Life coaching changes lives. Having someone who’s there to support you on your journey, a guide, mentor, fan, cheerleader, makes a world of a difference. Think of anyone who is on the top of their game in any industry. An athlete, actor, singer, performer, CEO, entrepreneur, they all have coaches and mentors helping them achieve their goals. But don’t take my word for it. Have a read below what my clients say about how life coaching helped them improve their life.

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“When I started life coaching with Tomas, I was 19 and just a YouTuber, even though a successful one. I’m 22 now, and I’ve grown incredibly in that time, in my productivity, organisation, leadership, but also as a person. This helped me build two extremely successful businesses.

It’s been a continuous improvement that has massively impacted my life. Right now, I’m on top of the world and excited for the future.”

Joel Morris - JMX

Influencer, Serial Entrepreneur

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When I started working with Tomas, I was in a difficult position where I had to make choices that would have a big impact on my life. I did not see things clearly, and was held back by myself by not spending my time right, or with the right people. I was very sceptical about spending money on a coach at first, but today I have no regrets!

Tomas asks very good questions that helps me make wiser decisions for myself in both my personal life, and work life. He inspires me to deal with my challenges and to grab opportunities.

Working with Tomas has boosted my confidence and helped me think bigger, act bigger and plan smarter. I’m held responsible for my actions, which I have the need for sometimes. It’s easy to be in the comfort zone, but not when Tomas is around! I am thankful that I found a coach who pushes me out of it, while at the same time supporting me big time.

I have big dreams, and Tomas’ support helps me to take bigger actions towards them.

Karianne Kvalen Smith

Singer | Dancer | Yoga Teacher

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Oliver G
Oliver G
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Both myself and my Sales Director Lucy felt we needed to get Lucy a business and performance coach to help take our business to the next level, our 3 key objectives were:

1. Support Lucy to go to the next level as a sales Director, in terms of how she works, her mindset, confidence and her ability to run the day to day business with the other key team members, thereby allowing me to step back from the business and focus on two other businesses I’m involved with
2. We wanted some outside input and expertise to support Lucy and her team with our marketing strategy and sales process
3. We wanted to double our monthly revenue within 6 months

Following some research we found 3 possible coaches.  Tomas really felt like the perfect fit for Lucy and for our 3 key objectives, he really is focused on excellence and high performance which is aligned to us.

Lucy has now been working with Tomas for 6 months with biweekly to weekly sessions.  All 3 of our objectives have now been achieved and both Lucy and myself are clear that this is just the start.  Lucy has committed to working with Tomas for a further 12 months to keep everything progressing.  Lucy is loving the process of working with Tomas and I’m loving being able to step back to empower Lucy to run the day to day business.

If you’re a business leader wanting to go to the next level and or have a leader within your team that you want to take to the next level, I highly recommend Tomas, he has totally exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.  One final point is if you are considering working with Tomas you really do need to be 100% committed to his process and to your success because anything less than being all in just won’t work! Tomas is all in with his clients and you’ll need to be too!

Tomas is a truly gifted and powerful high performance business coach.”

Oliver Grey

Founder and director
Author – EnergiseYou | Feel great

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“As a result of life coaching and working with Tomas, I have built a strong personal brand within the business and I now have colleagues approaching me for advice or to collaborate because of my results, presence and expertise. In fact, in a complete reversal of my previous self-doubt, I now consider myself to be one of the most accomplished and capable professionals within the team.

Tomas always provided useful insights or techniques, and I can genuinely say that I have felt uplifted, positive and more confident after every session we have had.”

Marlene Spensley

Business Development Executive

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When I started working with Tomas my level of energy was about 3/10 when we started. It was really low. My life was off-balance. I lost the purpose of what I was doing and going through a bit of a breakdown.

The three months of coaching we’ve done were amazing.
My energy level is 7/10 now, which is more than double. As a side effect, my business grew by 20%, from 10,000pm to 12,000pm in the worst season of the year. The second “side effect” is a six-pack I’ve got now.

