MY 2024 GOALS


welcome to My 2024 Goals page. 

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” ~ Steve Prefontaine

Every year I set for myself a long list of goals I want to accomplish. Some reasonable, some quite outrageous. I’ve been doing this for the last 17 years and it has had transformational impact on my life. 

I set my goals in various areas of my life, such as: Business, Coaching, Personal life, Health & Fitness, Profile, etc.

Since 2017, I’ve been sharing my goals publicly along with monthly updates on my progress.

You may be asking… Why?

THESE are my five reasons

  1. For those who are thinking of working with me, I want to show that I walk my talk.
  2. I want others to see me fail. Wait, what? That’s right. Failure is an essential part of progress. Pursuing ambitious goals never goes smooth. That’s part of the game. I hope that when others see me facing my challenges, they will drop the idea of perfectionism and get on with their goals and dreams.
  3. I want to inspire you to be more courageous with your own goals, and be more driven, committed and disciplined.
  4. I want to show you how I get stuff done, how I set goals and how I work towards them so you can apply it for your own growth.
  5. Lastly, when I share my goals with you all it creates the pressure and accountability I need (and want) to push myself. (Trust me, I don’t always feel like it either. But so what?)
“If you want something, ask for it. If you want to achieve something, go get it.
The best things in life don’t just fall in your lap.”

Total number of goals: 43

My Business goals


Website Traffic 60,000

reach an annual website traffic of 60,000 Visitors

Why: More visitors means more visibility, more value shared, and more business. It’s also a proxy for my content creation and SEO optimisation. 
Publish valuable content regularly and continuously optimise my website.

January: 5,463
February: 5,257
March: 5,263
April: 5,716
May : 4524
June: 4606
TOTAL: 30,829

Comments: I’ve made some changes to my website, especially the articles section (now called Guides). This should make it easier to find the right content. 


Lifestyle Scorecards 500

HAVE 500 LIfestyle Scorecards COmpleted

Why: The Lifestyle Scorecard is a free tool you can use to get a better understanding of where you may be stuck and why you may not be getting the results you want.
How: Test and optimise banners. Promote on social medial and newsletter.
You can take The Lifestyle Scorecard HERE.

January: 34
February: 42
March: 32
April: 26
May : 21
June: 36
TOTAL:  191

Comments: Slightly behind but I have a plant to boost it 😊


SD Scorecards 500

have 1000 Self-discipline scorecards completed

Why: The self-discipline scorecard helps people identify which areas of their discipline are strong and which need to be improved. It also provides tips depending on the score you get.
How: Run promo campaigns on social media. Optimise pop-ups. 
You can take the scorecard here: Self-Discipline Scorecard.

January: 140
February: 68
March: 60
April: 50
May : 33
June: 40
TOTAL: 391

Comments: On track. I’m boosting the visibility of the scorecard. 


Self-discipline Course Sales 50

50 sales of Unbreakable Self-Discipline BOOTCAMP

Why: This course is designed to help people improve their self-discipline. This course is packed with the best tools, methods and strategies to help you improve and maintain high self-discipline. Check it out here: Self-Discipline Bootcamp.
How: Run promo campaigns on social media. Optimise funnels. Run webinars and workshops.


Comments: I need to prioritise promotion of the course which is on the list now as well. 


Run 4 Webinars

Run 4 webinars 

Why: Webinars are a great way to provide value and give people insight into specific topics, as well as promote your products or services. The webinars will be on the topic of Self-Discipline.
How: I will plan at least 4 webinar promo campaigns in my calendar.


Comments: No progress here at the moment. 


Launch New Programme

Launch new Programme

Why: I want to offer more specialised programmes to help people develop in specific areas. I want to provide higher value in a narrower area.
How: Market research of the ideas I have. Possibly run trials and launch when confident in the value.


Comments: This will come later in the year. 


update website

Update my website

Why: I want to update the look and the content of my website to represent my service well and to stay current and competitive.
How: New pages added and content of specific pages updated or completely rewritten.

STATUS: In progress
February: I redesigned the articles’ categorisation: Guides menu section.
March: New navigation menu is live. Minor updates throughout the website.  
June: Redesigned the coaching testimonials page. 

Comments: I redesigned how my articles are organised. Check it out. You can see “Guides” at the top and select specific categories of articles. 


Tasks Delegated

Delegate 100+ tasks

Why: As my business grows (as well as me getting new ideas), it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for me to manage the workload. While I have several capable freelancers, I want to build a more stable and organised team and workflows.
How: Formalise repeated workflows. Manage more effectively. Let go of control (let’s be honest – perfectionism) for the benefit of growth.


Comments: I’m probably under-counting this but that’s ok.  


