How to Succeed Even When You Don’t Believe in Yourself

Do you ever question your abilities?

Do you ever doubt whether you have what it takes to succeed?

Many people are trapped in this cage of self-doubt.

But what if I told you that you can reach your dreams even if you don’t fully believe in yourself? 

Today, I want to give you a gentle kick-up through the story of Sifan Hassan.

believe in yourself sifan hassan

If you’re unfamiliar with Sifan, she is a notable name in the world of distance running, with prestigious accolades like the Tokyo 2020 5000m and 10,000m gold medals to her name. 🥇

Yet, there was a dream she held close to her heart: to run the prestigious London Marathon.

She used to watch it on TV, dreaming of running it one day.

This year she got her chance.  

Although she’s a very competent runner, her mind was full of doubts.

She shared: “Even at the start line, I couldn’t believe I was there, shoulder to shoulder with the best female marathon runners in the world. What was I doing there? What am I playing at? I’ve never raced a marathon before.”

Then the race started.

Sifan held her own amongst the elites for a while.

Then, her left leg began to hurt, forcing her to stop and stretch.

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She fell behind the leading pack each time, but somehow caught up with them again and again.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know it is a Herculean task. 

Completing it in around 2 hours and 20 minutes (3:19 min/km) is another level, all while nursing a troubled leg. 😲

The last kilometres got fierce. The leading pack skipped the last drink station to save precious seconds.

Unexperienced Sifan noticed it as they passed the drink station, thinking she had to have her drink and returned for it, not only regaining her position but also offering her drink to the other runners.

I was watching it like…

How to Succeed Even When You Don't Believe in Yourself image

In the last 200m stretch, she realized the end was in sight.

She dug deep for the final sprint, leaving her competitors behind.

She won her dream race!

Her disbelief continued even after crossing the finish line.

succeed even if you don't believe in yourself

During her post-race interview, she said:

“This is just amazing. I will never forget this in my whole life… I never thought I would finish a marathon, and here I am, winning it!”

(I highly recommend you watch the two short post-race interviews below. One will help you understand the self-doubt Sifan had all along. The second will put a smile on your face 100%) 

Interview 1: ▶️ 

Interview 2: ▶️

Sifan’s story is a prime example that you don’t need self-belief to succeed. 

What you need is to get into the “race”, have a big heart, determination and give it your all.

Belief often follows achievement.

After all, it’s hard to question what you’ve proved you can do.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So, take that step as every step you take gets you closer to your goals.

I hope this inspires you.



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