Would I recommend Tomas? Absolutely.
The results we’ve got in just three months were more than I expected.


Entrepreneur & Marketer

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I was working in a job where I felt comfortable but unfulfilled. The money wasn’t enough, I had no interest in the industry, and there was no career progression that aligned with my goals. However, there were several benefits that caused me to stay for almost three years, which is a long time for me!

I wanted to be my own boss, earn more, and move into an area of greater personal interest. I was referred to Tomas and hoped coaching would help me discover how to change course.

Coaching for me was brilliant. It is focused time completely on yourself and your goals with someone who is invested in having your back and pushing you to follow through. Tomas is a great listener, incredibly focused, and helped me reveal what I already knew to bring about the change.

Life has changed significantly for me. I have two properties, a limited business for over two years that has gone from zero to over half a million turnover in two years and is looking to exceed £2 million this financial year. I have two kids, and I have huge ideas for the future, both business and personal. I feel empowered!

Tomas is a genuine guy who wants the best for his clients and is on your back to help you achieve it. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

Luke Banfield

Business Owner

Luke B
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‘I have to say that this has been a tremendous experience. From the first session, I felt that we had a great connection. Tomas really understood my situation, asked great questions that made me see the ‘hidden obvious’. The breakthroughs just went from there. When I started my general happiness was 3 out of 10. After 6 weeks my general happiness was 8! Amazing. I really recommend this guy. 

Mike C.

Retail Director

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I currently work in the UK prison sphere, with a background in the Armed Forces.
My educational background is in Law and a Masters in Leadership.

I was quite lost with my career options beyond where I was already at when first thinking about coaching. I desired some clarity of what direction I wanted to my professional career to go in.

I was unsure and quite sceptical of coaching at first, but within the first session with Tomas I knew I was being mentored by a professional. I wanted specific help in my professional career and financial side of my life with the help from Tomas.

The coaching given by Tomas helped me achieve success in terms of my goals, a strong foundation and fundamental support and knowledge on start-ups, marketing & financial success. Sessions were both engaging, supportive and challenging when needed. Tomas was always there to give feedback and help outside of sessions as well; he will keep you accountable to your goals and motivate you along your journey. The result of my coaching journey with Tomas led me to open my own coaching/consulting business.

My experience was very good whilst working with Tomas and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking clarity in their goals, anyone who feels stuck and most of all anyone who wishes to achieve success in their given field but it is struggling.

Harvinder K


Barbara life coaching testimonial
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Before I started working with Tomas I was just stuck in my day job in administration, not having much money to spare. The thought of me working in this same job for next twenty years was very depressing. I knew there was more to life than this, but I just could not get myself pass the point of just hoping. Then I met Tomas. After our initial consultation, for the first time in my life, I felt empowered. I felt I can do anything I wanted to do.

Tomas’s coaching helped me to be brave, take action while staying realistic. As a result, I started Nikki’s Kitchen, stall with authentic Caribbean food on Saturday market’s which I’m really passionate about. I have regular clients who love my food. This helped me generate more income and do what I love. All this thanks to Tomas’s coaching. I’m excited about what the future holds. 

Barbara 'nikki' Wilson

Entrepreneur & Owner of Nikki's Kitchen

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“As a result of life coaching and working with Tomas, I have built a strong personal brand within the business and I now have colleagues approaching me for advice or to collaborate because of my results, presence and expertise. In fact, in a complete reversal of my previous self-doubt, I now consider myself to be one of the most accomplished and capable professionals within the team.

Tomas always provided useful insights or techniques, and I can genuinely say that I have felt uplifted, positive and more confident after every session we have had.”

Jose Farinha

Health Coach | Cellular Regeneration Specialist

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‘Tomas is a professional with high levels of passion, commitment and competencies. Working with him was a pleasure and lead to incredible results. My main goal at the beginning of coaching was to start public speaking and workshops. During the first session Tomas pushed me out of my comfort zone and within a week I established a support group for women. At the moment I run weekly workshops with an average attendance of 20 participants.

