Why is life a roller coaster

Why is Life a Roller Coaster? 4 Tips to enjoy the ride

Do you ever wonder why life has all these ups and downs? 

How come some days you’re crushing it and feel unstoppable, and on other days it feels like everything is falling apart and you’re in vertical descent? 

Sometimes it may feel like you are on a roller coaster, right? 

I know. I feel the same. 

But let me ask you this. 

Why are roller coasters NOT flat? 



Because they would be boring as hell. 

boring life roller coaster

Frankly, any flatter, and it would be a train. 

While these ups and downs can be tiring and scary, they also make life exciting and thrilling. We usually appreciate it only after it’s over.

Just like on a roller coaster. 

While you’re on it, you may be thinking, “Make it stop!” 

But once it’s all over and you know you “survived it”, you will probably think, “This was epic!”

In fact, life is a bit like a theme park with loads of different rides. 

We all get in there with a bunch of ride tokens we can spend. 

Some rides are small, safe and very predictable.

Other rides go all the way to the sky with all those twists and turns and swirly bits. That’s where all the screaming can be heard from. 

Life is like a roller coaster

There are some merry-go-rounds as well. 


So my question to you is: What ride are you on? 


Having fun? 

Boring roller coaster

Here are a couple of principles to help you enjoy your “ride” more. 

1) Do You Like Your Ride?  

If you don’t like the ride you’re on, get off.

Yes, you may need to wait for a good moment to do it, but you can and should get off.

You shouldn’t be in this “Theme Park of Life” being miserable. 

2) Choose Your Ride

Many people struggle with this one.

We often stay on a ride we don’t like because we don’t know which other ride we’d like.

Then it’s time for some soul-searching and self-exploration.

When you know yourself well, you’ll know what you like. 

3) No Ride is Perfect. 

Whichever ride you choose it will have its pros and cons. 
The flat rides are safe, but you’ll get bored and likely be left feeling like you’re missing out. 

The high and squiggly rides are exciting and thrilling, but they are also terrifying.

Accept the rides for what they are and stop wishing they were different. 

4) There are plenty of Rides for Everyone

The theme park is full of rides of different heights, speeds, colours and squiggly bits. There’s plenty for everyone to find their favourite.

You may need to try a few to find the one that will feel right.

But it’s somewhere there. 

You owe it to yourself to find the right ride. 


I hope I haven’t lost you in this analogy. 

Here are your tickets. 

Go and find your perfect ride.  

Roller coaster ticket


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