Get a photoshoot

Get a photoshoot

Why: As part of updating the website, I want new photos that have the right look and feel.
How: Decide on the look and type of photos I want. Find a photographer and book a photoshoot who can do it.

STATUS: No progress

Comments: This is planned for a little later. 

My Coaching goals


100 Initial consultations

100 initial consultations

Why: This will ensure the right amount of clients.
How: Optimise marketing channels and website conversion. Increasing organic trafic. Scaling PR and visibility.
January 8
February: 9
March: 8
April: 9
May : 10
June: 6

Comments: Slightly behind but business is going great. 


40 new clients

Work with 40 inspiring clients

Why: I can only work with a limited number of clients at a time.  While, in the past,  I used to aim at working with more clients than this, I’m now much more selective, working with fewer clients for longer periods which will allow me to support them even better.
How: Being the best coach I can be. Providing highly valuable service.
January: 4
February: 2
March: 5
April: 6
May : 6
June: 3

Comments: Grateful for the clients I have. Incredible people. 


400 Coaching Sessions

400 coaching sessions

Why: 400 sessions a year has been a sweet spot for me over the last few years.
How: Maintain the right number of clients with regular sessions. Not overbooking myself.
January: 44
February: 33
March: 42
April: 38
May: 43
June: 39
TOTAL: 239

Comments: Keeping busy. 


100 reflections

reflect on 100 coaching sessions

Why: This is something I started several years ago, and I really enjoyed it as well and learned a lot from it. Reflecting is one of the best ways to improve. Regular reflection on my coaching sessions will allow me to be more aware of what made the biggest impact (and do more of it) and what needs improvement. I’m determined to achieve absolute coaching mastery, and reflection, without any doubt, accelerates my growth.
January: 12
February: 5
March: 13
April: 10
May: 15
June: 10

Comments: I wish I had more time for this. 


5 case studies

publish 5 new case studies

Why: I want to show the power of coaching and what is possible when people are brave, truly commit to their goals and persevere. My clients’ case studies are a brilliant way to demonstrate that. Many people have said they find these case studies very inspiring and encouraging. You can find them all here.


Comments: I have several ready, but haven’t had the time to publish them yet. 

My profile goals


Featured 5x

Be featured or interviewed 5 times 

Why: It’s a great way to reach a new audience and build my profile. 
I’ll proactively reach out to suitable podcasts starting in Q2. Those features can also be on websites, podcasts, magazines, etc.

Comments: Working on it. 

My value goals


13 Confidence videos recorded

Complete Youtube Self-Confidence Series 

Why: I started this some time ago, and I don’t want to abandon it (unless I find a good reason why). 
Record the remaining 13 videos videos. 
January: 0

Comments: It’s been a busy start to the year. There was no chance to record videos. 


24 Articles Published

✅ Publish 24 Articles

Why: Writing regular articles is a great way to share value and develop a closer relationship with my audience. It also brings more traffic to my website and boosts its SEO. I find writing articles quite easy and enjoyable, so this should not be too difficult. 
Publish at least 2 articles a month. Set dedicated time to it. Keep it enjoyable.
January: 2
February: 2
March: 6
April: 8
May: 5
June: 4

Comments: I have a lot of ideas for articles. If there any specific topics you’d like me to write about, drop me a comment below. 


52 Newsletters Published

✅ Publish 52 newsletters 

Why: Not everybody has time to read my 2000-word articles (plus, I don’t really have the time to write a few a week). I hope short and lighthearted newsletters with useful tips will be appreciated and useful for my subscribers.  
Book regular writing sessions in my calendar. Listen to the feedback and continuously improve my newsletter quality.

January: 3
February: 10
March: 12
April: 11
May: 11
June: 13

Comments: I’m on fire here. Found a new rhythm with it. 


150 Linkedin posts

Post on LinkedIn 150 times 

Why: I’ve been building my presence and following on Linkedin for years, and I want to continue providing value. It is a social media platform I find most aligned with. 
Create a good content strategy. Monitor engagement. Keep improving.

January: 6
February: 15
March: 18
April: 17
May: 22
June: 22
TOTAL: 100 

Comments: A bit behind, but I’ll bounce back soon.


1600 total posts on instagram

✅ Reach 1600 posts on instagram

Why: I want to slightly pivot the content focus and style on my IG this year to align more with my Self-Discipline course. 
Create a good content strategy. Create and post new content. Monitor engagement.

January: 1516
February: 1530
March: 1547
April: 1568
May: 1584
June: 1604

Comments: Got a good rhythm


200,000 Views on Linkedin posts

Get 200,000 views on LinkedIn posts

Why: Posting on Linkedin is one thing. Getting your posts seen is another. The more views my posts get, the better impact they will create. 
Posting regularly. Refining my content.

