What’s The Million-Dollar Question you ask?

Before I tell you, let me ask you this.

Is there something really important you’ve been procrastinating with during the last few days or weeks (or even months)?

And I’m not talking about taking the trash out or washing your car.

Something that would make a BIG difference in your life,  to your happiness, finances, relationship, or some other area of your life that needs that improvement?

I know you wanted to get it done, but for some reason, it just wasn’t possible, right? Circumstances were against you. Life was holding you on a super short leech.

I know, I know!

So here is the question:

“If you’d get a million dollars for getting it done on time, would  have you got it done?”

I think I know what your answer is.

A bit of a reality check, right?

The point of the question is to cut through “But I didn’t have time” kind of bullsh*t.

You’d made time if the money was on the table.

When the $$$ come into play, priorities change, energy reserves emerge, determination and commitment reach a whole new level.

You become willing to stretch to your limits.

Here is what you’re not realising. When you get it done, it may have a million dollars worth of impact on your life. Maybe not instantly, but over time? It may set off a chain reaction that will just keep giving.

You never know.

So keep that question ready and use it every time you’re procrastinating or putting something off.

Ask yourself:

“If I’d get a million dollars for getting it done on time, would I do it?”

It will help you get clear whether it’s really physically impossible, or whether you are just making excuses.

The truth will set you free.

Remember, a million dollars!



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