Q&A: Staying positive through entrepreneurial seatbacks

Q&A: How to stay positive through entrepreneurial seatbacks

Question: ” Hi Tomas, how can I maintain a positive attitude during setbacks in my entrepreneurial journey?””

This is a crucial question, especially in the challenging world of entrepreneurship.


Maintaining a positive attitude during setbacks is vital because entrepreneurship is inherently filled with ups and downs. The journey is unpredictable, and setbacks can test your resilience, determination, and even your passion for your venture.

A positive attitude isn’t just about feeling good; it’s a strategic asset that can help you navigate difficulties, see opportunities in challenges, and keep your team motivated.

It’s about maintaining momentum and vision in the face of adversity.


Developing resilience and seeing beyond the obstacles and setbacks is critical to maintaining a positive attitude. It’s about recognising that each challenge on your entrepreneurial journey offers valuable lessons that contribute to your growth and the evolution of your business.

By understanding that setbacks are not failures but integral parts of the learning process, you develop a mindset that looks for opportunities within those difficult times.

This shift in perspective can help you remain focused on your long-term goals, empowering you to navigate through challenges with a constructive and optimistic outlook.

This approach doesn’t just help you overcome current obstacles but also prepares you for future challenges, making you a more adept and resilient entrepreneur.

⚙️ HOW

Here are a few strategies that can help you stay positive:

1️⃣ Reflect on your achievements in detail:

Make a habit of writing down your achievements and the obstacles you’ve overcome to reach them. This can include everything from securing your first client to successfully navigating a difficult negotiation. Reviewing these can boost your morale and confidence during tough times.

2️⃣ Watch out for automatic negativity:

It’s easy to be negative, especially when things are tough. But this negativity will only spiral down and will further demoralise you. As soon as you notice yourself being negative or pessimistic, turn your focus the other way. Look for things that are positive about the situation. I can guarantee you they are there.

3️⃣ Visualize your success and revisit your vision:

Spend time visualizing your goals and the impact achieving them will have on your life and others. Review your mission and vision of your business. If you don’t have one, write one. When setbacks occur, revisiting these can provide a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

4️⃣ Build a strong, supportive community:

Actively seek out supportive networks for entrepreneurs, both online and offline. Engage in mentorship programs, attend workshops, and participate in forums where you can share experiences and strategies for overcoming setbacks. Having a support system can significantly lessen the weight of entrepreneurial challenges.

5️⃣ Integrate self-care into your routine:

Schedule regular times for activities that rejuvenate you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can include exercise, meditation, hobbies, or simply taking a day off to rest. Remember, a healthy entrepreneur is more effective and can maintain a positive attitude more easily.

⏱️ NOW

Take a moment to reflect on a recent setback.

From the tip above, identify one immediate step you can take today towards this plan, whether it’s scheduling time for self-reflection, reaching out to your support network for a chat, or taking a short break to clear your mind.

By actively applying these principles, you’re not just recovering from setbacks; you’re building a stronger, more resilient entrepreneurial spirit.

Keep your head up and your spirits high.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is dotted with setbacks, but it’s your response that defines your path to success.




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