January: 1,075
February: 3,617
March: 4,706
April: 3,694
May: 2,988
June: 3,615
TOTAL: 19,695

Comments: I’ve changed my strategy a bit and focused on more genuine engagement. It’s slowing down the views a bit, but it will be worth it long term. 

My Health & fitness goals


365 workouts

365 workouts / activities

Why: I don’t want just to stay fit and healthy. I want to take my fitness, energy, and endurance to another level.  
Working out at least 5x per week.

January:  Activities: 61,   Time: 46h,   Calories burned: 19,451
February: Activities: 35,   Time: 36h,   Calories burned: 16,763
March: Activities: 46,   Time: 49h,   Calories burned: 29,268
April: Activities: 43,   Time: 37h,   Calories burned: 16,721
May:  Activities: 37,   Time: 46h,   Calories burned: 19,978
June: Activities: 35,   Time: 43h,   Calories burned: 18,607
TOTAL:  257

Comments: I’ve fully leaned into my marathon and Ultra training and feeling very strong. 


Weigh 78kg

Reach weight of 78kg 

Why: That should be closer to my ideal weight. 
Mixture of healthy eating, calorie deficit, and intermittent fasting.

January: 84.5
February: 83.1
March: 82.1
April: 81.5
May: 83.1
LOWEST: 81.5

Comments: I’m eating like an astronaut, but so far, so good. Also got my body compositon measured and I’m 15% bodyfat (based on the mesurement). 


Get vo2-max and LT measured

✅ Get vo2-max and lactate threshold measured

Why: I want to know what those thresholds are to assess my fitness and train more effectively. 
Find a suitable place and book it. Nothing much more to it.

STATUS: VO2 Max – 61.2

Comments: Very pleasantly surprised as I expected it to be in the low 50s (Garmin predicts 54). This puts me in “Superior” fitness and in the top 1% of people in my age group. 


70,000 kcal deficit

Create a 70,000 calorie deficit

Why: While there are many different approaches to fat loss (many of which contradict each other), what’s at the core of all is a calorie deficit. I want to lose approx 7kg of body fat, which equals 63,000 kcal. (1g of fat – 9kcal. 7,000g = 63,000 kcal).
How: I will achieve this deficit through exercising and a healthy, sustainable diet that won’t make my life a misery.     

January: 8,829
February: 12,482
March: 13,161
April: 11,286
May: 8,236
June: 7562
TOTAL: 61,556

Comments: I’m a little behind, but it’s because I couldn’t run as much and was finetuning my eating plan. 


7 minute plank

be able to plank for 7-minutes

Why: It’s a physical challenge I’d still like to accomplish. It’s harder than I thought, but it sure is doable!
How: Regular core workouts and planking should do it.  

Best effort: 3:30

Comments: I’ll do better. 


500 minutes planking

PLANK for 500 minutes (in total)

Why: This is a sub-goal to my 7-minute plank challenge to ensure I do enough training.
How: Regular planking workouts. 

January: 15
February: 15
March: 18
April: 35
May: 45
June: 35
TOTAL: 163 

Comments: Time to step it up a bit. 


run 3,000km

run 3000 km

Why: I have some ambitious running goals, and there is no way around it.
How: I just need to keep up with my training blocks this year and it should be smooth sailing. 

January: 167
February: 308
March: 418
April: 282
May: 227
June: 163
TOTAL: 1563

Comments: I’m really happy with my progress and the mileage I’m doing now. 


20 half-marathons

run 20 (unofficial) Half Marathons (21.1km)

Why: I want to keep my legs used to this distance.
How: My sunday long runs are generally over the HM distance so any run between 21 and 42km, even if just training would qualify for this. 

January: 2
February: 5
March: 5
April: 3
May: 1
June: 0

Comment: Sunday longer runs are usually over HM distance. 


2 marathons

run 2 (unofficial) Marathons (42.2 km)

Why: Frankly, I hope I’ll be able to do more of them.
How: Some will be races and some as part of my Ultra training. 


Comments: The first one will be Virtual London Marathon unless I throw a ultra-long one before. 


100km ultra marathon

✅ Complete 100km Ultra-Marathon

Why: I completed it last year, which was a great accomplishment, but this year, I want to complete it much faster.
How: Solid preparation and dedicated training. 

You can see it HERE  

Comment: The London 2 Brighton 100km is done!
Pretty proud of finishing it nearly an hour faster than last year considering my state going into it 😂 (Injuries, sickness, lack of training due to post marathon recovery). 

tomas svitorka ultramarathon


2.5km under 8:30 minutes

run 2.5km under 8:30 minutes

Why: My time last year was 8:45 so I’d like to push it a little more.
How: Regular speed workouts. 

Comment: Not recovered enough to test this. 


5km under 19 minutes

✅ run 5km in under 19 minutes

Why: 5k runs are fun and painful. Why not.
How: Schedule a training block with 5km focus. 

