The poison garden of the mind

The Poison Garden of the mind

Do you like to take a walk in the park or through a nice garden?

Gardens are usually associated with good times.

Green grass, colourful flowers, picnics, games, laughing.

But there’s a particular garden that feels like it’s from a Hitchcock’s horror movie.

It’s called the Alnwick Poison Garden, and you can find it in the UK.

It has nearly 100 poisonous and toxic plants.

the poison garden of the mind

…so toxic that some visitors occasionally faint just by smelling the plants, even though they were warned not to.

(As the saying goes…Some lessons cannot be taught… they must be learned.)

Frankly, this garden is not on my list of places to visit. 

You may be wondering…

“Who’d keep a garden like this, full of poisonous plants and flowers?”

Well, we all do. 

In our minds. 🧠



That’s right

The poison garden of your mind

There’s a poison garden that exists in your mind, too…

And instead of plants… 

It’s filled with toxic and poisonous thoughts!

You know, that little voice inside your head…

That tells you…

😠 You won’t be able to fulfil your dream…

😡You’re not good enough…

🤬 You’ll fail…

That little voice is like an “evil” gardener planting negative thoughts in your mind”…

And you, without even realising it, by contemplating, ruminating, over-thinking,  you’re watering and fertilising those plants. 

And they grow. 

But here’s a plot twist…

Many (if not most) of those negative thoughts aren’t even true.

And you can find out very quickly. 

Has it been achieved before? Yes? 

So I don’t see why you couldn’t do it, too.


garden of the mind

​​​​​As long as you’re watering those toxic plants, they will grow. 

They will grow around your ankles and around your mind, and they will keep you down.

They will grow and crawl over the gates and fences of your mind garden so you can’t escape or even see the real world outside anymore.

But what can you do? 

You must stop watering those toxic plants – entertaining those toxic thoughts and beliefs. 

Otherwise, they will grow and envelop you even harder. 

Whenever those toxic thoughts arise, don’t engage with them.

Let them wither and die.

Cultivate the garden of your mind with positive thoughts instead.

The most toxic plants are often the most alluring.

Don’t be tempted by pessimism’s toxic bloom.

Your toxic thoughts are making you…

😒 Weaker.

😖 More afraid.

🛑 Procrastinating.

🔁 Sticking to the same old.

They are holding you back from becoming…

💪🏻 Stronger.

😎 More confident.

🚀 More successful.

poison garden of the mind 2

So stop believing those negative thoughts.

And start believing in yourself.

But if you find it difficult to believe in yourself…

If you find it tough to deal with negative thoughts…

Then I can help you.

If you’d like my support on this journey, then contact me here, and I’ll get in touch to have a quick chat about your situation and what could be done.



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