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Case study: Paul Thompson

Leadership Coach, Lobbyist
Paul Thompson Coaching

About me:

I’m Paul Thompson, a coach that focuses on personal development and creating better leaders in organisations. I’ve also worked for a couple of decades as a lobbyist influencing politicians, government and campaigning on different issues and sectors


The Challenge:

Though I had a great career for a while I’d been feeling I wanted to make big changes to my work. I had been trying to work out the next chapter for months. It was quite frustrating since I’m impatient when it comes to my own life! I really wanted to find a vocation and not just a job. Something I could throw my heart and energy into. I knew I wanted to do something that would have a direct positive impact on people.

Eventually, I explored the idea of life coaching. Since my teenage years I had always taken growth and personal development seriously. I knew that it had changed my life and helped me to get through many emotional storms.  I thought working as a coach could be a perfect way to combine my love for personal development, make a small difference to people and start a new vocation.

Paul T case study

The Goal:

I had two major goals. I really wanted to improve and evolve into a great coach that delivers results for people. It was important for me to work with a credible coach and who could help me get clear about what’s needed to do this well. I wanted to learn this right at the start of my new vocation.

Also, I wanted to learn how to build a business in coaching, so that I’d be able to see a future in coaching and one day make a full transition into it. So, working closely with someone who actually has built a successful business mattered a lot.

Paul T 3 case study

The Journey:

It’s been great and I’ve totally enjoyed it all I’ve learnt and applied so far.

Tomas has been a very positive influence who has been a coach and a champion for my dream.

Without Tomas’s coaching, insights and expertise I would not have made as much progress as I have.

And as quickly as I have, which is what I wanted.

Life is short after all!

The Result:

The results have been superb and very measurable.
I’ve grown as a coach, feel much more confident about my abilities and potential to make a difference to clients.
I had a bit of an imposter syndrome mentality at the start of my journey with Tomas. But, working with him helped to shake that off pretty quickly.

I’ve built a good foundation for my business and have the confidence to keep building on it.

Tomas also helped me to challenge what I thought I was capable of and encouraged me to develop as a leadership coach too. It wasn’t something I had thought of, but given my long experience in the corporate and political world and after exploring the idea with Tomas, it made perfect sense. He helped me to see the exciting possibilities and also discover the motivation to go for it.

Tomas kept me on track to develop my own leadership method and pushed me at the times when I was looking for excuses to delay developing it.
For me it’s also a great example of a big benefit of having a great coach since Tomas helped me to consider a credible option that I had not thought of.

On a personal level, the benefits of coaching have helped me in some areas.
I’m even more clear about what I want from my own future.
I make decisions with even more confidence. I’m more resilient.

Finally, as Tomas always told me it’s important to walk the walk and talk and talk as a coach.
Coaching helped me execute my decision to relocate and redesign my career, both things that had been ‘plans’ for a while.


Paul T 3 case study

The Experience:

Tomas is a consummate professional.
I had spoken to a handful of coaches in London about developing as a coach. But something was missing. It was important for me to work with a coach that I could naturally respect and professionalism is super important to me. When I spoke with Tomas I was pretty sure after our phone call. The questions he asked, the seriousness from the first moment and the fact he was prepared.

After our first meeting I was even more convinced. I could see he was totally committed to his craft.
This inspired a lot of confidence. That really helped me make the investment without the need to overthink it at all.

Tomas also is honest and doesn’t hold back from being direct when needed. I like that. It’s always done in a way that’s respectful, logical and kind.
If I wanted change to happen, honesty was going to be critical and Tomas has been great at knowing when to push me.

What I also appreciated and liked was his ability to help me set a higher standard on what I could and should expect from myself. He helped to lift my horizons and exploit my potential more fully. He’s inspiring in a very practical way because he showed me what was possible in a very practical way. Working with him has been great because he’s helped me evolve my aspirations, into ideas and then through action and accountability into more something real.

I couldn’t have been in better hands.

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