Never Bitch About Your Industry… Even if You Mean Well

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Whether you’re a marketer, web developer, consultant, coach, dentist or in any other profession, I’m sure you get frustrated every now and then when you see someone in your industry cutting corners, promising something they cannot deliver, or just plain lying about what they can do or have.

I feel your pain. I’m a coach, and unfortunately, my industry is not an exception.

The reality is that there are black sheep, cons, shams in EVERY area of life. No one profession is an exception. Challenge me on this if you disagree.

It has to do with human nature, not with a particular field or industry. Some people just have the guts and lack of backbone and conscience to exploit others, their trust and vulnerability.

Every so often I see frustrated posts where professionals and entrepreneurs just lose it and go on an epic rant about how corrupt some people in their industry are.

I always wonder whether it’s a genuine opinion or a strategic attempt at making themselves look better.

Whichever reason they’ve got, it doesn’t work. You should never do that, and here is why.

When you feel like taking it out on people in your industry or the industry itself, remember you’re part of it.

Whatever you say will project on you as well, whether you like it or not, even if you try to portray yourself as the “good guy”.

What I always see is a stroppy child throwing a tantrum because life is not fair. Get on with it.

Are you not happy with the standards in your field? Great! Go out there and show them how it’s done! Stop complaining that someone did this and someone did that. Lead by example! I don’t know one successful person who would be looking around picking on what others are doing wrong. Why? Because they are busy developing themselves and their product or service. They are busy making sure doing a great job themselves.

Show me where Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, (to name the top ones in their fields) are ranting about how crooked others in their field are. You can’t because they don’t! Granted, some influencers and top dogs may point out things that need improvement, but they do so as causes that they get behind and work to address (and it’s hardly ever something in their industry; it’s usually some big picture issue that the world needs to solve.)

I truly believe that we live in such transparent and open times – thanks to social media and Google – that anyone who is scamming people will be exposed sooner or later.

Don’t waste energy trying to be the moral police. If you want to be sure that all customers are protected, maybe that’s a business idea for you. Other than that, focus on making sure you’re doing a great job, that your customers are delighted with your service and product, to the point that they become raving fans. Be so exceptional that you set a new standard in your industry.

Every minute you waste on analysing what others are doing wrong is a minute you could have spent on improving your product or service, or a minute you could have to spend with your clients.

If you have time to notice what others are doing wrong, you’re not busy enough.

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