Tomas played an enormous role at the beginning of my career, when I was defining myself as a coach and when we both felt that I’ve grown accordingly he guided me towards my next big step. Thanks to his honesty and integrity he always keeps his clients’ interest at heart and does what’s the best for them. So, if you have been procrastinating for a while with something really important or you want to change something major in your life , but you don’t have a courage or discipline to do so, Tomas is your man.

Aldona Oklinska

Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur

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I truly can say that Tomas has really helped me to identify and reach my goals. I have seen huge improvements in all areas of my life. I highly value and recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their life. 

Kuldip Sahota

Sales Representative

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Working with Tomas has given me a much better understanding of how discipline and motivation work, which has allowed me to drastically improve my habits and life overall. When I started working with Tomas I was in a dead end job, but thanks to Tomas’s advice, I now have a career in the tech industry, something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Tomas has always given me really useful and actionable advice and I really appreciated his down to earth, no-nonsense approach. He made me very comfortable and I felt like I could mention any issue that I felt was getting in the way of my productivity. I have so much more clarity about my goals and how to achieve them than I used to, and I’ve developed tools to make sure I don’t get distracted nearly as much as I used to.

Tomas has helped me learn that discipline isn’t just about sheer willpower, it’s a skill you learn over time, and the tools he taught me have been instrumental in changing my life for the better in just a few short months. I really can’t praise Tomas’s coaching enough, and I will continue to refer to the lessons he has taught me as I go forward in my self-discipline journey.

Olivia Horne

Business Development Representative

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I observed Tomas for nearly a year before I was convinced he is the right person to be my coach. Once we started to work together, he began with a personality test to better understand how to deal with me which goes long way up to now. Tomas made suggestions for a style which I was considering, but never did alone.

After I tried them, it stayed with me permanently. As we all experience ups and downs this, in particular, was helpful for me to be led out from my lowest point by discussing the options and dissolving the unwanted results. I choose Tomas for a longer term in mind and despite the big progress we did there is still a way to go which I can’t see quite clearly without his support.

Michal Lacny

Entrepreneur | Investor

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David life coaching testimonial
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Tomas’s attention to detail and experience have accelerated the growth of my business with practical strategies that have increased my income and consistent leads of clients. 

David Tang

Manager | Speaker

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Tomas is a great life coach. He helped me to identify my goals for life and business, as well as the barriers that were holding me back from achieving them. This is the key to his success, and now it can be yours.

I’m now running a business I’m truly passionate about and excited about what’s next.

James Duke-Evans

Entrepreneur | Business Owner

James life coaching case study
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I always have been very concern about my professional career. I am more or less a freelance so you never know what you are going face and I was going through my own fears and insecurities.
I was very happy with my coaching sessions and I think that is something that everybody should try if you feel a little bit lost or not sure about how you are driving your life.

Marta N.

Theatre Director

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Tomas is a great coach. I started to work with him because I wanted to change my career. Being an SEO consultant for so many years. I wanted to change to something else which is something difficult if you have so many ideas. He helped me find my new path. I am now doing a completely different business that I love and using my previous know-how as well.

You can tell that he really care about his work. He will always go an extra mile to help achieve your goals. I also like his honesty as only a coach can tell you what you can fix and get better results. I decided to extend his services to another three months for other challenges. I believe working now with a coach can multiply your productivity and help achieve greater goals.

Sandy Allain

Multiple Business Owner | SEO Strategist

Sandy life coaching case study
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Tomas opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and opportunities. He believed in me when no one else did and even now after our sessions have finished, he checks in to encourage me and keep me focused on all important goals. It is clear from the way he conducts sessions and unbelievable session follow-ups (did I mention his goal- oriented emails?!) that this guy lives, breathes and loves what he does. In short, he is brilliant and comes highly recommended to anyone who needs to re-focus, establish goals and most importantly, achieve them. 

Cat F





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