The Power of ‘Not Yet’: Learning Resilience and Persistence from the Wright Brothers

When was the first time you boarded a flight?

Do you remember the feeling of excitement?

Perhaps, you’ve even had the luxury of turning left into business or first class?

Now, imagine a time before all this was possible.

Two small words transformed that world of impossibility into today’s world of jet-setting convenience.

This week, I’ll share how the ‘Not Yet’ attitude took the Wright brothers off the ground and can do the same for your goals and dreams.

Not yet principle

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, changed travel forever with the first successful flight.

But this historic success preceded countless failed attempts, each met with a resilient ‘Not Yet.’

It wasn’t a ‘No,’ or a ‘Can’t,’ but a…

‘Not Yet.’

Their unwavering belief in the face of setbacks was their superpower.

Instead of demotivating them, each ‘Not Yet’ fueled their determination and made them recalibrate their approach. They embraced their failures not as dead ends, but as pointers directing them to the next attempt, the next innovation, the next flight.

This outlook eventually led them to the historic moment of mankind’s first successful flight.

Much like the Wright brothers, we too have our ‘Not Yet‘s’ in life.

The goals and dreams we’re striving for, but haven’t achieved… yet.

Instead of viewing these as failures or impossible obstacles, embrace them as the Wright brothers did – as opportunities for learning, growth, and eventual success.

Here are a few ‘not yet’ practical tips for you:

🚀 Identify Your ‘Not Yet’: What is the goal or dream you’ve been failing at or putting off? Acknowledge it and write it down.

🚀 Reframe Your Failures: Don’t view failures as dead ends. They’re merely ‘Not Yet’s,’ stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

🚀 Read The Signs: Reflect on each ‘Not Yet’ moment and find the pointers directing you to your next innovation, next attempt, next flight. 

As Orville Wright once said…

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance.”

I recall my early days of public speaking. It was a battleground of nerves.

Sometimes I hoped no one would show up. But I was determined to conquer it and become great at it. These were my ‘Not Yet’ moments. With practice, patience, and a fair share of sweaty palms, my ‘Not Yet’ flops guided me to becoming better and better where now I can run a whole day event for 100 people. Not terrified, but feeling like I’m “flying”. 

Now it’s time for you to use your ‘Not Yet-s’ to propel you forward, Tomas.

Wright Brothers Not yet

So, fly high this week!

And remember, each ‘Not Yet’ is just a layover on your flight path to success.

I hope this helps. 



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