The power of beliefs

October 22, 2023

The Power of Beliefs: How Your Mind Plays Trick on you

What if I told you that there is a high probability that we don’t live in the real world but in a computer simulation?

A mad thought, I know!

Now, let’s put aside the fact that this is not a science-fiction idea but rather a real possibility.

What I’d like you to pay attention to is that you most likely thought something like: Oh, that’s ridiculous.

Not because you’ve done thorough research into the idea (why would you) but simply because it contradicts what you’ve believed about the world your whole life.

It’s called Confirmation Bias.

We want what we believe to be true to stay true.

And it affects your life more than you’d thought (or want).

The Power of Belief:

Beliefs are very powerful. They are so powerful they can easily override the facts (at least in our own head).

I’ll prove it to you… (soon)

Does the Monopoly Man wear a monocle or not?

The Power of Beliefs: How Your Mind Plays Trick on you power of belief
The Power of Beliefs: How Your Mind Plays Trick on you

(You’ll find out at the end of the email).

Now, can you remember a time when you strongly disagreed with someone.

It’s unlikely you both were right, but you both refused to give up what you believed to be true because…

…when we do, we may have to accept that the world is not the way we thought it was.

That’s confusing or even terrifying.

Especially if it’s something you’ve believed for a long time.

And so, we (intentionally or not) seek and collect evidence of what we believe to be true to further affirm our beliefs….

Even if the beliefs are detrimental to our lives!


Good Beliefs vs Bad Beliefs

Now, for the purpose of personal development, if what you believe is empowering you, motivating you, and helping you take action. Fantastic. 🎉

But, we often have negative or even toxic beliefs.

Beliefs that are limiting us and holding us back, such as.

“I’m not good enough.””I can’t succeed.””I’m just not a disciplined person.””I can’t focus.” “People don’t take me seriously.”

Those beliefs are fuelled by the same confirmation bias.

Even if the beliefs are detrimental, we (intentionally or not) seek evidence to confirm them.

To make things worse,  just like with the simulation theory, we tend to dismiss anything that contradicts those beliefs.

Not because the new information is false, but because it doesn’t fit what we already believe.

Do you want proof?

Check out the logo below.

The Monopoly man has no monocle.

The Power of Beliefs: How Your Mind Plays Trick on you Power of belief monopoly 2
The Power of Beliefs: How Your Mind Plays Trick on you

Did you go… “No way! I’m sure he’s wearing a monocle.”

Many people are convinced he does.

Well, if you have Monopoly, look at the box, or google it.

Examine your beliefs

I hope by now you understand the power of beliefs and how hard we can cling to them.

So, I encourage you to examine your beliefs.

Are there some negative ones about yourself? (Most people have some.)

Have you been collecting evidence FOR or AGAINST those beliefs?

Have you ever questioned them?

Spend some time looking for evidence against those negative beliefs.

I bet you you’ll find it.

So, are those negative beliefs still true then?

I hope this helps.

If you need help overcoming your negative beliefs, contact me HERE and let’s see if coaching could help you with it.



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