Weirdest Marathon in the 1904 olympics

The Weirdest event in the 1904 Olympics and the power of teams

I have a crazy story for you. 

The Olympics is an event that’s usually associated with…

Skilled, talented, hard-working athletes.

It’s an event that brings together the best athletes in the world.

So you would assume that normal non-athlete Joes must have never participated in the Olympics, right?

🚨 Bzzz, Wrong!

You see, something weird happened in the Olympics held in 1904.

And it might feel like a scene from a comedy movie…

Except that this actually happened!

Marathon 1904

Let me entertain (and inspire) you.

Although the St. Louis Olympic Marathon event in 1904 had 32 participants…

Those runners were not high-level athletes like you see those days. 

They were just normal folks. Perhaps recreational runners at best. 

Marathon 1904

Most of them had never participated in a marathon before!

And out of the 32 participants, only 14 of them had finished the race.

Fred Lorz was the first person to cross the finish line.

But it turned out that he suffered from cramps and took a car ride for 11 miles and was disqualified.

Marathon 1904

Cuban Felix Carvajal was running at a decent pace but felt hungry… 🤷🏻‍♂️

So he stopped at an orchard to eat some apples. 🤦🏻‍♂️

However, some of the apples were rotten, and he got stomach cramps and couldn’t complete the race.

Marathon 1904

William Garcia of California, USA, inhaled so much dust from the dirt roads that he nearly suffered a fatal stomach haemorrhage.

South Africa’s Taunyane was running well until some wild dogs chased him off the track. He finished 9th in the race.

The winner of the race was Thomas Hicks from the USA. 

But, it was far from smooth sailing. He almost didn’t finish at all. 

He had collapsed 7 miles from the finish line.

But his team fed him a concoction of strychnine (Strychnine is a rat poison with a supposedly stimulating effect in small doses) and egg whites and some brandy to wash it down!! (True story, look it up). 🥃🧪🐀

Marathon 1904

Hicks rejoined the race and, with the aid of a few more doses of egg whites, strychnine, brandy, and his team carried him at places. 

He stumbled through the remaining 7 miles to the finish line. 

Marathon 1904

You see…

he had given up when 20 km were still remaining. 

But his trainers lifted him up and carried him to the finishing line.

Without all the help, Thomas wouldn’t have competed, let alone won the race.

And this shows something that I’ve always believed in…

Which is…

“Don’t fight your battles alone. Get all the help you can.” 

Sometimes, maybe because of pride or stubbornness…

Maybe because we think we know better…

We’re reinventing the wheel. 

Sure, you can go all alone towards your goals…

But you’ll always progress faster and more efficiently when you’re supported by the right group of an individual. 

As for me, I’ve given up on the idea of “I’ll figure it out myself” long time ago…

Because it’s extremely time-inefficient.

So, I live by a simple rule…

“Don’t fight your battles alone. Get all the help you can.” 

Whether it’s coaching, running, marketing, or business…

I always look for people who can help me do better, be better, and progress faster. 

In fact, when I decided to pursue coaching…

I found and connected with people who already did it successfully. 

And in the process, I made some friends and learned a lot from them.

Soon enough, I got my own coach. 

And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I learnt so much from him. I learned so much about myself. 

And all the knowledge that I gained from him helped me build a successful business and push myself to be the best I can be.

You can do the same for yourself.

You can find someone who can make your life much better.

So, if you feel alone right now in your journey towards your goals…

If you’re finding it tough…

To overcome your doubts…

To conquer your fears…

To deal with the uncertainty of the future…

Then I’m sure I could help you because that’s what I do every day with many of my other clients. 

So, if you’re curious whether coaching is the secret sauce that’s missing, then contact me HERE.

I’ll get in touch to have a quick chat about your situation and what could be done.

Talk to you then.



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