Weekly Reclections

I will easily CONTINUE my weekly reflections and monthly planning sessions by December 31st

Why: Regular reflecting and planning is an absolute necessity for effective progress. Moreover, it’s something I really enjoy. 
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅ 

Reflection/Actions: Invaluable practice.


Same 10% monthly

I will easily SAVE 10% of my earnings each month in 2022

Why: This should not be difficult as I’m not a big spender but It’s a good habit I want to keep track of. 
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅ 

Reflection/Actions: A very important habit. 


Same 10% monthly

I will easily INVEST 10% of my earnings each month in 2022

Why: As they say “Don’t work for money, make money work for you.” The majority of my investments are in crypto and angel investments. 
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅
July: ✅ 

Reflection/Actions: Predominantly into Crypto at the moment as it’s on sale 😂


Joyful purchasses

I will easily buy something for myself purely for joy in 2022.

Why: I tend to buy things that are very purposeful and would advance me or my business. I very rarely buy something just for joy.  
January: Aquarium 😍  (Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time)
February: Well, this is a big one. We got a puppy 🥰🐶, it’s a long story.
March: I got some new running shoes
July: I got some more new running shoes 😂

Reflection/Actions: I plan to make more joyful purchases 🙂

So that’s it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. Did it inspire you? Do you think I’m playing it safe (I dare you!).
Let me know what goals you’re working on. I want to know!


if you’re really serious about your goals, contact me and let’s talk about what you’d be able to achieve with my coaching support and accountability.

2022 could (should) be your best year yet!



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