NEW PB: 18:36

Comments: I didn’t quite expect it, as it was just a speed test. That said, I think I can do faster, as my legs were pretty tired on the day and it was extremely windy. 


10km under 40 minutes

run 10km in under 40 minutes

Why: I want to make this during an official race.
How: Schedule 10k specific training block.  


Comment: I’ll need to do a specific training block for this later in the year. 


Half marathon under 1:25h

run a Half marathon (21,1km) in under 1:25h

Why: It will be quite a push, but a half marathon is a good distance.
How: Hopefully, as part of my marathon training block.   

STATUS: Not tested

Comment: I’ll need to do a specific training block for this later in the year. 


marathon under 3:10 hours

✅ run marathon under 3:10h

Why: A marathon is the ultimate running event.
How: Ideally I’ll manage 2 marathon training blocks.   

STATUS: BIG PB!! 3:01:06 
You Can check out my run here

Comment: Massively proud of this achievement. My first marathon (in 2019) was 4:02:04. In a few years, I’ve cut down more than one hour. Next milestone – Sub 3!

Tomas Svitorka marathon


stretch 150x

✅ Stretch 150x

Why: To prevent running injuries and maintain flexibility.
How: Stretch after every run. 

January: 25
February: 20
March: 25
April: 30
May: 25
June: 30

Comment: Stretching is critical for running, so I will continue. 


Yoga 50x

✅ do yoga or Flexibility routine 50 times

Why: With all the running and working out I want to make sure I stay flexible.
How: I want to do at least one yoga session per week. That should do it.  

January: 3
February: 6
March: 18
April: 10
May: 10
June: 10

Comment: The more I run the more this is needed. 

My personal development goals


Read 8 books

Savour and/or Study 8 books

Why: Reading books have made an irreplaceable impact on my life, thinking, and success. In the past I’ve had goals to “read” books and focused too much on completing them rather than absorbing and implementing from it as much as possible.
How: Read regularly, read slow, and highlight the heck out of it.

  1. ✅ Reading: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
  2. 📚Reading: The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days
  3. 📚Reading: $100M Leads
  4. 📚Reading: Four Stars by Joel Bolgy

Comments: I wish I had more time to read. It’s almost a meditative process. 


200 meditations

complete 200 meditations

Why: I’ve been meditating regularly for years now. I find it a great way to start the day, to centre myself and focus my mind.
How: It’s part of my morning routine as well as a go-to strategy when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. 

January: 15
February: 15
March: 15
April: 20
May: 20
June: 21
TOTAL: 106

Comment: My favourite time is first thing in the morning. I heard a fun quote the other day about meditating in the morning: “Why would I wake up early just to close my eyes and relax?” Good point. 


Journal 100x

journal 100 times

Why: Journaling is an invaluable way to gain clarity and think through your ideas and challenges.
How: Morning journalling, gratitude and planning.
January: 3
February: 10
March: 14
April: 13
May: 10
June: 13

Comments: Such an important habit for self awareness and overall clarity. 


3x30-day challenge

Complete 3 personal 30-day challenges

Why: Pushing myself in fun ways.
How: Yet to be determined. 
CHALLENGE 1: 📝 Write for 1h hour every day (content). ✅ 

CHALLENGE 2: Run 400 km in one month ✅ 




Weekly Reclections

Complete weekly reflections and monthly planning sessions

Why: Regular reflection and planning are an absolute necessity for effective progress. Moreover, it’s something I really enjoy. 
January: ✅
February: ✅
March: ✅
April: ✅
May: ✅
June: ✅ 

Comment: Highly recommend this practice. At the end of the week just sit down for a moment and reflect on your week. Try to identify what went well and what you’d like to improve in the coming week. 


Joyful purchasses

buy something for myself purely for joy.

Why: I tend to buy things that are very purposeful and would advance me or my business. I very rarely buy something just for joy.  
January: N/A
Bought new aquarium fish and plants. 
Bought CO2 system for my aquarium.
April: Running shoes
May: Pulsio compression trousers.
June: Stryd Footpod Duo (running gadget)

Comments: I have my eye on a couple of things but not quite yet. 

So that’s it. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. Did it inspire you? Do you think I’m playing it safe (I dare you!😂). Let me know what goals you’re working on. I want to know!


if you’re really serious about your goals, contact me and let’s talk about what you’d be able to achieve with my coaching support and accountability.

2024 could (should) be your best year yet!



  1. Leigh

    Fabulous – you’re a very busy and very fit individual!!!

    • Tomas Svitorka

      Thank you Leigh, much appreciated comment. Hope all is well.

  2. Shauk

    How do you stop yourself feeling overwhelmed.. i find your life inspiring


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