The power of Negative motivation

Have you heard of negative motivation?

Most people use positive motivation only.

You want something and it creates a desire which makes you take action.

Or, it’s supposed to…

But… does it?

negative motivation
The power of Negative motivation

Recently, I had a session with a client who’s very ambitious and has a very “sexy” goal that should motivate the socks off him. Yet he’s been struggling to take action towards it and be consistent with it.

How can this be? 

Why is it that sometimes you have goals you really want to achieve, the result may even be life-changing, but you keep procrastinating? 

It’s simple…

All these things we dream about: 

  • Abundant wealth
  • Successful business
  • Six-packs
  • Travelling the world
  • (insert your own)

you want them, but you can live without them…

…and so you do. 

The things we want create attraction i.e. positive motivation. 

But sometimes this pull is just not strong enough for us to go through the hustle to get the “reward”. 

This is where Negative Motivation can come to the rescue. 

Negative Motivation

👉🏻 Rather than being pulled toward our goals, negative motivation is about pushing you away from something you don’t want to be, to have, or experience. 

When I spoke with my client about it, he admitted that nothing was stopping him from doing the work, he was just procrastinating, prioritising the easy stuff and comfort. Simply being a lazy ass (his words not mine). 

I though…

Ok, let’s switch this up a bit. 🤓

I asked him: “Do you know someone who’s acting like this? Being lazy, procrastinates, winges and whines?” 

He said: “Oh yes, my former housemate Mitch. He was the worst. Always complaining, negative, lazy, simply toxic. That’s why I moved out.” 

He really hated even just remembering this guy. 🤬

Me… going straight for the throat: “Do you realise, when you’re like this, you’re just like Mitch?”

Him: Blank stare. “Oh sh*t. You’re right. That’s terrible. Oh no no no!“

Me: Pouring salt into the wound like Salt Bae 🧂💪🏻😎. “You didn’t need to move out! In fact, you and Mitch should be best buddies!”

Him: “Geez! No way. No, no, no! I can’t be like this!”

There, I’ve created (and planted in his head) a source of negative motivation that has a very strong repulsive effect on his procrastination and being lazy. 

Me: “Ok, every time you’re even just thinking about procrastinating, remember Mitch and ask yourself if this is who you want to be.” 

Him: “Oh this is great. That will definitely work. In fact, I’ll put his picture as one of my Apple Watch faces and will put it on if I’m tempted to procrastinate.” 

The power of Negative motivation negative motivation 2
The power of Negative motivation

How brilliant is that? 🤩

We now call this: Negative Mitchivation. 🤣🤣🤣

And guess what…

Later that day, I received a check-in message from him saying: Workout done (with a sweaty photo of him in the gym to confirm it).

And the next day…

And the next day… 💪🏻

You see, sometimes, positive motivation doesn’t work or is simply not strong enough. 

It may be because the goal is just not juicy enough, too far in the future, or you don’t believe you can achieve it or simply don’t care. 

Negative motivation is generally much stronger and we feel more urge to take action. 

The motivation to get away from something is usually stronger than the motivation toward something. 

So, maybe you need an ANTI-role model for your bad habits!

I hope this gives you some food for thought. 😊

PS: If you also…

  • Find yourself procrastinating with your goals…
  • Have had enough of it…
  • Are ready to start making progress…
  • Would like to explore if working with me 1:1 is the secret sauce you need…

Just contact me HERE, tell me a bit about your situation and I’ll get in touch to discuss how we could get you fired up. 



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